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Eucatex: A Top Brazilian Company


Eucatex is a Brazilian company that was established on November 23, 1931. It is recorded as the first Brazilian company that cares about the environment as they use eucalyptus as their raw material to make panels and ceiling tiles. In 1956, the company started opening their representative offices in several Brazilian Capitals and Argentina. The company has celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011 as they are a leader in the market, and they have been a major manufacturer in Brazil. Today, we will go over Eucatex and why the company continues to thrive to this day.


Eucatex has received numerous awards throughout the years. The high-quality products and their initiatives in human resources are recognized by the society. Eucatex was featured in “As Melhores da Dinheiro 2010” which evaluated organizations’ performances that are based on five criteria’s that are Human Resources, Social Responsibility, Innovation and Quality, Financial Sustainability and Governance Cooperatively. The company was considered the best in managing their financial sustainability. As an addition, Eucatex is among the top two in Innovation and Quality, and they were in the top four companies in Human Resources.

The President

The president of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf. Maluf was born in São Paulo on December 2nd, 1961. He is a mechanical engineer and an entrepreneur, and also the president of the Grandfood group. In his past works, he was responsible for inventory control, training center, financial control of cost as well as central deployment of service. Maluf specializes in people management, focusing on customer support and after sales and is also fluent in English.

Before Eucatex, Maluf was a contract administrator in Embraer as his website resume shows. Prior to that, Maluf worked as a service manager in Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics for three years. His co-workers stated that he is a great leader and a professional, and he had a bright future ahead of him. He has worked in other companies such as Chiron Diagnostics, Interalpha, Informed Com and Ind to add to his management skills. Other than being a contract administrator and service manager, Maluf was in various positions in the family business such as sales manager, service coordinator and field service engineer, showing that he indeed has a wide variety of skills when running an effective company.


Eucatex is an amazing company that keeps improving each day. The have certifications such as the ISO14001, the CARB, as well as others. Eucatex values environmental legislation and advocates the rational use of forestry resources to take the world of business in a new direction with the products they develop.  Flavio Maluf is on Twitter too, where you can get further updates about where the company may be headed in the future.

Looking out for Man’s Best Friend

Every dog owner knows that there’s nothing his furry friend wouldn’t do for him. And even more impressive is the fact that dogs always seem to know exactly what their owners need the most. Whether it’s telling him it’s time for a fun walk or just reminding him how much he’s loved. But humans often have a more difficult time trying to figure out exactly how to brighten up their dog’s life in the same way. But an article published in the Daily Herald points to the number one request that most dogs would love to suggest. And that’s to have food just as delicious as that on their owner’s plate. The article details a number of different paths that are being taken by dog food companies. The specifics differ in a number of ways. But there’s one shared trait between them all. Every one of the dog food companies that are highlighted in the article are using high quality ingredients to make dog food that’s at or even above what humans would expect from their own meals. Some of them are even made to emulate the taste of traditional meals that people have been making for generations. But this isn’t quite as recent a trend as many people believe. In 2001 a high quality dog food brand called Beneful first entered into the market. And they might well have been the leader in this trend of gourmet dog food. The reason is quite clear when looking at their overall mission statement. The company began with an effort to create the most nutritionally beneficial brand of dog food on the market. Beneful quickly discovered that the best nutrition came from the best ingredients. And that meant using the same kinds of fresh beef, turkey, vegetables and other ingredients that other companies are just now coming to appreciate. But dogs have been appreciating it ever since Beneful came on the Amazon market. Even when the owners don’t know why the dogs love it so much, that adoration is clear. And that’s why Beneful is one of the best ways to show dogs the same love that they provide to their human family.

Securus Technologies Launches Cutting Edge Inmate Communication Monitoring Technology

Securus Technologies has launched a new iteration of its powerful analysis software. The THREADS 3.1 is now the world most powerful analytical tool for corrections departments. It is expected to help connect the dots and provide the authorities with real-time information in all aspects of inmate communication. This information has time and again proven to be the critical dot needed to connect to unrated incidences and expose bigger crimes.


THREADS 3.1 brings a faster and intuitive performance with a redesigned search functionality and fast load times in all its technology, especially the video visitation software. It maintains the powerful analysis tool beloved by former version. The U.I is also cleaner and more streamlined to provide search features. The new Securus software is easy to use and requires little training.


