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Sam Tabar Provides Legal And Investing Advice Online

Sam Tabar is the COO of Full Cycle Energy Fund, and he is also a lawyer. He has a law background that helps him make wise investment decisions, if can be any guide, and he has a presence online that allows him to speak to people about investing at any time. He Tweets and writes  blog posts that help people make better decisions, and he works a lot with fund management. He has spent a lot of time studying commodities, and he has made sure that he gives the best information for people who want to invest in funds or commodities.

Sam Tabar is very interested in how people perceive the investments they make. He knows that a lot of people are going to wonder how they will make an investment correctly, and he wants them to learn to get past their perception of a company to reality. Investigating the reality of a situation is something that he recommends for all his clients, and he wants people to avoid things that look too good to be true.

Mr. Tabar now works with FullCycle Energy Fund, and that is now focused on investing more in energy than anything else. He is working on making the fund as successful as it can possibly be, and he is getting into an industry that has only scratched the surface of how profitable it can be. He wants to be more involved in the creation of new funds to help manage energy, and h wants to see if he can bring his lawyer’s perspective to an industry that usually outsources lawyers.

The investments that Mr. Tabar makes on behalf of his company are supposed to make it profitable, and he wants to get into new parts of the energy industry that will be helpful for everyone. He knows that there are many companies working on things like wind energy, solar energy and hydroelectric energy. He knows that it will take a long time to fund all the companies that are needed to make the Earth greener, but he is committing his time to making investments in the energy sector that will continue to pay off for a long time to come. People who want to start investing in energy can work with Sam Tabar at Full Cycle Energy, and they can ask him which companies are going to offer the best results over the course of time. Mr. Tabar’s investment and law background make him the perfect person to talk to.¬† Contact Sam on Thumbtack for legal or investment advice.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

People on facebook who are embarking on a healthy hair journey often inquire as to the frequency with which they should clean their hair. This is an important question that requires an understanding of the way that hair grows and thrives, as well as a working knowledge of how a person’s specific hair type responds to cleansing. Without understanding these two principals, people who intend to complete a journey towards growing long, health hair many end up with hair that is damaged by protein deficiency or protein overload. For this purpose, it is important to be educated about the suggested frequency of hair cleansing.

WEN suggests, Hair cleansing practices should vary depending upon the specific hair type of the individual. Individuals with naturally straight hair should engage in hair cleansing that is more regular than others. The straight hair texture is the most manageable one due to the fact that the natural oils from the scalp easily flow down the the hair shaft and reach the ends of the hair. It is important for the oils to reach the ends of the hair because the ends are the oldest part of the hair and the most susceptible to damage and breakage. Individuals with a naturally curly hair type should engage in cleansing on a weekly basis as opposed to a daily basis. These individuals should still have a relatively normal manageability love. However, curly hair textures may have a slightly more difficult time moving natural scalp oils to the ends of the hair. These textures should allow more time between cleansing to allow effective oil penetration. Coily hair textured individuals should cleanse the hair on a bi-weekly basis. While it is important to cleanse the scalp, these individuals will find it most difficult to allow oils to penetrate to the ends of the hair.

Whenever the right time for clearing falls, individuals who seek to develop health hair practices should use quality products like the Wen hair system. WEN system ensures that the scalp and hair are thoroughly cleansed and protected against the oil stripping that occurs when using hair products with heavy chemicals. More information about WEN by Chaz Dean can be found on Bustle.



African Fashion Designers are Changing the Face of the Industry

As more and more African fashion designers get involved in the fashion design industry they are starting to change mainstream fashion design. Buzzfeed recently released a list of 27 African Fashion designers who are making a big impact in the industry, and this list is filled with some creative designers with dynamic ideas that are making a big impact.

Many of these designers use bold, bright patterns in their clothing designs. Many African tribal paternal featured bold, brightly woven cloth, and in addition to the bold colors, some of the designs also feature patterns inspired and derived from traditional African clothing patterns. Each of these 27 designers comes from different countries in Africa, and there is a great deal of diversity in these designs. The designers on LinkedIn each have their unique voice and design style, but as a whole they are changing the face of mainstream design.

These designers make a wide range of clothing, including menswear. Much of the clothing incorporates traditional style and colors with new, contemporary designs. These African designers specializes in a wide range of styles. Some of the designers specialize in womenswear, some specialize in men’s wear, and still others focus on accessories including shoes and handbags. These designers are all very talented and making waves in every part of the fashion design industry.

JustFab on shoedazzle is an online membership clothing store that focuses on new, popular trends in designs and fashion. Members can join the site for free and gain access to a wide range of affordable clothing including designs much like the ones that these African fashion designers are creating. JustFab is a great way to stay fashion forward without breaking the bank.

Members are given special access and deals on a wide range of trendy, fashionable clothing at affordable prices. These pieces follow the latest trends and are a great way for trendsetters to keep up. Members just have to fill out a special survey and they will be sent customized selections based on the survey and their past purchases. Membership is free, but members do have to log in every month and decide whether or not to make a purchase that month.

Yeonmi Park’s Journey from Slave to Human Rights Advocate

Yeonmi Park, along with her mother and sister, escaped from North Korea in 2007. Yeonmi lived with her parents and sister in Hyesan. Mr. and Mrs. Park both held jobs, but struggled to make ends meet. It was a time when great famine swept the country and many people made extra money by smuggling illegal goods. Yeonmi’s father was no exception.

Mr. Park was arrested and sentenced to hard labor, leaving the family to face starvation. Yeonmi recalled a time when the three were rationed a single bag of rice to feed themselves for a month. The family was at risk of starvation. Yeonmi’s mother decided that it was time for the family to leave North Korea.

Yeonmi’s older sister, Eunmi, left before her mother and sister. Mrs. Park hired human smugglers to guide them across the rough terrain. They journeyed through the cold of night through forests, through mountains, and across frozen rivers. When they reached China, not all was as they expected. One of the smugglers attempted to rape Yeonmi, but her mother offered herself instead. The two were then enslaved by the same men they had paid to guide them to freedom.

Yeonmi and her mother were freed after two years, but were still at risk. They were in China illegally and would be deported if their identities were discovered. Yeonmi’s mother once again paid for a guide, this time through the Gobi Desert. They were apprehended by border patrol, but were freed two months later. Yeonmi and her mother were deported to South Korea where they learned the meaning of freedom and democracy.

“There are so many things that exist here that did not exist in North Korea,” Yeonmi said on the NK News. “And there are so many things we were never allowed. There is plenty of food. I never dreamed such freedom could exist.”

Yeonmi Park wrote a novel which was released on Amazon about her ordeal. She struggled to adapt to life in South Korea before enrolling in college where she studied criminal justice. She now spends the majority of her time traveling the word as a human rights activist.