ClassDojo Partners With PERTS To Bring Growth Mindset In The Classroom

ClassDojo allows teachers to manage student’s behavior through awarding positive points and facilitating their skills. ClassDojo has evolved into a communication platform widely used by teachers to share photos, videos and text messages with parents on the daily happenings in the classroom. Today, ClassDojo has become an essential tool for more than half of all the U.S. schools and many teachers in 180 other countries.



Many teachers in the U.S. have benefited from the compelling research on the power of growth mindset and its ability to change the perception of students. A study by Carol Dweck, Stanford psychology professor, discovered that when kids understand that their abilities can be developed, they positively approach learning as a challenge they want to embrace. The research was a success to the teachers who have always wanted to approach learners in that type of environment. However, it is still a challenge to many teachers, and most of them will struggle to weave growth mindset into their daily work.



ClassDojo is teaming up with PERTS to provide resources for teaching growth mindset. The partnership will enable ClassDojo to produce a series of animated videos about this form of behavior development featuring the ClassDojo characters many students already know.



PERTS executive director Dave Paunesku expressed his excitement on the ClassDojo’s commitment to reach many teachers to embrace the growth mindset. As Paunesku described, the scope of the study goes beyond the videos used by ClassDojo. It was also a way of knowing what teachers do on a day to day basis. For instance, the study will reveal how teachers work every day and determine the strategies that work and those that don’t to improve the value of growth mindset to the students.



The impact of the videos will be the primary focus of the study because ClassDojo can track engagement with the tools and videos. The role of PERTS will be to gather new insights on the impact of growth mindset messages on the student engagement levels. The videos are first “Big Ideas” series by ClassDojo to bring research in the classroom. Growth mindset was popularized in the recent years by Carol Dweck who believe students’ intelligence and abilities can be developed over time. According to one of the ClassDojo’s co-founders, the new project was generated out of the classroom observations.