Securus Technologies – Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies And Prisoners With Advanced Technology

Securus Technologies is a premier technology firm dealing in prison telecommunications and criminal safety technologies. The company has over 600 patents in its name and over the past decade has spent billions in research and development of new products and services that would make prisons smart, safer and more efficient. The company is based in Dallas and has branch offices in Allen, TX and Atlanta, Georgia. The company is headed by its CEO, Rick Smith who has experience of close to three decades in technology.


Securus Technologies recently bagged the Gold Stevie Awards in 2017 for excellent sales and customer service, competing with close to other 2,600 companies. It is one of the most remarkable achievements in the corporate sector achieved by Securus Technologies, which goes on to showcase the commitment of the firm towards it customers. Securus Technologies has a system in place to ensure all clients get proper, attentive and timely service. There is a separate customer service department that deals with all the inquiries of the customers.


Securus Technologies, starting from its inception till now, has served over a million customers and its products and services reach out to over 120,000 prisoners in North America alone. The benchmark products and services created, innovated and developed by the company has helped prisoners stay in active touch with their families and have a sound knowledge of the outside world. It is the key element to reducing stress from the lives of the inmates and also decreases the psychological stress they are going through.


I feel that the technology should help the inmates lead a better life while addressing the issues they are dealing with and Securus Technologies helps achieve that efficiently. The company is dedicated to bringing new products and services and having used that myself; I sincerely am excited for the many new projects that company has in its pipeline.