Bob Reina Creates Video Communication Service With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina

If you are familiar with Talk Fusion, then you should learn about Bob Reina because his story is fascinating. This man founded Talk Fusion after several years of working his way up the ladder that is direct selling, marketing and networking. Bob Reina was once a police officer in Tampa, Florida. He would eventually leave his full time paycheck from the police department for a full time career in direct selling. He started off as a part time associate in direct selling, but when he felt that the time was right, he moved over to doing it as a full time career.

It would seem that Bob Reina made a good decision in transitioning to direct selling. He spent 15 years dedicating himself to the craft. During the time he spent working with other companies, Bob was known as one of the top 1 percent of earners in several of the companies that he worked with in direct selling. He also served as an advisor on different boards, and he started his own company called Cash Card Worldwide. Then, he decided that the world needed a better video communication platform.

Talk Fusion Is Born

Talk Fusion was created when Bob Reina decided that there shouldn’t be a limit to the size video that one can send. He was trying to send a video that was 10 minutes long, and his internet provider wouldn’t allow it, so he worked with someone who knew the technology that was available. Together, they created Bob’s vision. Talk Fusion is now one of the top video communication services. This service is well known throughout the world of direct sales and marketing.

When people want a reliable video communication service, they turn to Talk Fusion for all of their needs. This is why Talk Fusion had an estimated revenue of 100 million in 2011, and it is still fast growing. Actually, the Alexa Rating System called Talk Fusion’s rate of growth “exponential” because of how fast the company is profiting. They are a valuable asset to everyone.