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Nobilis Health

The healthcare company Nobilis Health is a full service healthcare company that specializes in providing care with ambulatory and acute healthcare facilities. One of the things that this company does is provide healthcare that improves care and patient outcomes with minimally invasive procedures. These procedures come at a low cost and in outpatient settings as well. This provides healthcare that is convenient as well as being very affordable. Another thing that Nobilis Health does is use direct to patient marketing and technology to help offer patient engagement and education. The company owns and manages a number of facilities in major cities and states throughout the United States. One of the things that makes Nobilis Health one of the top healthcare companies is the services it offers. In terms of services offered one of the most beneficial is specialized surgery. Since there are a number of patients who may need surgery every so often, the company offers surgery in a number of forms. The types of surgery offered includes spine surgery, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

The physicians of this company will also provide surgical procedures for patients who have conditions with their ear, nose and throat as well as their gastrointestinal system. Nobilis Health can even help provide foot surgery and pain management as well. To reach out to patients more efficiently, Nobilis Health uses a number of methods to not only bring in more patients but to also educate existing ones on a number of healthcare issues. This company uses methods such as television advertising, print advertising, and radio. It also uses search engine optimization, social media, web advertising and mobile advertising as well. Either way the company will be able to inform patients about issues such as specific diseases, condition awareness, the ability to recognize symptoms, availability of treatment options and also determine if a certain treatment is right for the patient.

People seeking the services of this company will also get productive dialogue with treatment professionals in order to get interactive advice about medical issues and conditions. What makes Nobilis Health a very successful healthcare company is its management and operations. The company strives to find, hire and keep quality healthcare professionals, improve efficiency of operations, use effective marketing tactics and also skillfully negotiating insurance contracts. The company also strives to always grow by getting more patients to serve. With this overall strategy, Nobilis Health is often in great position to remain a leader in providing top quality healthcare for a variety of patients.

Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

The great thing about is that it provides the opportunity for activists and philanthropists to bring attention to important causes, and unite people around those causes while funneling much needed cash into them. It is a platform to truly bring to fruition a global community. If ever there has been a cause that is worthy of the attention of the global community, it is Autism Rocks. It was started by Sanjay Shah whose five year old son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism about three years ago. Upon his son’s diagnosis, Shah immediately sprung into action to see not only what he could do for his son, but how he could be of service to all children who have to cope with the disorder.

Autism Rocks rocks was founded in 2014. The charity puts on private, invite-only concerts, with all of the proceeds going to the Autism Research Trust, or ART. The idea for Autism Rocks came from Shah’s love for his son, his passion for music, and a chance encounter with international rap superstar, Snoop Dogg. From that, Shah was had a light bulb moment which prompted him to use his finances and connections to throw a private concert with the iconic rock/pop star, Prince, as the first performer. The first event was a success, and now Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble`, and Drake are slated to do private concerts for the charity as well.

Sanjay Shah is no ordinary man, and not just because he was a successful hedge fund manager for Merrill-Lynch, Morgan-Stanley, and ING among other financial institutions. Even the fact that he started his own brokerage firm after being made redundant in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008-09 is not what makes Shah unique. What stands out most about this father and philanthropist was his response in the face of an utterly trying time, finding out his son is autistic.

There was no time for a pity party. The native Londoner who’d recently relocated his family to Dubai immediately went to work to see how he could be of service to the Dubai Autism Centre. He was told by an administrator there that the Centre’s immediate need was for minibuses to transport children; so Shah went out and bought to Hyundai minibuses for them.

Even before starting Autism Rocks, the former investment banke was a trustee on the board of ART. He used his pool of business connections as well as his own resources to aid in the research of Autism. Accordig to Shah, he is not looking for a cure to Autism, saying “I wouldn’t change anything about my son – but like many parents around the world I want to better understand the ‘condition’ so I can better understand Nikhil and how he may be thinking…”

To show your support and donate to Autism Rocks, go to this link:

New Applications For You To Download

While there are many different options available for you to download, it can be difficult to choose one that works well for you and for what you are going to be able to do. You can make sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to the new app that you are going to download by checking out some of the newest and hottest apps available. By doing this, you will be able to get a good feel for what is available and you will not have to worry about missing out on some of the coolest apps.

The GoPro app is meant to be used in combination with the GoPro camera. This is an app that allows you to pull off short clips from your GoPro camera and you can choose to do so through the use of the app. Some people may record videos and never even take them off of the camera, but the new app makes it easy for you to do so. Now all of your friends can see what you have been up to and you will be able to show them that you have real talent when it comes to your GoPro.

