Darius Fisher Cleans Up Negative Exposure for Professionals and Give Pointers

Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert for Status Labs. His position allows him to deliver a fresh digital presence for people in the public eye who have been negatively affected by the media. With headquarters in Austin, plus offices in New York and Sao Paulo, Status Labs focus is to repair the digital presence of their clients. These incidents may have come through social media or Google searches.

Fisher views the biggest mistake that high-level executives are making comes from the lack of preparation. Not enough time is invested in online presence. This opens these executives up to attacks and negative press.

In order to change the search results from Google, a lot of planning must take place. The development and promotion of new Google content must be fresh and relevant to the individual. Social media, personal websites, press releases. video content, guest articles, relevant websites for the industry, media hits, and more must be impacted.

Cleaning up any negative presence online is possible with the information provided by Fisher. Log out of your Google account before searching your information. This keeps the information you are viewing as what the average person who searches your information will find. Review the first few results pages for any negative articles, reviews, pictures, old social media posts, personal data, and go into any accounts affected to manually change the settings to reflect what you wish the public to view.

Develop new content which will force Google’s algorithm to recognize new and positive content to rank higher in the search. It depends on what your profession is, in order to get the greatest exposure. Creating professional web presence such as your own purchased dot come will establish a more solid base. Create all social media accounts as these tend to rank high in Google.

Watch out for data brokers, such as PeopleSmart, Intelius, Pipl, ZoomInfo, Spokeo, and WhitePages. You can opt out of these sites, but keep in mind that there can be new information pulled about you. The creation of positive media presence will aid in defining more positive information over time. Be proactive by requesting any negative images be removed from sites by contacting site administrators.

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