THREADS 3.1 is based on HTML 5. It is a powerful web-based language that allows for integration with other products like Secure Call Platform (SCP), an inmate phone calls monitoring system.It will provide platinum level services at a reasonable price. It will also make the software available in a full gamut of devices while providing the same top-notch service.


THREAD is a patented software that is used to identify and report suspicious inmate communication patterns. It has helped numerous law enforcement authorities catch criminals in America. It uses big data analytical tools to make its analysis using robust algorithms.


THREADS is a creation of Securus Technologies. The company has thousands of employees who are the specialist in various aspects of the enterprise. They include engineers, coders and strategists who help it in its work.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 in Dallas Texas. It is still headquartered here in Dallas but has offices in Atlanta Georgia and Carrollton. It has accumulated nearly 30 years industry experience. It serves more than 2200 prisons and close to a million prisoners in 45 states.


Secure Technologies has attained its current reputation thanks to its innovative nature. It already has 100 patents confirmed with 35 pending. Its well-qualified workforce is one of the leading reason why they have attained this high level of innovation. Each year, it reinvests $ 19 million to fund its research activities.


Securus Technologies is also compliant with SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley standards. It has more than 1700 installations for its SCP platform.


One of the reasons, why Securus Technologies has grown to its levels today, is its customer service. It has a highly trained agency to handle its complaints.


Securus Technologies through its services ensures Americans are safe at home.

Shaygan Kheradpir the CEO and New Driver of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on December, 19th, 1960 in London, United Kingdom. He grew up in Iran. He studied at the Cornell University in the United States, where graduated with a bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering.
Kheradpir’s first job was the GTE Laboratories in his duties involved network routing, control, and management. He was then appointed the Chief Information Officer at the GTE firm. GTE combined with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications. Shaygan worked as the head of the Verizon before becoming the firm’s first CIO. In Verizon, he broadened the range of telecommunications services.

Shaygan Kheradpir in January 2011 joined Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer of Global Retail and Business Bank. He later became the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Mr. Kheradpir worked as the CEO of Juniper Networks and developed and invented a restructuring and cost effective plan that Juniper called Integrated Operating Plan. He shortly joined Marlin Equity Partner before he was appointed the president and the chairperson at Coriant.


On September 28th, 2015, Shaygan Kheradpir was named the chair of the board and the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. He succeeded President and CEO Pat DiPietro. He became the head after working hand in hand with the senior management team as the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He took his new position to get Coriant firm’s growth plan and strengthen focus on the solutions that involve the customers in today’s modernized, dynamic and competitive market.
Kheradpir’s experience and leadership skills in extensive industry, business, and operational skills would drive the Coriant to the highest new level. Shaygan is a leading technology and business expert with over 28 years of experience in technology, telecom, and financial services companies.

In his speech, Mr. Kheradpir said that Coriant’s comprehensive data networking solutions, world-class level technology, invention, around the world reach and the expanding consumer network operator, are what drew him to the company. As the market continues to seek a whole new level and useful innovation in network creation and operations, Shaygan expressed confident that Coriant Company will provide their customers with needed network solutions and cost effective services.
DiPietro welcomed the new president and expressed faith in his leadership and expertise, saying that Coriant will expand and grow to the next level.

Merlin Equity Partners formed Coriant Company through the merging of the Nokia Siemens Networks, Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks businesses. Coriant is a legitimate supplier of innovative networking solutions to major network agents in more than a hundred countries. Its customers are 9 of 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers, government agencies and cloud providers Enterprise among others.


Coriant solutions are the foundation for billions of dollars in the end-user revenue. Its first achievements include; a world record for transmitting a capacity of 57.6 Tbps over hollow core fibers, industry’s first ROADM-on-a-blade, industry’s first optical layer and unique mTera Universal Transport Platform. For more information on Coriant Company and Shaygan visit


