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Get Outstanding Lip Care From Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm

Nowadays, there is a great deal of emphasis upon protection, especially when it comes our health. Many people use various products to protect parts of the body every day. From sunscreen to foot powder, there is a wide array of different products for every part of the body.
For many, protection of the lips and is just as important as anything else on the body. This is why lip balm has become a very popular item over the years. As a protection from dry and cracked lips, lip balm is a fantastic product to use to preserve the appeal and health of one’s lips.

Of course, some lip balms are better than others. One of the more popular balms available on the market now, Evolution of Smooth, is taking the health and beauty world by storm.

It’s making its way through the different circles of fashion, and is quickly becoming a favorite of not only high end users, but ordinary people looking to protect their lips from dehydration or UV damage.

Evolution of Smooth contains a variety of different ingredients such as nutrients to help protect lips from external damage. Also included in the product are various antioxidants to prevent aging, as well as Vitamin E to help preserve lips and condition them.

Individuals who are looking to preserve the natural radiance of the lips should look into Evolution of Smooth. It is one of the best products on the market available for outstanding lip care.

You can find Evolution of Smooth at many retailers, including Target stores or online on Ulta. You can also read more online about the product at the EOS Facebook page.


Securus Technologies Releases the Inmate Forms and Grievance Software to Simplify Application Processes in Correctional Facilities.

Securus Technology is one of the top providers of inmate communication services in North America. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and its products and services benefit about 1.2 million prisoners in 3450 correctional facilities. The solutions of Securus Technologies include biometric examination, communication, controlling information, self-service for inmates, supervising goods and services, emergency response, informing the public, and investigation. They all have an aim of connecting people and ensuring safety.

The company recently revealed its plans to launch new software called the Inmate Forms and Grievance program, which will be hosted on the ConnectUS platform. According to Russell Roberts, who is the vice president of the company’s marketing and strategy unit, Securus has dedicated itself to be consistently offering the latest technology to its clients. The Inmate Forms and Grievance software shows how the firm is a dependable provider of state-of-the-art technology.

Paper forms are commonly used in many U.S correctional institutions for filing complaints, signing up, and making medical requests. The staff at the facilities wastes a lot of time in issuing this papers and collecting information from them. The new application makes it possible for the correctional facility officers to create personalized forms for various requests that are made by the inmates. The forms are digital, and they do not involve any printing. They can, therefore, be easily modified.

The officers serving various law enforcement institutions can now save a lot of time since the Inmate Forms and Grievance program handles about 13.8 applications from each prisoner every month. The program is also favorable to the prisoners since they can conveniently check the whether their requests have been processed or denied. Kankakee County’s Chief Kolitwenzew confirmed that the implementation process of the forms was simple in his region since most of the staff like its convenience.

Factors to Consider when Renting Your House on Airbnb

Many individuals in the world consider renting their house or part of it to Airbnb as a quick and effective way of making money. This type of business can make home owners acquire the funds they need to pay for the property and meet some other expenses in the home. The travelers are hosted for just a period of time, and they pay the home owners a good amount of money.

In the recent past, some incidences in this type of business have clearly shown that there can be some serious problems. These travelers are just temporary renters, and they can damage the house, and the insurance used by the home owners might not cover these damages. When these incidences happen, the home owners are left with financial and legal problems they had not anticipated in the first place. Some of the damages caused by the temporary renters might end up costing the amateur hoteliers more money that what they make from renting the property.

If you are thinking about renting your house or part of it on Airbnb or any other
organization, there are some issues you must consider. Here are some of them:
Insurance coverage: most of the short term rentals are not covered by the insurance policy used by the home owners. This means that the home owner is responsible and also liable for the expenses brought by the guests.

Risks: when you have tenants in your house, there are various risks you are exposed to. The moment you take in guests in your house, you will be liable for the injuries they might get, the damages they can cause your property or that of your neighbor, illegal activities, theft and lawsuits that can be caused by actions committed by the guests. In some cases, the tenants refuse to pay the home owners.

Protection: Airbnb and the rest of the organization in this industry offer secondary protection to the homeowners. These organizations do not offer any help until the homeowners have exhausted all their resources.

After getting these issues in to consideration, the home owner can then decide to take the short term guests in. when you have made your decision, it is vital to speak to qualified professionals such as investment managers such as Richard Blair.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, and he has experience to help home owners with the right options when making such a decision. Richard Blair has worked in the industry for over twenty two years, meaning that he has all the experience needed.

