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Securus Advancing Communications Between Family and Convicted

Securus Technologies has created a communication service between the friends and family and those convicted of a wrongdoing and serving time for their misdeeds. The person in prison is paying for his crime by being taken out of society to pay for his crimes and to allow for the prisoner’s eventual reentry into society. The one ingredient which is often overlooked is the wear and tear on the fabric of friends and family of the person incarcerated. They suffer emotionally as well as financially because the brunt of visitation with the prisoner is their responsibility. Driving to a facility, which can be many miles distant where they must submit to the dehumanizing surrounding of the facility, including full body searches is necessary. Add the costs of fuel, lodging, and food and a single visit to someone in jail can amount to hundreds of dollars. Securus America saw a possibility for remote visitation in which monitored video and audio conversations could take place at a fraction of the cost of live visitation, and without the unpleasantries.

The only downside to this system is the costs. Some do not realize that this service is not only a televised phone call because these conversations must be, by necessity, monitored. In a recent PR Newswire covered Securus press release, the company leveled criticisms at Global Tel Link (GTL) for various wrongdoing and security breaches increasing the costs of the service. Securus has a long standing issue with GTL and claims excess charges of more than $1 million.
The most important considerations for incarcerations are lowering recidivism rates and protecting the public from the convicted person. But communication with attorneys, friends, and family should be continued in a progressive manner, and those who wish to remain in contact with the person behind bars need not subjected to expensive and humiliating experiences. It is the prisoner who must be punished not the family.

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Kyle Bass Does Not Help People Profit From Investments

Kyle Bass is one of the richest men in the investing world after he correctly predicted that the subprime market would collapse in 2008. However, he has not been able to get a win since then. He has been on TV and radio many times trying to show that he is on of the best investors in the world, but he has not proved a thing in that time. He has only shown that he is not capable of talking about the whole of an issue.

Someone who is trying to make the most of their investments might be listening to Kyle Bass for advice, and they will not be able to see that he is giving them advice that does not work for them. Kyle Bass might be able to invest in some of these ways because he has a lot of money, but a normal person cannot hire a lawyer to sue a drug company. These people cannot waste money on theories that are not proven, and they cannot afford to wait to get results.

Someone who looks pretty deep into what Kyle Bass says will find out that he has opinions that are only based in pat on fact. He might have one fact right, but that is not enough to make a move. He says that China might collapse, but he does not have enough information to go on. He is just saying that because it sounds good when he is on TV. The shows he goes on love that he gets them ratings, but no one could actually make money hoping that China will fall. The reality is that China should be just fine.

Analysts around the industry do not have a way of making people understand how they can invest because the waters are muddied by Kyle Bass. He has a lot of information that he can talk about, but it is really just a way for him to talk and be heard. He does not have a way for the normal person to make money, and he will never think of the common man when he speaks.  Original story can be found here:

Avoid using AirBnB

AirBnB is an extremely popular travel app. People around the country love using this app to book a place when they travel. Many homeowners use AirBnB as a way to gain income. This seems like a great idea, but it can open you up to unnecessary risk.

Many financial advisors and wealth management advisors strongly advise their clients not to put their homes on AirBnB. Allowing people to stay in your home for a fee actually exposes you to several risks. Many insurance companies do not cover damage caused by your temporary tenant, and also will not be protected from any illegal activity. AirBnB offers some insurance, but typically that insurance is inadequate to cover any liability costs or damages. Short-term guests are simply too big a risk to justify the small amount of money you will be making. When you agree to take in an AirBnB guest you are putting yourself, your family, and your personal wealth at risk. If you do decide to use AirBnB, please make sure that you are educated on the risks you are taking. To further protect your wealth, you should strongly consider consulting a wealth and investment manager. They can help you manage your wealth and leave a comfortable future for your children. One great wealth and investment manager is Richard Blair.

