Yeonmi Park Tells Her Story to the World

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who is one of the bravest young women through not only all that she has achieved, but by all that she has suffered in her short life. Ms. Park was born in 1993 to a working class family that held much respect in their community. Though they were a part of an oppressive regime, Ms. Park and her family enjoyed many more privileges than others in the country. It was not until the economic crash in the late 1990s that her family began to suffer and were forced into extreme poverty. As the provider for the family, Yeonmi’s father was forced to become involved in the black market where he sold and smuggled metals to China. As a result of this risky occupation, Ms. Park’s father was arrested and sentenced to a labor camp in North Korea.
All of these details of the life of Yeonmi, is in her newly published book called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. This book has already attracted millions of readers as the story is a true story of a relevant topic. The story goes on to describe her escape from the country with her mother and her father and their travels to China. During their travels, Ms. Yeonmi Park and her mother not encountered human trafficking, but also became a part of it as they were forced to sell their bodies. Eventually, Ms. Park and her mother made it to freedom with having to leave her father behind as a result of him becoming ill.

Yeonmi and her mother feel grateful every single day for the chance that they have been given to finally experience freedom. With their rare knowledge of North Korea, as NK News reports that there have been other defectors cross the border and find homes in the United States as well as South Korea. Yeonmi has written and spoken about her experiences on international media like News.AU ever since she settled down in South Korea in 2009. Though a young woman, Ms. Park has accomplished and has experienced much in her short life.

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