Love Snapchat? Wengie Has Some Halloween Costumes for You!


It seems that nobody can go on social media without witnessing endless photos utilizing the endless filters offered by the Snapchat app. Sure, it gets fairly annoying to witness the lack of creativity, but what better way to cope than by paying homage to these obnoxious filters than with some creative Wengie costume ideas? The blogger created the most simple costumes that will get your squad involved in the silliest, most recognizable way possible.


Coachella, Dude


If you are a female that has Snapchat, you must admit that you have used this filter. Before this filter even came to be, floral headbands were popular, so you might have one laying around. If not, they are easily attainable. Simply jazz up a white floral one with green leaves and a few other colorful blossoms, use a bright foundation, and apply a light pink, cream blush to be festival ready in the dead of autumn.


Be the Coolest Nerd Possible


This is the easiest filter to replicate as it involves putting tape around thick, black glasses and doing your makeup as usual. For an added effect, Wengie put cotton balls in her cheeks to puff them out in the cutest way possible.


Woof Woof


Surely you can purchase dog ears to really speed up the process of making this filter, but Wengie always makes everything for herself. After applying brown and black to her face to replicate that of a dog’s, she made a giant tongue out of felt that she attached to a stick to use for any pictures.


Oh, Deer


Another animal Snapchat filter is the sweet, innocent deer. Wengie used orange makeup to make her face resemble the coloring of a deer, accented the orange with white spots, and attached animal ears to her head. Naturally, Wengie looked better than the actual filter, but nobody was really surprised by that.


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