The issue of public health and the general medical sector was traditionally the role of the government institutions. There is a current change in this with modern firms emerging to take an outright lead in innovations and investments in the industry. Private health care companies according to Mackies Stanley of cantechletter are also significant players in the economy. They have not only helped the government in implementing its heath care provisions but also the general public with reasonable quality health care. The private sector is the biggest contributor in the health sector. Many citizens opt for treatment in private hospital due to improved service delivery. Although the government is doing the much it could to achieve its universal health care plan, a bigger percentage of its implementation touches on the private sector. Private health companies are the leading in insurance providing for medical care. They are also an investment ground for investors turning to healthcare for huge returns. The alternative investment created by this massive sector is also a pillar in the economy. Many states across the country are incorporating the sector to achieve its health care goals ion more easy way. The innovations that have revolutionized the health sector are from the private companies. They include mass genetic sequencing and advanced cancer treatment equipment. They are also a major employer in the private sector creating massive employment. Private healthcare companies increased the public access to medical care that would be difficult for the government to implement alone. The private health care companies have short wait times for patient to access medical care and in well-improved facilities. Since the public health system depends on government funds, they are largely underfunded as compared to the private sector. Although the cost of insurance in public sector is slightly higher than the public, the services are worth. Nobilis Health Corporation is headquartered in Houston. The company’s own and manages ambulatory services that improve its delivery of health care services. Its clinic is serve4d by the best surgeons in the country who are well experienced and trained. The Nobilis healthcare has facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Tennessee and New Jersey. It also owns other facilities in Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale. The company is publicly traded in New York and Texas. In total the company manages over 100 surgical centers. The Nobilis Health company employees also own shares in the business to ensure they devote to excellent and quality services.

New York City – Rising Demand for Luxurious Real Estate Continues

New York City apartments for sale has continually increased throughout the years, and continues to do so at a steady rate. A reported $100.47 million dollar penthouse was closed on in the popular escape for billionaires all over the world. 2015 was most definitely a record year for New York City. The real estate sales were out of this world and at a record high for some of the most luxurious properties on the market.

Town Residential is a high end real estate company that specializes in development services that include but are not limited to market research analysis, advertising and current sales development. They are a growing company that has introduced some of the industries most successful leaders who have taken part in the vast increase of real estate marketing in the city. Their team is encompassed with a wide array of experienced professionals that are education and expertise in all aspects of the business.

Aside from new developmental business ventures, they have a team that solely focuses on marketing and leasing avenues. They start from the foundation and build up to knowledgeable individuals that have years of experience in the market research and leasing set of terms. They ensure that TOWN marketing and leasing areas of business will result in the greatest valued property in the least amount of time. With the market increasing so rapidly in New York City, Town Residential and it’s business branches can find exactly what you’re looking for and answer any questions that may arise.

Every record that had existed as far as real estate sale go in New York City have since been shattered. The years to come can only prove that the ongoing popularity in the City will continue. Kenneth C. Griffin will be on of the billionaire’s that will contribute to the influx. He is a hedge fund manager that has entered into a $200 million contract to begin building a triplex in Central Park South. Construction and plans are set to start in the late summer of 2016. There are already roughly 118 apartments that are under contract in that area so investors and brokers have to evaluate how many buyers are in the market for $10 million dollar plus properties. Market research analysis are set to observe that the real estate market’s largest prices will being to surface as other contracts become official. With the increasing inventory, New York City will continue to see a rising and steady demand for a luxurious market.

Behind The Business Scenes, What Makes Jon Urbana Tick

Jon Urbana is a business entrepreneur who strives to give back to his community by both charity work and shaping future athletes. Currently he serves as the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, an IPL and laser provider for laser treatment centers.

As a former Villanova NCAA lacrosse player, Jon Urbana understands the value and depth that playing sports adds to the lives of children. He is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a summer sports camp held annually for youth interested in sharpening their lacrosse skills by learning from the pros. Urbana and Lou Braun founded the camp for current professional players to share their skills and expertise and pass down the torch to the next generation of players.

While he has inspired and taught many kids, the kids have also left their mark on Urbana. After the kids at his camp showed him how passionately they cared about their environment, Urbana created a second charitable campaign. The GoFundMe campaign proceeds are going to support Earth Force, an environmental activist group based in Denver, Colorado. His first charity campaign, to support the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, was deemed a huge success and he is hopeful that the Earth Force group receives an equally great boost in support with his campaign.

Aside from his charitable endeavors and background in sports, Jon Urbana is an artist of many means. He has a blooming career in music and is an amateur photographer, with Jon Urbana’s Official Blog hosting many of his images. His musical career started off with basic software and an acoustic guitar, and from there he has produced several of his own songs as well as many covers. He currently has a devout following on SoundCloud and is continuing to pursue both hobbies.

As a man of many interests, Jon Urbana has his foot in many doors and is a down-to-Earth businessman.