African Fashion Designers are Changing the Face of the Industry

As more and more African fashion designers get involved in the fashion design industry they are starting to change mainstream fashion design. Buzzfeed recently released a list of 27 African Fashion designers who are making a big impact in the industry, and this list is filled with some creative designers with dynamic ideas that are making a big impact.

Many of these designers use bold, bright patterns in their clothing designs. Many African tribal paternal featured bold, brightly woven cloth, and in addition to the bold colors, some of the designs also feature patterns inspired and derived from traditional African clothing patterns. Each of these 27 designers comes from different countries in Africa, and there is a great deal of diversity in these designs. The designers on LinkedIn each have their unique voice and design style, but as a whole they are changing the face of mainstream design.

These designers make a wide range of clothing, including menswear. Much of the clothing incorporates traditional style and colors with new, contemporary designs. These African designers specializes in a wide range of styles. Some of the designers specialize in womenswear, some specialize in men’s wear, and still others focus on accessories including shoes and handbags. These designers are all very talented and making waves in every part of the fashion design industry.

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