Town Residential is Expanding Again

The real estate market in New York City can be complicated. It is one of the largest cities in the world and each neighborhood is unique and diverse from the next. For the untrained person, trying to find the right place to live in a city like New York City can be frustrating and seem hopeless. With the help of Town Residential, the task will be an enjoyable one.

Town Residential has been in business for about five years now. They are a luxury real estate firm and have already established themselves as a top contender. Andrew Heiberger, the founder and CEO, started his firm with a strong vision for what he wanted the real estate experience to be. He brought on experienced and knowledgeable people to help him realize that vision.

Even though Town Residential has been in business only a handful of years, they are expanding quickly. They are already opening their 10th office in New York City. This office will be opening the meat-packing district of Manhattan. The location is what drew Town Residential to this area. The location is in the middle of many neighborhoods and will allow for easy access to the real estate and the clients nearby.

The office itself will be on the second floor. The space is 7100 sq ft and all of that space will be utilized to its full potential. There will be a private roof deck for meeting with clients or just relaxing. There will be spaces from brokers to come and work on deals with customers. The design of the new office will have both employees and clients in mind.

Also moving to the meat-packing district with Town Residential will be Thomas & Ingram. They are a brokerage firm and will partner with Town Residential. Being close to each other in the same neighborhood will allow for quicker access to clients and to get more deals done and signed.

Town Residential has been moving quickly to establish themselves as the best real estate firm in the city. They have only been around for a short while but they are not letting that hinder their progress. They are moving up and doing it in a big way. Opening a 10th location in the meat-packing district of Manhattan is just one of many ways for Town Residential be available to all of their clients and find them the best properties.