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ClassDojo Partners With PERTS To Bring Growth Mindset In The Classroom

ClassDojo allows teachers to manage student’s behavior through awarding positive points and facilitating their skills. ClassDojo has evolved into a communication platform widely used by teachers to share photos, videos and text messages with parents on the daily happenings in the classroom. Today, ClassDojo has become an essential tool for more than half of all the U.S. schools and many teachers in 180 other countries.



Many teachers in the U.S. have benefited from the compelling research on the power of growth mindset and its ability to change the perception of students. A study by Carol Dweck, Stanford psychology professor, discovered that when kids understand that their abilities can be developed, they positively approach learning as a challenge they want to embrace. The research was a success to the teachers who have always wanted to approach learners in that type of environment. However, it is still a challenge to many teachers, and most of them will struggle to weave growth mindset into their daily work.



ClassDojo is teaming up with PERTS to provide resources for teaching growth mindset. The partnership will enable ClassDojo to produce a series of animated videos about this form of behavior development featuring the ClassDojo characters many students already know.



PERTS executive director Dave Paunesku expressed his excitement on the ClassDojo’s commitment to reach many teachers to embrace the growth mindset. As Paunesku described, the scope of the study goes beyond the videos used by ClassDojo. It was also a way of knowing what teachers do on a day to day basis. For instance, the study will reveal how teachers work every day and determine the strategies that work and those that don’t to improve the value of growth mindset to the students.



The impact of the videos will be the primary focus of the study because ClassDojo can track engagement with the tools and videos. The role of PERTS will be to gather new insights on the impact of growth mindset messages on the student engagement levels. The videos are first “Big Ideas” series by ClassDojo to bring research in the classroom. Growth mindset was popularized in the recent years by Carol Dweck who believe students’ intelligence and abilities can be developed over time. According to one of the ClassDojo’s co-founders, the new project was generated out of the classroom observations.


Brian Bonar Expands His Business Sphere

As he continues working diligently on many diverse ventures, financial specialist and investor Brian Bonar recently expanded his efforts to result in the opening of a San Diego restaurant.

Brian Bonar started with a bistro, Bellamy’s, and began his refurbishing efforts, which included hiring a staff that would provide a high quality of food combined with a superior setting.

For example, he hired Patrick Ponsaty, a well regarded chef recognized as Master Chef of France. Bonar plans to expand the restaurant through the 144-acre property to construct a four star event space.

According to Spokeo, Before the restaurant, Bonar’s admired and thriving finance skills took in nearly thirty years of expert management knowledge in the financial segment. He holds a MBA and PhD and is also an American Finance Association affiliate.

He was named Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge Who’s Who, which limits its annual selection specifically to two male and two female members in areas such as health care, law and finance.

Brian Bonar is chairman, president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer and secretary at Trucept since 2010 as well as chairman and chief executive of Dalrada Financial Services.

At Trucept Bonar assists small and medium companies by carrying out everyday jobs for them as well as supporting them in human resources and employee benefits administration. Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

In his position with Dalrada Financial, Bonar works with the company’s financial services and marketing while continuing to guide and show the way for the sales and management strategy.

He previously founded American Management Services and was employed as vice president sales and marketing at itec Imaging Technologies. In addition, he founded Bezier Systems and was sales manager at Adaptec. Early in his career he was employed by IBM U.K.

His diverse blend of expertise and skills include mergers and acquisitions and utilizing that expertise in site building design and design development.

Bonar has been a member of the board of directors for American Marine LLC, Alliance National Insurance Company and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater San Diego. His personal interests include spending time with his family, playing golf and boating.

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The Importance Of Assistance With Online Reputation

A lot of business owners and public figures don’t have that much time to look over their reputation because of all of the different tasks they have to do. For one thing, many business owners lead a busy life, which is why they have to higher help for various aspects of business. Among the different aspects of business that they have to take care of is online reputation management. This is something that should be always thought about because without online reputation management, the person sets himself up for a lot of problems. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to wait until there is a scandal to focus on their reputation.

According to Online Reputation Reviews, when it comes to online reputation, a proactive approach is so much better. When the business owner is proactive, he can actually prevent any problems that could result from a bad review. Also, any bad reviews that come could be addressed right away before it deals a harsh blow to the reputation of the business. This is why it is important for professionals to be available to monitor the online reputation of the company. This also encourages the business owner to be vigilant. This also gives the business the wisdom to move forward with the content that is to be posted on websites as well as social media.

