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I Was Hacked, But This Application Saved Me

There are few cyber security applications that are as powerful as Rubica, which is the the world’s newest innovation in the marketplace. In today’s world, many of us understand that cyber security is extremely important to protecting hacks against personal/financial data, intellectual property, and money. Yet most of us do not take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves from embezzlement, fraud, and loss of productivity. After I was hacked yesterday, I decided to educate myself on cyber security.


The moment after I was hacked I didn’t know the steps to take to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future. I was fortunate to find Rubica after searching the web for solutions. An article released by Investing News encourages people to consider cyber security options since the amount of hacks has increased since 2013 (YahooNews). The more recent WannaCry attacks in May 2017 have placed most consumers on edge. Rubica pledges to keep your personal information safe by operating discretely in the background of an operating system. When Rubica detects a problem, the application will quickly alert you to take action. I can’t wait to use this application. I was hacked but that doesn’t mean I can’t protect myself from future cyber attacks.

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Rubica, Defese Against Ransomware and Other Attacks

With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s important everyone protects themselves. With billions lost each year and on the rise, businesses, individuals and corporations must take every security precaution possible to protect against ransomware, malware and other types of attacks. The cost of cybersecurity threats is expected to rise into the trillions by the next decade. (YahooNews). The Clinton e-mail scandal and the Wannacry outbreak in the last year are perfect examples of the types of threats that are possible. Taking a proactive stance on cybersecurity will protect all against the threat of ransomware and other very real threats.


There’s good news for those who would like protection, companies like Rubica offer active monitoring through US based operations. Their team of dedicated professionals not only protects your equipment, but monitors the web for other threats. Even a popular website creation and blogging software has recently shown deficiencies in their security. Fortunately, Rubica provides affordable and dependable defense.


The Rubica website also gives information on ransomware and other attacks that have taken place. It’s a great place to brush up on cybersecurity. Their website can also get you started on protecting your equipment.

How Bob Reina Came Up With The Idea Of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is both the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. His company’s first product was Video Email which was released in 2007 and allows users to send video via email to others. He has developed into an expert at both marketing and building up a direct selling company. Under his leadership, Talk Fusion products are sold internationally in several nations. He is also a notable philanthropist and has supported a variety of charities with an emphasis on animal charities. Learn more:

It was as a police officer that Bob Reina began his professional career. This was his profession for a decade before he left this position in order to start his own company. He built a number of companies from the ground up but each failed due to one reason or another. It was while taking a tour of a house out of state that he had his, “ah-ha!” moment that would change his life and that of others.

He was at a house in North Carolina and wanted to send a video of it back to his family. His email provider at the time, AOL, told him over the phone that what he was trying to do wasn’t possible. He contacted an old friend who worked in the IT field and together they came up with a product that would allow people to do this task. Bob Reina says anyone can make use of the app but it works particularly well for businesses that want to market their products through video email. Learn more:

As a direct selling expert, Bob Reina built up a network of independent agents who sell Talk Fusion products to businesses around the globe. In addition to Video Email, his company also supplies other types of apps today that help businesses in other ways such as holding online conferences.

Giving back to other’s is a vital part of Bob Reina’s life. He supports a number of charities not just in his home area of Florida but throughout the world as well. He’s also gratified to help the Talk Fusion Associates that sell his company’s products find success as well.


Mike Baur Businessman, Entrepreneur, Ice-cream?

Starting at a young age Mike Baur made a name for himself as a Swiss Private banker. Here he learned that if you have a passion and are willing to work hard you will be successful. He worked his way up from apprentice to Executive Board Member at a large prestigious Swiss private Bank. At the age of 39 He was ready for new challenges and with his two partners and his entrepreneurial spirit founded the Swiss Start up Factory (SSUF) in 2014. The core of the business is a three month program providing early stage startups financing, services, coaching, mentoring, office space and access to a large entrepreneurial and investor networks. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to have all the features and comforts of working for a large corporation such as greeting area, desk space, meeting/conference rooms, even a fitness center.


