FreedomPop Develops Ambitious Wi-Fi Plan

Imagine being able to use FreedomPop at a number of the top retail stores and fast food chains. Sounds good, but is this not already possible with data on the traditional service? Yes, but something new is arriving on the scene. FreedomPop Nationwide Wi-Fi is a new national network users in the United States can take advantage of for a mere $5 per month.

The Wi-Fi hotspot comes with unlimited service. Service refers to text, phone, and Wi-Fi. That means no matter where someone may be traveling, pulling into a certain fast food chain means mobile service can be connected without worry. Right now, the plan is to launch 10 million hotspot locations through the continental United States. That number is going to go up, way up. Eventually, 25 million locations can be tapped into for FreedomPop Wi-Fi access.

FreedomPop was launched with a very ambitious plan in mind. The company wanted to conquer the world of budget phone services. The way to do this was to sell deeply discounted phones and offer a totally free amount of talk, text, and data. The idea at work here was customers would be so thrilled at the great service, they would upgrade to another plan. Maybe they would buy a newer, more costly phone. In both the current territories in which full FreedomPop service is available (The United States and the United Kingdom) and enormous percentage of customers have upgraded to costlier service.

FreedomPop absolutely deserves credit for its hard work at coming up with new and original ideas to stand out amidst so many giants in the industry. The Los Angeles startup has recently raised $50 million to launch a series of new endeavors including a massive global hotspot. Roaming charges are absolutely not free. Mobile customers pay an enormous amount of money through roaming fees. A global hotspot connecting 31 and, possibly up to 40 countries, does end up annihilating all those roaming charges.

The U.S. version of the hotspot is detailed in a short article published in Android Central. Those wishing to cut their monthly budget should peruse the online report.

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