How Coriant Works and All You Need to Know About the New CEO

All about Coriant

Coriant provides networking solutions for a wide variety of networking companies. Coriant is able to provide their services through hundreds of companies in over one hundred countries. They have all sorts of clients like government companies, enterprises and some different types of cloud providers. Coriant, being a good as they are with what they do, is the home of billions of dollars in end-user service revenue. All over the world there are different types of networking systems that spot the Coriant name.

Marlin Equity Partners, using Nokia Siemens Networks, optical Networks, Tellabs and many others created Coriant to be the best networking solutions business around. They wanted to be able to provide packet optical transport and mobile back-haul solutions to everyone in all sorts of different countries. Coriant was built using over 35 years of technological innovation and experience. Over 1,800 patents belong to Coriant and they have achieved many great things. Two of their pioneering achievements include holding the world record on the books for transmission capacity and having the first industrial ROADM- on a blade. When it comes to delivering networking products and services, Coriant has over 35 years of experience. They are one of few companies who provide both mobile and fixed line services. Coriant has a good amount of customers, over 500, spread over 6 continents. They are able to provide quality global reach and local advice.

The CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has been appointed as CEO and chairman of the board for the Coriant team. Kheradpir has been personally recognized by many as one of the greatest business and technology leaders to have been in the industry with over 28 years worth of experience as an executive in the industry. Finance service, telecom and technology knowledge are just some of the things that make Shaygan Kherdpir a great CEO of Coriant. At the beginning of his career, Kherdpir started in GTE Corporation, after getting started there, he soon became the Verizon EVP and Chief Information Officer. Dubbed soon as a member of the team, he helped to modernize the systems with a cool type of efficiency never seen before. Shaygan then was appointed the position of Chief Operations and Technology Officer with the company Barclays.
Shaygan has a Ph.D., a master’s and a bachelor’s in the practice of engineering that he got through the Cornell University. After working for Barclays, Shaygan soon was offered the position of CEO at the Juniper Networks company, which he accepted gratefully. He then soon after that became the CEO and chairman of the board at Coriant.

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