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Extended Network Starts For FreedomPop’s Global Wifi

Now that FreedomPop has announced that they will be extending their awesome phone services to include global hotspots, places across the world that will offer their service without interruption, me and my wife feel like we have all of our needs taken care of. Have you heard about their free service? They have a basic plan that is free for all users in U.S. and U.K., and it comes with 200 MB of data, 200 messages and 200 phone call minutes. The basic service is enough for me, actually, but my wife gets an upgrade for hers because she uses the phone more than I use it.

They just announced some really exciting news that was covered on Recode’s website recently. The news is that they have gained a substantial amount of funding recently, and they are able to extend their network even further than it currently covers. The funding amount they gained was approximately 50 million dollars, and they have some big supports like Intel backing them, so you know this company is going places.

Extended Network Service From FreedomPop

I was really surprised to hear about the extended network that FreedomPop has developed. Major phone companies have something similar, but they charge an arm and a leg for it. FreedomPop, on the other hand, is only charging $49 for their global wifi, which seems unbelievable. This is a promotional pricing, of course, but the price is only going up to $99, which is still a bargain if you ask me. They are also charging $10 for a SIM card that will need to be updated as more countries join the global wifi program, but the SIM card can be updated remotely, so there’s no worries there. If you want to read Recode’s article, visit this link.

The Reputation Doctor, Mike Paul, Joins New Board as Advisor

Status Labs announced this week that they will welcome a new, but prominent, new member to their advisory board. President of the Reputation Doctor LLC Mike Paul will be joining the board to help offer his years of experience to the reputation management firm. Paul’s role will be to offer counsel and strategic insight as Status Labs continues to grow rapidly across the globe due to its excellent work within the crisis management and PR industries.

President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, voiced his excitement over the new addition to the board explaining that this will help the company as it grows. He stated that the advisors on the board like Paul have already been through the business challenges that Status Labs is facing as it grows, so they can be very helpful and instrumental in smooth growth.

Fisher added that he has a lot he can learn from members of the board who have been in the business longer. Paul is highly experienced and has already built one of the most successful reputation and crisis management practices on the globe so he is excited to have him.

Paul certainly has the experience to offer Status Labs with a very lengthy resume backing his work in the industry. Over the past three decades he has worked with companies that include FEMA, Goldman Sachs, United Airlines, Kraft Foods and many more. H also has worked within the corporate world and government sectors and is frequently featured as a guest on top news outlets such as BBC News, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and ESPN.

While Status Labs may be newer than the Reputation Doctor, it appears to have a bright future with Paul stating that Darius Fisher is a rising star within the reputation management industry because their strong approach in online reputation management is quickly scaling the company. Paul added that Status Labs is a global name now and will reach even farther over the next year.

Status Labs is headquartered in Austin and has offices in Sao Paulo, New York, and San Francisco. It specializes in offering digital reputation management to clients to help reach PR and international goals. Its main concentration is providing strong content that will attract audiences and increase sales and customer participation with clients.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Sheds Light On Zika Virus

Zika virus was first found, in the 1940’s, in the countries of Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. After many years, it spread to India and Thailand. In 2015, it had spread throughout countries in Latin America. Since April, health experts have become very concerned with the increasing number of cases.
“On one hand, the symptoms of Zika virus do not get to be serious and the disease can be rapidly controlled and cured. What is really worrying doctors, is that there is a proven link between Zika virus and Microcephaly, and perhaps with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.” Said Dr. Sergio Cortes on

The Brazilian Ministry of Health found that there is a relationship between Zika and Microcephaly. Recent studies have shown that Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a serious neurological disease, can be related to the virus.

Even though Zika cannot be transmitted, person to person, a non-infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito that bites an infected person, will then carry the virus. This mosquito lays its eggs in clean water any location can be subject to breeding.

Zika is non-aggressive and symptoms usually last for a few days, up to a week. The most common symptoms are fever, muscle aches, and rash which can disappear before treatment is sought out. There are no tests for the virus except for a complex exam offered by three units of Fiocruz and the Evandro Chagas Institute.

When it comes to treating Zika, there is no treatment to get rid of it. The symptoms are treated but not the virus itself. Dr. Cortes stated that products such as aspirin, should be avoided because they have an anticoagulant effect and can lead to bleeding disorders. Since the virus is related to Microcephaly, which affects newborns, Dr. Cortes on Linked In cautions pregnant women to take extra care and protect against insect bites.

At the moment, Brazil is considered to be in the middle of an epidemic. There are already more than 1200 events in 14 different states and spanning more than 300 cities. There is still a lot to learn about this virus and Dr. Cortes wants to focus on the affect it has on an unborn fetus. Dr. Cortes urges people to take precautions against the virus such as avoiding stagnant water, stay indoors more, and installing nets around beds.

