Securus Technologies Releases the Inmate Forms and Grievance Software to Simplify Application Processes in Correctional Facilities.

Securus Technology is one of the top providers of inmate communication services in North America. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and its products and services benefit about 1.2 million prisoners in 3450 correctional facilities. The solutions of Securus Technologies include biometric examination, communication, controlling information, self-service for inmates, supervising goods and services, emergency response, informing the public, and investigation. They all have an aim of connecting people and ensuring safety.

The company recently revealed its plans to launch new software called the Inmate Forms and Grievance program, which will be hosted on the ConnectUS platform. According to Russell Roberts, who is the vice president of the company’s marketing and strategy unit, Securus has dedicated itself to be consistently offering the latest technology to its clients. The Inmate Forms and Grievance software shows how the firm is a dependable provider of state-of-the-art technology.

Paper forms are commonly used in many U.S correctional institutions for filing complaints, signing up, and making medical requests. The staff at the facilities wastes a lot of time in issuing this papers and collecting information from them. The new application makes it possible for the correctional facility officers to create personalized forms for various requests that are made by the inmates. The forms are digital, and they do not involve any printing. They can, therefore, be easily modified.

The officers serving various law enforcement institutions can now save a lot of time since the Inmate Forms and Grievance program handles about 13.8 applications from each prisoner every month. The program is also favorable to the prisoners since they can conveniently check the whether their requests have been processed or denied. Kankakee County’s Chief Kolitwenzew confirmed that the implementation process of the forms was simple in his region since most of the staff like its convenience.