I Truly Live A Magnises Lifestyle On A Regular Basis

I’ve lived in New York City for over a year and have been a Magnises member for almost the same amount of time. I came to New York City on a work program, but I quickly got hired for an amazing job that paid me more than enough money to have a good living. Because I like to be generous with my money, I had no problem paying for a Magnises membership, which only cost me $250 but has paid for itself many times over. In one month alone, I went out enough times to get freebies that covered the $250 membership fee.

I love going out to nightclubs, especially since I rarely have to wait in line and can get into the Magnises VIP section a lot easier with my membership. I even went into a nightclub one Saturday with 15 of my friends, and we all got to sit in the VIP section and had bottle service that was out of this world. With several free bottles of alcohol that came to our table, we had one helluva night and enjoyed it so much that we went back again to the same place a couple weeks later.

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Having a Magnises membership has done so much for me that I plan to renew it. I have a gym membership that entitles me to a private trainer, which helped me to trim off 20 pounds. My private trainer is courtesy of my Magnises membership, and what’s even better is that I can get a private driver as well when I need one because of my Magnises membership. It’s very rare that I have downtime because there is so much I can do in the city.

When I do have some free time, I’m always on my smartphone looking through the Magnises Concierge application because it gives me some great suggestions on what to do and where I should go in town. I’ve learned about some parties that I had no idea about because of the application, and I even make my reservations through the app as well. I love when the concierge replies to me by name because it makes me feel special and like it’s personalized just for me. I’m such a good salesman for Magnises because I’ve gotten ten of my friends to sign up for membership.

All of my friends love the Magnises membership too. One of the best things about being a Magnises member is the fact that I have access to their clubhouse, which comes in handy when I feel like getting away from my apartment and just hanging out by myself. I’ve met some of the coolest people at the clubhouse, and the same thing happens when I go to any of the Magnises parties that they throw. Magnises certainly has some amazing members that all have something important to share with one another, so I’ve learned a lot from Magnises members that can help my business and my lifestyle in general.

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