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George Soros Has A Plan To Solve The Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis in Europe is growing more dire by the day with governments trying to figure out how to deal with the influx of people seeking asylum. Billionaire financier, George Soros, says he has a solution.
In a recent opinion piece published in MarketWatch, George Soros laid out his six-point plan for dealing with the refugee crisis.

1. Soros calls for each country in the European Union (EU) to accept one million refugees per year for the foreseeable future. He also calls on each government to supply each refugee with $16,800 per year to cover housing and health care and education costs. He states that each country can pay for this by issuing bonds to cover the costs.

2. He states that the EU must lead a global effort to supply funding to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey as these are the countries where most of the Syrian refugees are now residing.

3. The EU has to create a single Asylum and Migration Agency and a single border guard to deal with the influx of refugees. Soros believes that many countries are acting in their own best interest and, often times, directly against he interests of neighboring countries.

4. Soros calls for “safe channels” to be created that will transport refugees from Italy and Greece to their destination countries.

5. A global standard of care must be adopted for the treatment of refugees, Soros writes.

6. The EU governments must enlist the help of the private sector. Soros believes that government alone will not solve this problem. He states that NGO’s, church groups and private businesses need to be involved.

By adopting these six points George Soros believes that the panic and human suffering currently experienced by refugees will be eliminated and they will more easily be assimilated into the EU countries.

George Soros is best known on NY Books as an international financier that caused the Bank of England to devalue its currency but currently he is the chairman and founder of the Open Society. The organization works to build vibrant democracies and to protect the rights of citizens around the globe.

Brazilian Women Are Left To Raise Microcephaly Infants On Their Own According To Doctor Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus is taking a heavy toll on Brazil and the other countries that have a Zika virus outbreak. Millions of people in Brazil have the virus and millions more don’t know they have it. The unknown factor related to Zika is spreading the virus at an unprecedented speed, and there is very little anyone can do to stop the outbreak. Brazilian Dr. Sergio Cortes has been involved in Zika virus research for the past 11 months. Dr. Cortes knows more about the symptoms and the complications than most doctors in Brazil. Dr. Cortes sat down with the online magazine and explained some of the complications that manifest once the initial symptoms disappear.

Dr. Cortes told that the number of microcephaly cases in Brazil has increased four thousand percent since the Zika virus outbreak. Microcephaly is the medical term used to describe underdeveloped brains and retarded skull growth in fetuses. More than 4,100 cases of microcephaly have been reported in the last eight months. Many of the women that give birth to microcephaly babies are left on their own in Brazil. The fathers are leaving because they don’t want ot be associated with a baby that has a small, odd shaped head and brain damage. Most of the men that are leaving these mothers live in poor neighborhoods. The men have little education and no money, according to a Dr. Cortes LinkedIn post. Many of these men have other children and they leave them with the mothers as well.

Marriages and agreed unions are breaking up because of the Zika virus, according to Dr. Cortes. But that is only one of the complications caused by the virus. On Facebook, Dr. Cortes said the autoimmune disorder known as Guillain-Barré syndrome is another concern. Cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome have also increased since the Zika virus outbreak. Dr. Sergio Cortes said Guillain-Barré syndrome is the name for the immune system attacking the nervous system. The internal attack cause temporary paralysis and breathing issues. Guillain-Barré syndrome is not fatal in most cases, but five in one hundred people could die from the disease.

There isn’t a cure for Guillain-Barré syndrome or microcephaly. Dr. Cortes sent a tweet that said even though the two diseases aren’t new, there isn’t a medical treatment that can stop the paralysis cause by Guillain-Barré syndrome or the brain damage caused by microcephaly. Medical laboratories in Brazil and France as well as other countries are working on a vaccine that can help prevent the spread of Zika, but that vaccine won’t stop fathers from leaving their children or women from having the painful duty of raising a baby that has special needs.

A Good Hair Day with WEN

Chances are, the name WEN By Chaz Dean brings to mind late-night infomercials featuring stylish ladies with even more perfect hair. Recently, Emily McClure, a Bustle contributor, decided to put the WEN line to the test. Could this line of celebrity-approved hair care products really help an ordinary girl create the luscious locks of a supermodel?

