$50 Million Opens the World to FreedomPop

The independent and ambitious FreedomPop has earned another $50 million in funding, allowing them to take a step closer to their dream of developing a global hotspot.

The mission over at FreedomPop has been to connect people with mobile data rates much lower than what’s offered by traditional carriers, making them the more attractive option by comparison. The global hotspot is their new endeavor, one that would remove roaming charges from consideration when choosing a carrier. With the help of over 25 participating countries supporting their initiative, Stepen Stolkos, CEO of FreedomPop, believes that now his carrier can compete with globally recognized names like T-Mobile.

What the global hopspot intends to do is give customers access to communication when traveling. With a $10 SIM card, customers can swap between mobile devices free of charge and operate them in foreign territories for $49. This comes with an allowance of 200mb for that monthly billing cycle, and an additional 500mb can be purchased for $10.

With an offer this alluring many are wondering why FreedomPop doesn’t have a more aggressive ad campaign to compete with other carriers. Stokols has claimed that the company is still fairly young and is using its funding to better service and customer relations; they’ll continue to rely on word of mouth to promote their business.

Since 2012 FreedomPop has operated with the goal of providing fast mobile service for all Americans. Based out of Los Angeles, Stolkos works with the support of Skype founder Niklas Zennestom along with Mangrove Capital and DCM.

By employing a staff experienced in telecommunications and web service, FreedomPop operates on a business plan modeled after the successful video chat client Skype. Though radical when compared to other service providers, FreedomPop has been successful in getting their customers 4G access from their mobile devices along with broadband access from their homes free of charge.