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Earlier in life, I played some level of football for approximately 15 years. I was a good player, and I knew a lot about the game. Afterward, I coached football for many years at a very high level. Because of this, I understand much more about the game of football than most people. I capitalize on this knowledge by betting on games. I place no morality in my betting because I am a grown person in a free country, and I should be able to take my own risks. Particularly, because I’ve spent my life minimizing these risks by taking part in the game personally. There are many idiosyncrasies involved in the game that I can tell with a glance that most people cannot envision until it is revealed during the game, and I feel that I should benefit from my knowledge monetarily.


My area of expertise is college football. I choose to bet on that level of football for many reasons. My main reason is because when I played college football I came to understand that most players sacrifice a lot play the game and will never be paid for their efforts. Even if those efforts are revolutionary, the evolutionary student will not receive any benefit. This would not be an issue if the billions of dollars generated went to a worthy cause, but instead, they go to an organization as if this organization is a business. The only people that do not get paid within this process are the players.


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