 WEN’s cleansing conditioner and hair care systems differ from other hair care products on the market. Simply put, celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean set out to create a line of products that not only helped users achieve the beautiful hair of their dreams but was free from all harmful chemicals.  Wen helps users maintain more of their natural hair oils, leaving hair strong and more manageable. 

The cleansing conditioner, WEN’s signature product on Amazon, is a 5-in-1 product designed to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. With one simple step, hair is healthy and beautiful. In a three week trial, WEN users reported hair that was more manageable, held color better, was shiny and healthier.

So what happened when Emily McClure gave WEN a try? As reported to Bustle, McClure used WEN’s cleansing conditioner for seven days and recorded her experience in a series of before and after photos. Almost immediately, washing with WEN made her hair feel stronger and thicker. During her week long trial, friends remarked on how shiny her hair looked. 

Overall, Wen did help Emily create her dream hair, but it was not without trial. Emily noticed her locks looking greasy the morning after a shower, though the oiliness did decrease over time. For best results, WEN also required Emily to style her hair daily. When all was said and done, she highly recommended WEN cleansing conditioner, especially for those that already blow-dry and style regularly.

Bob Reina Creates Video Communication Service With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina

If you are familiar with Talk Fusion, then you should learn about Bob Reina because his story is fascinating. This man founded Talk Fusion after several years of working his way up the ladder that is direct selling, marketing and networking. Bob Reina was once a police officer in Tampa, Florida. He would eventually leave his full time paycheck from the police department for a full time career in direct selling. He started off as a part time associate in direct selling, but when he felt that the time was right, he moved over to doing it as a full time career.

It would seem that Bob Reina made a good decision in transitioning to direct selling. He spent 15 years dedicating himself to the craft. During the time he spent working with other companies, Bob was known as one of the top 1 percent of earners in several of the companies that he worked with in direct selling. He also served as an advisor on different boards, and he started his own company called Cash Card Worldwide. Then, he decided that the world needed a better video communication platform.

Talk Fusion Is Born

Talk Fusion was created when Bob Reina decided that there shouldn’t be a limit to the size video that one can send. He was trying to send a video that was 10 minutes long, and his internet provider wouldn’t allow it, so he worked with someone who knew the technology that was available. Together, they created Bob’s vision. Talk Fusion is now one of the top video communication services. This service is well known throughout the world of direct sales and marketing.

When people want a reliable video communication service, they turn to Talk Fusion for all of their needs. This is why Talk Fusion had an estimated revenue of 100 million in 2011, and it is still fast growing. Actually, the Alexa Rating System called Talk Fusion’s rate of growth “exponential” because of how fast the company is profiting. They are a valuable asset to everyone.

Feeding Your Dogs The Best

There are several ways you can take care of your pets needs when it comes to food products. You may be wondering what is going to work the best for you and the needs you have. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think.
Cold Foods
Cold foods for pets is a pretty new thing. It offers pet owners a chance to have food for their pet that is kept cold before feeding. This gives the owner a chance to give the dog a change of pace when it comes to their food. They can take the food and warm it up and the dog will have a special treat. Sometimes you may want to give your dog this cold food everyday. That’s okay if you are willing to spend the money.
Beneful is a Purinastore owned company that offers this cold food option. You can continue to also feed your pets the Beneful dry dog food with the cold options. This will give your pet a few different options to try. The cold food has better nutrients for the dog, but they are also costly and hard to keep. Keep this in mind if you are considering this option.
Dry Foods
Dry dog foods continue to be what most owners purchase. They last longer and can be stored easier than most cold food options. The dog food can be given at any point in the day and it doesn’t have to be warmed up for the pet to enjoy it. You can also take the dry food with you better on longer trips where your dog is going with you. Beneful has many different options as far as getting dry dog food to you. You can find it in the stores as well as in many retail settings. The dog food is good for your pet and can help them have a long and happy life.
Take your time when finding a dog food that is going to fit your dog. You don’t want anything that is going to cause problems for your pet in the long run.