Dojo Video Pilot for the Application

Technology has changed the way education is taught and learned in so many ways. Parents and teachers are now able to communicate with each other through an advanced application, and many are saying that the traditional parent and teacher meeting sessions are now a thing of the past.

ClassDojo is a startup based business that managed to close its last funding round in 2015 by raising $21,000,000. The app is a phenomenal tool that give parents direction and control for seeing their children do well outside of the home and in the classroom. Currently there are over 85,000 teachers around the country using the app. This accessibility provides a lot of user data that could be used for advancing education practices.

The ClassDojo app started out being a behavioral management application that turned into an education driven source of information. The founders of the app have also made the unique promise that their app data analysts never use key data to generate revenue for the company. Recently the ClassDojo communication platform teamed up with Stanford University to conduct the Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) study.

There are even reports that the app increases effective increased engagement in parent to teacher interactions. This makes lessons easier to understand for those students parents that comfortably message teachers’ questions from videos that they have watched. The PERTS study pilot video was launched and it has been reported that over 8,000 messages were sent between teacher and parents during the launch of the app.

The program in all is a series of videos that are all put together to give parents and teachers further understanding of the importance of the application. The first video is called A secret about the brain. In the second video the ClassDojo explains The magic of mistakes. Video 3 is called The power of “yet”. Video 4 talks about The mysterious world of neurons. The last video in the series is named Little by little.

Teachers also have chimed in and given positive feedback about the videos that are used as tools to start up the conversation between teachers and students. Students have come to appreciate the monster charters in the Class Dojo videos.


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