Skout was an app that was originally created for people who wanted to find a great new date, but has evolved into something better. You can choose to meet new friends or meet a new date on the app. It is an app that works well with people who want to be social, but who don’t want to have to worry about the different ways of meeting new people. It can be difficult to get out there and meet new people, but Skout has made it possible through the use of the app. You can even search by common interests.

Doing this type of search will be the easiest way for you to find new friends while you are using the app. You don’t have to put yourself out there or search different areas just to find friends and Skout will connect you directly with the type of people who you are looking for. Not only is it easy to use, but it provides you with some of the best results available to you. You can choose so many different options when you are searching for people in your area who might have something in common with you.

If you are more about sitting at home and watching videos the Amazon Video app will be just right for your device. It gives you many different options including the category of what you are going to watch as well as the actors that you want to watch. If you want to find something specific, you can do so through the use of the app. Amazon makes it easy for anyone who likes to watch videos and anyone who wants to be able to do so on a device application that is easy for everyone to be able to use.

Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital On The Importance Of Investor Education

Stephen Murray was the former CEO and President of CCMP Capital and under his great leadership, the private equity firm flourished better than anyone else in the industry. Even during hard times, it was the great vision of Stephen Murray that allowed CCMP Capital to withstand the challenges of the industry and emerge victorious on the other side. Great leaders are known to elevate the companies they work for and Stephen Murray was no different in that respect.

Under Stephen Murray, CCMP Capital learned the importance of certain concepts that can promote to the success of an organization – and the primary among these lessons was investor education. Because of the efficacy of his methods, CCMP Capital still stands by the commandments set by Stephen Murray. Here are some reasons why both Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital focus on investor education so much –

• Making Informed Choices – When investors are educated and are aware about their rights and responsibilities, they can make informed choices. They would lead to overall betterment of the industry and financial results on a global scale. It is important for every firm to focus on investor education like CCMP Capital for this very reason.

• Preventing Fraud In The Industry – Investors who lack financial literacy and education are at a greater risk of being defrauded by unscrupulous practices.  CCMP Capital takes this topic quite seriously and implores everyone to do the same.

• Good For Prospective Investors – A firm never knows where its investors are coming from. Imparting investor education is a duty that should be taken seriously because, when an investor is happy, they would in turn give the private equity firm a good review while speaking to their friends, family and relatives. This would lead to sharing of education and would improve the goodwill of the firm.

• Better Results – As far as trading is concerned, investor education is a basic requirement for success and profits for both long and short term. It’s like teaching a man how to fish instead of offering him a fish to eat. Good results and education are intertwined and for the finance and investment industry, firms that focus on it will be as successful as CCMP Capital in the long run.

Investor education is the reason why CCMP Capital is such a big name in the industry.

Status Labs Offers Guide to Utilizing Facebook.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that made huge gains in their public following thanks to CEO Darius Fisher’s decision to advocate for the victims of the highly publicized Ashley Madison hack. Since then we’ve seen Status Labs become more vocal in helping out people with basic tips and guidelines to keeping their image on the internet tightly controlled and highly efficient. The company recently dropped a few notes on how to moderate your usage of Facebook so as not to have it come back and hurt your career and the tips they gave out were rock solid.

Control Your Presence
Facebook, at its core, is all about getting yourself seen by the people you want. Hiring managers and bosses around the world know how popular Facebook is and they know how loose employees can be with their language and attitude, so of course these same people want to look at it before making any career based decisions. Get ahead of the pack by tightly moderating just what information you put on your Facebook. Status Labs suggests that users refrain from posting controversial topics and other private information that they wouldn’t want their boss to know about.

Lock Down Your Security
Facebook is meant to be a social website but there are steps you can take that will inhibit the proliferation of your information all over the internet. For starters, you can begin by delving deep into your Facebook security preferences. Here you can restrict the viewing of your content to only friends and disallow it from being shared by anyone unaffiliated with your approval list. This will keep your content locked down fairly tight. Still, you should know that data leaks do happen and privacy settings aren’t air tight. You should still opt out of posting sensitive information on your Facebook page.

Create a Public Presence
Make it easy for potential employers and colleagues to find you by creating a business Facebook page. Status Labs suggests that all burgeoning professionals maintain a pro page in order to get their message out as conveniently as possible. Keep the page clean, professional, and tightly moderated so as to show off the best version of yourself possible.