Jason Hope Talks About The Future Of The Working Class In Tech-Driven America

Jason Hope, the Arizona internet entrepreneur famous for founding Jawa, has recently been moonlighting as a blogger and writer for a number of prominent tech outlets. One of the themes he has been touching on is the role that the government will play in the lives of displaced workers.

Jason Hope sees this as becoming an increasingly pressing concern as more and more workers are displaced. Many of these workers, Hope opines, will be able to be retrained and put into more productive roles. However, Hope is realistic about the bottom third or so of the workforce. He states that many of these workers will not be retrainable and will have to be taken care of through various welfare programs.

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The strict limits of cognition
One example that Hope points to is the looming obsolescence of jobs in the unskilled trades. These were once rites of passage for American youth. Hope feels that they will soon be relics for museums.

Two of the largest employers of the unskilled today are fast food and the various driving trades. These include jobs such as food preparation, truck drivers and taxi drivers. Hope sees all of these jobs becoming more or less obsolete by the year 2025.

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This will create unprecedented levels of official unemployment. Hope believes that the productivity gains from the new technologies will more than compensate for the increased need of government welfare programs to feed and house these permanently displaced workers. Hope cautions, however, that we need an enlightened power elite that understands these problems in order to make such a society viable.

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