Richard Blair has worked in the wealth management field for many years, and he currently operates Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and they have a great reputation within the community. Blair is an expert at reviewing his client’s wealth and helping them go over their options. He is particularly adept at financial planning, so he can help your family get on the right track financially.

Many believe that managing wealth is easy when you are extremely wealthy, but it is actually quite difficult. Those with extreme wealth must make savvy investments to keep and grow their wealth. Blair is extremely skilled at working with extremely wealthy clients. He helps them plan for the estate tax while also protecting their assets. Currently, Blair is managing more than $55 million in assets. His clients are extremely satisfied with his help and support.

Wealth can be extremely fleeting if you do not make the right decisions. You must avoid putting your home at risk, so avoid apps like AirBnB. At the same time, you must strongly consider hiring a wealth management expert.

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Reviewing how Clients’ Grievances are Solved by White Shark Media

A number of firms tend to ignore customers’ complaints. It is unfortunate that such businesses have no idea about how they can improve by simply addressing these concerns. White Shark Media has been praised for its efforts in ensuring that all complaints raised by its clients are fully addressed.

Throughout the course of the firm’s existence, clients have been raising both positive and negative reviews about the firm. The reviews have helped the firm pinpoint weak areas, and also its strongholds.

Common Complains raised by Clients

Over the past few years, most clients have raised the red flag concerning the issue of losing touch with their AdWords campaigns. The frequency of similar complaints made the firm to realize that the reporting procedures that it has put in place were inadequate and could not fully cater for the diverse needs of clients.

Owners of small businesses were the most affected because it was difficult for them to review the firm’s report about the progress of their businesses. White Shark Media effectively solved the problem by making sure that its clients are well informed about the intricacies of their campaigns.  Learn more: and

In the past, there was also an issue of communication not being good enough. This was a major concern since White Shark Media’s operations mainly rely on smooth flow of communication.

This complaint was addressed amicably when the firm came up with the idea of scheduled monthly teleconferences. The firm organizes monthly status calls, which allows every client to review how his or her progress. This innovation has been acclaimed because it is cost-effective and highly pragmatic.

Previously, clients had incessantly complained about the issue of older campaigns being better-performing than newer campaigns. The firm took this issue seriously and came up with a raft of measures to iron out the problem.

Most notably, it made sure that such clients are linked up with experienced supervisors, who provide real-time feedback. Besides this, the supervisors themselves oversee the management of the new campaigns.

Clients who lacked an idea about tracking their AdWords performance were helped through the implementation of an in-house platform. This has made it possible for the firm to track the performance of each client’s campaigns.

This is done with the aim of optimizing each AdWords campaign. Such optimization ultimately leads to better performance. After recognizing that most clients make inquiries through the phone, White Shark media advanced a follow-up tool. This allows further correspondence to establish whether their concerns have been addressed.

Investment Through Solo Capital

Many investors know how much they can tolerate investing in the market. Now it is time for them to bring out a list of goals that they want to achieve in the short term as well as long term. These goals are easily reached with the help of a reliable finance firm like Solo Capital, founded by the investment guru Sanjay Shah.

When it comes to financial advice, Sanjay Shah is as good as he gets. Whether it is about reducing debt, setting up a budget or investment in stock market, Shah boils it all down to a series of practical steps to make all the seemingly complicated financial issues simple. His advice as an investment banker has reached thousands of people across the world and many have found the benefits as well.

In order to reach your financial goals it is essential that you earn as much as possible. At the same you need to avoid major drop in the value of your invested money especially when you are in need of that money. That is where advice from professionals at Solo Capital can help. Those advice will help you determine more specifically which investments you need to consider based on the goals on the list. The firm’s professionals will also show you how to find the best deal on them in the market as well as offer a wide range of strategies to grow your wealth and cut loses and taxes.