Online reputation management is something that business owners should be thinking about almost as early as when they first launch their business. When business owners are able to manage their online reputation successfully, they will manage to maximize and maintain the success of their company. They will continue to grow and not have to worry about any setbacks. A highly effective online reputation management plan involves a combination of social networking, search engine optimization, PR, and plenty of other methods. It would definitely help to hire professionals that are skilled in each of these areas.


Risks Involved with Airbnb

Airbnb is a new way to look at traveling. Rather than staying in a hotel, airbnb offers a new options to not only stay in a fully furnished home, but to also meet some of the locals while trying some of the local activities. Airbnb not only offers a comfortable place to live, but also offers a new experience in culture. Airbnb also offers individuals with larger homes new ways to make money. For a short period of time, all home owners need to do is host a few travelers for a couple of days to earn extra cash. Though this may seem like a great option, there are some risks involved that require much thought of things to consider when renting out a home. Original source:

Here is a list of things to consider.

1.) Risk

There is always a risk that not only damage could take place on the property, but also illegal activities could occur. With this in mind, often enough tenants sometimes refuse to pay for lawsuits or property damage that takes place.

2.) Insurance coverage

The damages that can be incurred on behalf of tenants may not be included in the insurance of the house. This means that the homeowner is personally liable for the damages that occur.

3.) Protection

To avoid these issues, household protection is the next step to take. For those that want to continue to have short-term guests, it is recommended to discuss this with a financial advisor. One of the most recommended individuals to discuss this with is Richard Blair, an investment manager at Wealth Solutions, Inc.

For individuals who are looking for financial planning that is affordable and high quality, Richard Blair is the professional to seek out. Mr. Blair not only draws a picture of the client’s finances, but also draws up a future plan to create a diverse portfolio that will keep the finances secure and growing over time.

Richard Blair especially offers expert advice to individuals who wish to host short-term travelers. Mr. Blair understands the risks involved and suggests precautions be taken before letting travelers into the home. As there is always a risk of property damage, illegal activity, as well as lawsuits, Mr. Blair works hard to make sure that the financial situation of every homeowner is stable. With the latest technology and the best services available, Wealth Solutions is the financial advisory to choose from.

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George Soros- His Take on the New Ukraine

Soros starts by pointing out the recent history of Ukraine. It is marked by the culmination of what was terrifying violence in Ukraine, surprisingly having a positive outcome. Different from what rational thinking would dictate, a group of citizens armed with nothing more than sticks and crude shields overwhelmed a police force that was firing at them using live ammunition.

This, according to George Soros, ranks among historical moments that will leave a lasting imprint on the collective memory of a society. True, many casualties were seen, but ultimately it was the citizens who prevailed through their unity of purpose.

However, today, through treating the new Ukraine like a 2nd second-class, Europe stands in danger of turning the new country back into the old Ukraine.

Why the Ukraine Momentum Needs to be Sustained

Whether that newly found Ukrainian unity will endure will largely be dependent on the way Europe responds. The people of Ukraine have shown their allegiance to the European Union and George is hopeful that that Europe under the leadership of Germany rises to the occasion.

Today, according to Soros, what Ukraine needs is an equivalent of a modern-day Marshall Plan, through which the reconstruction of Europe was massively supported by the United States. Germany should now step in and do for Ukraine what the US did for Europe then.

Losing Ukraine would be a fatal European mistake as the new nation is among the most valuable assets under the control of Europe both in terms of resisting aggression from Russia and very importantly, for recapturing the solidarity spirit that was the hallmark of the European Union in previous years. Every effort ought to be directed towards not only preserving Ukraine but also in ensuring its success.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Soros on Sanctions Imposed on Russia

George Soros believes that the sanctions imposed by the US and Europe on Russia for its Ukrainian intervention have inflicted more damage on the Russian economy and worked much faster than anybody was expecting. According to Soros, although sanctions on Russian can only be described as a necessary evil, in the end, they are necessary as neither the US nor the EU is willing to risk a military conflict with Russia.

Soros hopes that the troubles Russia is experiencing and the progress being seen in Ukraine would persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to rethink his course of action in terms of trying to destabilize Ukraine.

The Stakes in Assisting Ukraine

If the financial assistance from Europe is generous, a prosperous and stable Ukraine is going to offer the best example that clearly points to the fact that the financial troubles facing Russia lies squarely with Mr. Putin. The public in Russia might then compel Putin to emulate what is happening in the new Ukraine.

The reward for Europe would be a new Europe that seriously needs to recognize and wake up to the fact that it is coming under attack from PutinÕs Russia. The bottom line is, therefore, helping the Ukrainian nation ought to be viewed as a defense expenditure being implemented by the member states of the EU countries. That is how high the stakes are.

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