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Jason Hope Talks About The Future Of The Working Class In Tech-Driven America

Jason Hope, the Arizona internet entrepreneur famous for founding Jawa, has recently been moonlighting as a blogger and writer for a number of prominent tech outlets. One of the themes he has been touching on is the role that the government will play in the lives of displaced workers.

Jason Hope sees this as becoming an increasingly pressing concern as more and more workers are displaced. Many of these workers, Hope opines, will be able to be retrained and put into more productive roles. However, Hope is realistic about the bottom third or so of the workforce. He states that many of these workers will not be retrainable and will have to be taken care of through various welfare programs.


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One example that Hope points to is the looming obsolescence of jobs in the unskilled trades. These were once rites of passage for American youth. Hope feels that they will soon be relics for museums.

Two of the largest employers of the unskilled today are fast food and the various driving trades. These include jobs such as food preparation, truck drivers and taxi drivers. Hope sees all of these jobs becoming more or less obsolete by the year 2025.

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This will create unprecedented levels of official unemployment. Hope believes that the productivity gains from the new technologies will more than compensate for the increased need of government welfare programs to feed and house these permanently displaced workers. Hope cautions, however, that we need an enlightened power elite that understands these problems in order to make such a society viable.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Offers More Service to Customers Giving Them Priority in The Marketplace

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 as a regional title company that served its local area well. Today it is one of the most prominent document sourcing companies in the United States, and it enjoys a spotless reputation in the industry. The company is located in Palm Harbor, Florida and currently employs over 570 employees.


Nationwide is the wholesaler of choice for eight out of the top ten retail mortgage companies in the country. This fact speaks loudly for the reputation of Nationwide because these companies tolerate no errors or mistaken documents.


The mortgage business is a very competitive and stressful business because when a closing is scheduled for a buyer, it is expected that the necessary documents that signify lien clearance, title verifications and similar documents be available in their final form. That is exactly what Nationwide provides.


Nationwide has the capability to reach into every county and jurisdiction in the United States where the appropriate documents are stored. When one of Nationwide’s clients needs accurate documentation, it is up to companies like nationwide to provide the information promptly with a high degree of accuracy.


The name of the game is fast delivery with great accuracy, and that is the strength of the Nationwide brand. Currently, Nationwide has a reject rate of only .78% and a compliance rate of 99.89%. That means that the speed and accuracy percentages are nearly 100% in all cases.


Much of the credit is due to the excellent training and performance that is given by the company in the hiring and abilities of the Nationwide employees. New employees receive an intensive three-week training period where they are exposed to every facet of what they will be doing. Then when they go to work, they are shadowed by supervisors until they master the phase in which they are involved.


Employees have an additional 150 educational and instructional modules that can be accessed at any time which is available at the discretion of the employee. Advancement in the company requires that the additional modules be taken, depending upon the career track taken by the employee.


Nationwide is a good place to work as evidenced by the fact that for the past five out of six years, Nationwide has been voted as being included in the top 100 best places to work as recognized by the Tampa Bay Times. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has been recognized as an Inc. 5,000 company for the past four years since 2012.

Securus Technologies – Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies And Prisoners With Advanced Technology

Securus Technologies is a premier technology firm dealing in prison telecommunications and criminal safety technologies. The company has over 600 patents in its name and over the past decade has spent billions in research and development of new products and services that would make prisons smart, safer and more efficient. The company is based in Dallas and has branch offices in Allen, TX and Atlanta, Georgia. The company is headed by its CEO, Rick Smith who has experience of close to three decades in technology.


Securus Technologies recently bagged the Gold Stevie Awards in 2017 for excellent sales and customer service, competing with close to other 2,600 companies. It is one of the most remarkable achievements in the corporate sector achieved by Securus Technologies, which goes on to showcase the commitment of the firm towards it customers. Securus Technologies has a system in place to ensure all clients get proper, attentive and timely service. There is a separate customer service department that deals with all the inquiries of the customers.


Securus Technologies, starting from its inception till now, has served over a million customers and its products and services reach out to over 120,000 prisoners in North America alone. The benchmark products and services created, innovated and developed by the company has helped prisoners stay in active touch with their families and have a sound knowledge of the outside world. It is the key element to reducing stress from the lives of the inmates and also decreases the psychological stress they are going through.


I feel that the technology should help the inmates lead a better life while addressing the issues they are dealing with and Securus Technologies helps achieve that efficiently. The company is dedicated to bringing new products and services and having used that myself; I sincerely am excited for the many new projects that company has in its pipeline.