Solo Capital teaches a number of steps to overcome debt or grow money. It suggests to stick with your goals that are easily achievable. Choosing low risk investments for short term goals is the best thing to do when you are cash-strapped. Good old-fashioned bank deposits, mutual funds and bonds are some of the low risk investments to choose. Online or through Solo Capital you will find yields that are available nationally. If you are comfortable dealing with Solo Capital, call it directly and make sure to ask as much questions as possible regarding your investment. Be smart about choosing the right kind of investment and make certain they fulfill your goals. Keep in mind that it could be tougher to access your money if you are choosing long term investments. Also, while many investments are backed by some form of security, ensure what kind of investment you are getting into and read the fine print as well.


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FreedomPop Develops Ambitious Wi-Fi Plan

Imagine being able to use FreedomPop at a number of the top retail stores and fast food chains. Sounds good, but is this not already possible with data on the traditional service? Yes, but something new is arriving on the scene. FreedomPop Nationwide Wi-Fi is a new national network users in the United States can take advantage of for a mere $5 per month.

The Wi-Fi hotspot comes with unlimited service. Service refers to text, phone, and Wi-Fi. That means no matter where someone may be traveling, pulling into a certain fast food chain means mobile service can be connected without worry. Right now, the plan is to launch 10 million hotspot locations through the continental United States. That number is going to go up, way up. Eventually, 25 million locations can be tapped into for FreedomPop Wi-Fi access.

FreedomPop was launched with a very ambitious plan in mind. The company wanted to conquer the world of budget phone services. The way to do this was to sell deeply discounted phones and offer a totally free amount of talk, text, and data. The idea at work here was customers would be so thrilled at the great service, they would upgrade to another plan. Maybe they would buy a newer, more costly phone. In both the current territories in which full FreedomPop service is available (The United States and the United Kingdom) and enormous percentage of customers have upgraded to costlier service.

FreedomPop absolutely deserves credit for its hard work at coming up with new and original ideas to stand out amidst so many giants in the industry. The Los Angeles startup has recently raised $50 million to launch a series of new endeavors including a massive global hotspot. Roaming charges are absolutely not free. Mobile customers pay an enormous amount of money through roaming fees. A global hotspot connecting 31 and, possibly up to 40 countries, does end up annihilating all those roaming charges.

The U.S. version of the hotspot is detailed in a short article published in Android Central. Those wishing to cut their monthly budget should peruse the online report.

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Can Wen Conditioner Really Change Your Hair?

If you’ve been looking for a way to change the overall health of your hair, chances are you’ve heard of Wen products. These shampoos and conditioners are often featured in their own commercials, and a number of celebrities have endorsed the products. The Wen hair care line features natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils, and are free from the harsh chemicals that are common in many hair products. However, is that a guarantee that the shampoos and conditioners from Wen will work for you?

Luckily, Emily McClure from Bustle is here to make it easier for you to decide if you want to become a Wen customer. She tried the sephora endorsed Fig conditioner for a full week, and here’s what she found.

McClure says that even though a lot of conditioner is necessary to saturate all of your hair, it’s totally worth it, and you should start to feel a difference in your hair within minutes. Emily also shares that her hair was well moisturized and much less frizzy when she was using the conditioner. However, she does warn that your hair will probably be oily and may not hold a curl for a long time.

Emily’s friends noticed how healthy her hair was as well, even though she’d only be using the product a few days. Overall, she says WEN is great for giving volume to thin hair, and works well for women whose daily routine includes washing and styling their hair. Wen is available online on Ebay.

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Dojo Video Pilot for the Application

Technology has changed the way education is taught and learned in so many ways. Parents and teachers are now able to communicate with each other through an advanced application, and many are saying that the traditional parent and teacher meeting sessions are now a thing of the past.

ClassDojo is a startup based business that managed to close its last funding round in 2015 by raising $21,000,000. The app is a phenomenal tool that give parents direction and control for seeing their children do well outside of the home and in the classroom. Currently there are over 85,000 teachers around the country using the app. This accessibility provides a lot of user data that could be used for advancing education practices.

