Video Marketing Paving The Way, Talk Fusion Leads The Charge

Studies on marketing continue to show people prefer video over any other type of media. However, the ability to easily stream, or share video has been met with frustration for many. According to a new article on discussing email marketing research, users are more likely to interact with a video than a stock image or plain text.

The Relevancy Group conducted a study which showed video revenue could increase by 40% with the use of video, instead of other media types. The same study also showed click through rates increased with the use of video, up to 20% higher over other forms.

While brands frequently have clever short tag lines, the personality might not shine through with words or images; however, having video can show the personality of a brand in a captivating way. Allowing a consumer the ability to see the personality behind the brand can help attract buyers and encourage users to share video allowing for the possibility of an ad to go viral.

Video in emails frequently ran into issues in the early 2000’s, and even today, many email providers can limit the ability of one to send out video in an easy to use manner. Now, however, companies like Talk Fusion are streamlining the process for businesses of all sizes.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. The original reason for launching the company was because of how difficult, or at the time, impossible it was to upload a 10 second video to email. Bob Reina knew others must have had similar issues, and decided to come up with a solution that others could use easily.

Since then, Talk Fusion has become one of the world leaders in video content. Talk Fusions has evolved and grown over the years to include more options than the original video in emails and newsletters. Currently Talk Fusion also offers live meetings, and video chat, and they offer live training on their products.

Marketing has seen the future, and it is in engaging video content.