This article was published on Sergio Cortes’s official site:
Descubra mais sobre o zika vírus com o Sergio Cortes

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George Soros Details The Reasons For A Possible EU Collapse

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros recently revealed the reasons why he believes events in Europe threaten a collapse of the European Union, in an interview published on his own Website. Soros has highlighted three areas that are coming together to push the European Union and the single currency of the community to a crisis point, which must be faced with the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel key to survival. In the interview George Soros according to NY Books also stakes a claim for Merkel to now be the leader of the free world as she and Germany are the main barrier between Russia and further aggression against European countries.
George Soros is placed in a unique position to defend his views as he was born in Hungary, and educated in London before embarking on a final journey as a refugee to New York. The successful business career Soros embarked upon led to him becoming one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world with a personal fortune of more than $20 billion. Despite his success the Holocaust survivor has remained active in using his own charitable organizations to bring democracy and freedom to various areas of the world.

The interview conducted with George Soros sees him heap equal amounts of praise and criticism on Merkel and her fellow European leaders for their handling of the problems facing the European Union. In terms of the refugee crisis that sees the continent struggling to cope with millions fleeing the Syrian conflict the financial expert believes the response of the German Chancellor was swift and correct.

In other areas, George Soros believes Angela Merkel has been indecisive and failed to act in an appropriate way, particularly in her handling of the Greek debt crisis that looks set to be mirrored in the Ukraine. George Soros believes the actions of European leaders should have been stronger as the short term financial measures introduced by the European Union have done little to assist the people of Greece or Ukraine.

George Soros is often credited with being the financial expert responsible for the 1992 devaluation of the British Pound, but he feels the collapse of the European Union would be quickened should the U.K. leave the continent wide community. In the view of Soros Chancellor Merkel should do everything in her power to ensure the British remain part of the EU for the benefit of the entire continent and the global economy.

$50 Million Opens the World to FreedomPop

The independent and ambitious FreedomPop has earned another $50 million in funding, allowing them to take a step closer to their dream of developing a global hotspot.

The mission over at FreedomPop has been to connect people with mobile data rates much lower than what’s offered by traditional carriers, making them the more attractive option by comparison. The global hotspot is their new endeavor, one that would remove roaming charges from consideration when choosing a carrier. With the help of over 25 participating countries supporting their initiative, Stepen Stolkos, CEO of FreedomPop, believes that now his carrier can compete with globally recognized names like T-Mobile.

What the global hopspot intends to do is give customers access to communication when traveling. With a $10 SIM card, customers can swap between mobile devices free of charge and operate them in foreign territories for $49. This comes with an allowance of 200mb for that monthly billing cycle, and an additional 500mb can be purchased for $10.

With an offer this alluring many are wondering why FreedomPop doesn’t have a more aggressive ad campaign to compete with other carriers. Stokols has claimed that the company is still fairly young and is using its funding to better service and customer relations; they’ll continue to rely on word of mouth to promote their business.

Since 2012 FreedomPop has operated with the goal of providing fast mobile service for all Americans. Based out of Los Angeles, Stolkos works with the support of Skype founder Niklas Zennestom along with Mangrove Capital and DCM.

By employing a staff experienced in telecommunications and web service, FreedomPop operates on a business plan modeled after the successful video chat client Skype. Though radical when compared to other service providers, FreedomPop has been successful in getting their customers 4G access from their mobile devices along with broadband access from their homes free of charge.

Rebuilding After A Flood With Sergio Cortes

After a flood has happened, it is important that the area that it happened in rebuilds as quickly as possible. This is important because homes will be easier to access if they are fixed soon after the flood. It is also important for the sewage system and for people to be able to have access to clean water. When rebuilding efforts occur shortly after flooding has happened, the town is more likely to be able to become a better place as a result of the flood. There is also a reduced number of diseases that can be attributed to the flood.

When a flood happens, people not only have to worry about drowning in the floodwaters or losing their homes, they also have to worry about the diseases that can come from the floodwaters. Diseases can spread quickly through water that is a result of a flood and the water supply system can become contaminated easily. Anyone who drinks water directly from the flood or who drinks it out of the tap in their home is putting themselves at risk for becoming contaminated with a flood-related disease. There are some things that people can do to ensure that they do not get these diseases.

Hypochlorite is passed out to people during flood times. According to the Extra article, Sergio Cortes, the secretary of health, has been passing out bottles of the chemical to ensure that people are able to get the clean water that they need. Hypochlorite can be placed directly in the water tanks of homes to ensure that the people get water right out of their tap that is clean and healthy to be able to bathe in. It is only safe for these purposes and should not be used for drinking water until the flooding is completely cleaned up.

If anyone needs to drink water, which is a necessity, Sergio Cortes has made sure that there are ample bottles of water for people to be able to pick up from the relief centers. This type of water is guaranteed to be clean and free of contamination because it has been bottled in different areas. There are also hydration centers that Sergio Cortes has set up to ensure that people get the water that they need at the time that they need it. Residents of Xerém are encouraged to take advantage of the bottled water and hydration centers.