The ClassDojo app started out being a behavioral management application that turned into an education driven source of information. The founders of the app have also made the unique promise that their app data analysts never use key data to generate revenue for the company. Recently the ClassDojo communication platform teamed up with Stanford University to conduct the Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) study.

There are even reports that the app increases effective increased engagement in parent to teacher interactions. This makes lessons easier to understand for those students parents that comfortably message teachers’ questions from videos that they have watched. The PERTS study pilot video was launched and it has been reported that over 8,000 messages were sent between teacher and parents during the launch of the app.

The program in all is a series of videos that are all put together to give parents and teachers further understanding of the importance of the application. The first video is called A secret about the brain. In the second video the ClassDojo explains The magic of mistakes. Video 3 is called The power of “yet”. Video 4 talks about The mysterious world of neurons. The last video in the series is named Little by little.

Teachers also have chimed in and given positive feedback about the videos that are used as tools to start up the conversation between teachers and students. Students have come to appreciate the monster charters in the Class Dojo videos.


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Cure the Doxx

Trolls are everywhere on the internet. These people who love to hate behind a screen are now being creative with their troll like habits through something called “doxxing”; which is a word for some hater that digs up a victim’s personal information and posts it online. For obvious reasons, this can be very harmful to a potential victim in many ways; any creep out there can choose to physically stalk a person that has been ‘doxxed’ and a victim’s private life can be displayed for anyone to see, including employers.
Do not worry. Darius M. Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, which is an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm has some tips to combat ‘doxxing’. The company counsels politicians and public figures as well as over 1,500 clients in 35+ countries. He and the firm offers strategic advice to help previously spurned clients rebuild their tainted reputation online and to avoid harm in the future.
At the same time, Fisher also counsels companies and individuals on how to be successful, through keeping employees and employers coexisting happily together; so the guy understands his field and the skills necessary to survive in the professional and digital world.
In one of his recent discussions, he highlights a few ways to minimize potential harm done by trolls on the internet. First, remove your personal data from online; this means withdrawing your data from “data brokers” like Spokeo and Whitepages. You’ll have to consistently do this because they buy and sell your information continuously. Secondly, change your social media settings to private. Third, change your passwords on all your accounts at least four times a year. Four and five are intertwined. Google yourself to search for any posts that could display you in a bad light and delete them, but keep in mind to never post anything that could be harmful to you in the first place.
With the aid of these tips, the possibility of being ‘doxxed’ or spurned online will significantly decrease while the chances of building a quality online reputation will increase.

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Yeonmi Park Tells Her Story to the World

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who is one of the bravest young women through not only all that she has achieved, but by all that she has suffered in her short life. Ms. Park was born in 1993 to a working class family that held much respect in their community. Though they were a part of an oppressive regime, Ms. Park and her family enjoyed many more privileges than others in the country. It was not until the economic crash in the late 1990s that her family began to suffer and were forced into extreme poverty. As the provider for the family, Yeonmi’s father was forced to become involved in the black market where he sold and smuggled metals to China. As a result of this risky occupation, Ms. Park’s father was arrested and sentenced to a labor camp in North Korea.
All of these details of the life of Yeonmi, is in her newly published book called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. This book has already attracted millions of readers as the story is a true story of a relevant topic. The story goes on to describe her escape from the country with her mother and her father and their travels to China. During their travels, Ms. Yeonmi Park and her mother not encountered human trafficking, but also became a part of it as they were forced to sell their bodies. Eventually, Ms. Park and her mother made it to freedom with having to leave her father behind as a result of him becoming ill.

Yeonmi and her mother feel grateful every single day for the chance that they have been given to finally experience freedom. With their rare knowledge of North Korea, as NK News reports that there have been other defectors cross the border and find homes in the United States as well as South Korea. Yeonmi has written and spoken about her experiences on international media like News.AU ever since she settled down in South Korea in 2009. Though a young woman, Ms. Park has accomplished and has experienced much in her short life.

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