Drive Down Negative Search Results With Online Reputation Management

Negative comments, remarks, and images can be detrimental to an individual or a business’s online image. It can drive customers away, it can raise a potential employer’s concern if you’re looking for a job. It can be a nightmare. Sticking your head in the sand and hoping somehow the negative comments will disappear somehow is nonsense. You have to take a proactive approach to driving negative articles down in search engine results. Learn more:
Here are effective methods to bury negative articles:

Develop A Social Media Profile
Develop a profile on most of the major social media sites that you can feasibly provide content to on a daily or weekly basis. Social media sites that have active participation will rank high in search engine results. Just opening a profile on a social media site and having sit empty will not help your cause. Consider the more sites to start with; Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Create A Blog
Probably the easiest of all the suggestions, writing for a blog on a daily basis will drive down negative comments. Writing good content, using good keywords and linking to your other websites will take those negative results far from view. Consider using Word Press, Blogger or another reputable blogging platform for creating positive content. Don’t expect results overnight, but being a daily blog will generate the results you are seeking.

Stop All Linking To The Negative Material
Review your portfolio of sites you own and remove all links that may take individuals to the negative content that you’re trying to bury. If you fail to do this, your efforts to bury such content are in vain. By linking to the negative content, Google search interprets the link as a valid site and will continue to list it in search results.

Generate A Media Coverage Page
A business affected by negative press, comments or images should consider generating a “Media Coverage” or Press Page to highlight positive comments, references or public praise of the corporate brand. Creating this stimulates curiosity and most importantly, positive content for the brand and drives down any negative content and seek testimonials from customers.

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