George Soros Details The Reasons For A Possible EU Collapse

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros recently revealed the reasons why he believes events in Europe threaten a collapse of the European Union, in an interview published on his own Website. Soros has highlighted three areas that are coming together to push the European Union and the single currency of the community to a crisis point, which must be faced with the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel key to survival. In the interview George Soros according to NY Books also stakes a claim for Merkel to now be the leader of the free world as she and Germany are the main barrier between Russia and further aggression against European countries.
George Soros is placed in a unique position to defend his views as he was born in Hungary, and educated in London before embarking on a final journey as a refugee to New York. The successful business career Soros embarked upon led to him becoming one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world with a personal fortune of more than $20 billion. Despite his success the Holocaust survivor has remained active in using his own charitable organizations to bring democracy and freedom to various areas of the world.

The interview conducted with George Soros sees him heap equal amounts of praise and criticism on Merkel and her fellow European leaders for their handling of the problems facing the European Union. In terms of the refugee crisis that sees the continent struggling to cope with millions fleeing the Syrian conflict the financial expert believes the response of the German Chancellor was swift and correct.

In other areas, George Soros believes Angela Merkel has been indecisive and failed to act in an appropriate way, particularly in her handling of the Greek debt crisis that looks set to be mirrored in the Ukraine. George Soros believes the actions of European leaders should have been stronger as the short term financial measures introduced by the European Union have done little to assist the people of Greece or Ukraine.

George Soros is often credited with being the financial expert responsible for the 1992 devaluation of the British Pound, but he feels the collapse of the European Union would be quickened should the U.K. leave the continent wide community. In the view of Soros Chancellor Merkel should do everything in her power to ensure the British remain part of the EU for the benefit of the entire continent and the global economy.