Classdojo Is Great for Everyone


Classdojo is an app that was designed to help students have a better experience in the classroom, no matter what class they are in. It is an app that everyone can use and it is easy for students, teachers and parents to begin using the app. It has a simple setup process and it is comfortable for even students who are very young to be able to use and to benefit from. The app is designed for a more positive classroom experience and it has been able to help teachers in two out of three classrooms across the country be able to provide that to their students.


Students are proven to do better when they are rewarded for the positive things that they do. It is important that the people who are encouraging the students are doing so in a way that makes sense for the students. Classdojo uses an experience that mirrors the child and allows them to feel like the app is an extension of themselves. The rewards that students earn in the Classdojo app can be transferred for prizes and rewards in real life in the classroom setting so that they can do better with the things that go on in the classroom.


When it comes to teachers, they sometimes have a hard time making sure that they are doing the right thing for their students. Class dojo takes that uncertainty away from the teachers and allows them to feel confident with the way that they are rewarding their children. Teachers know that they can do better in their classrooms and this allows them to make sure that they are doing the best. By giving students rewards in the Classdojo app, they are encouraging the students to make better decisions in the classroom setting outside of the app.


Even parents are included into Classdojo. They can see where their student is during the day and what he or she has done. They can see the positive rewards that students have earned and this is something that has allowed the students to make better decisions. Knowing that their child is doing well in the classroom gives parents a chance to feel like they are important in the educational process. There are many ways in which the Classdojo app allows parents to feel like they are a part of their student’s day and that they have open communication with the classroom.