The success Mike Baur has seen has motivated him to promote the welfare of others. He invests a great deal of time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports many startups through mentorship as well as financial needs. Although his company provides assistance to start ups to achieve goals he believes that if you want success you have to work hard. Someone that had a large influence on him was Jean-Claude Biver the CEO of Tag Heuer. He has demonstrated passion and dedication to hard work for many years. He is an example of after enormous success how you can give back to excite, encourage, and develop future talent.


Why is Swiss Startup Factory different? As Mike has said they “have skin in the game” They are putting in their money and if you are successful, they are successful. They are also an independent company so much of the red tape and politics that interfere with progress and momentum don’t exist in this environment. Mike has suggested that with a few small changes in thinking and behavior Switzerland could be very successful in new and developing young companies.


What has Mike learned during his life and successful career? That his first job of selling ice cream at the age of 14 wasn’t easy. It taught him to approach people with a positive attitude and that it’s hard to sell a product. Looking back he also thinks he should have made the move to entrepreneur back in his twenties. Food for thought for all these young want to be Entrepreneurs.


David G. McDonald: OSI Group

Mr. David G. McDonald is the current President and the CEO of the OSI Group. He has served as OSI Industries; project manager and Chairman of North American Meat Institute. After Marfig Frigorificos e de Alimentos acquired the OSI group operations in Brazil and Europe in December 2008, Mr. McDonald became an Independent Director at Marfig Global Foods S.A.

Mr. David McDonald also sits on the board of OSI Group and also holds the position of director of OSI International Foods in Australia Pty Limited. Mr. David G. McDonalds is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.

OSI Group

OSI group is a leading food processing company that has celebrated over twenty years of service in China. When the company opened its first food processing operation in Beijing back in 1992, it began serving McDonald’s with food. When Beijing held the Olympic Games in 2008, OSI China supplied five different kinds of products that included pork, eggs, chicken, beef, and dehydrated onion. The company was highly appreciated by both the Beijing Olympic Committee and McDonald’s. Since then, it has been the main supplier for other famous brands, including Starbucks, Saizeriya, Subway, Burger King, Papa John’s, and Yum.

OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food, a Dutch company that deals in the manufacture of meat products. It operates in Germany and Netherlands with its five subsidiary companies. The firm has a history of about sixty years in the market and also sells a wide range of deli meat, snacks, and convenience food. It serves a wide range of customers who spread across eighteen European countries.

McDonald’s View

In his speech, David McDonald OSI Group observed that adding Baho Food to OSI Europe business gave the latter a broader presence. He said that this would broaden the company’s capabilities to serve the evolving requirements of their customers in the best way possible. John Balvers, who is the managing director of Baho Food, along with his management team agreed to work with top OSI leaders to implement a future plan.

The plan would be aimed at putting the combined business in a better position for a long term growth. John Balver expressed his excitement about becoming part of the OSI Group. He said that their combined strength would support their customers in realizing their strategy and provide them with a wide range of product portfolio.

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Nick Vertucci Promotes His Real Estate Academy

In Orange, California, people interested in learning how to become a real estate agent and having success with it can turn to a real estate academy on Taught by Nick Vertucci, the academy focuses on providing extensive training to ensure agents are equipped with a lot of knowledge.

Nick Vertucci is a real estate mogul who has made millions doing what he loves. He opened the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy as a way of helping others. He has been destitute. he knows what it’s like to live out of his van. However, he has also learned how to dig himself out of debt and turn his life around. Once he learned about real estate, he hasn’t looked back.

Nick Vertucci has become a millionaire. When he “made it,” he vowed to help others and teach them the system.

The real estate academy is not just about being a real estate agent. It’s about real estate investing. Nick Vertucci has a system that is tried and true. He brings a community of people together so that everyone has access to the same proven system. There are countless success stories from people who have already gone through the academy.

Vertucci’s motto of the academy is “Get in. Get out. Get paid.” It sums up what the academy is all about. The goal is to move through the academy quickly, learning what can be done in the real estate industry on to From there, people have the ability to get out in the real world and begin making money on their own.

There is a free live workshop that talks to people about flipping homes. He discusses some of the skills and systems that he has used. Vertucci also talks about some of the tips and tricks that are needed to help with the networking aspect.

Nick Vertucci’s Academy doesn’t require previous real estate experience at The workshop to learn more is absolutely free. From there, people have the potential to change their lives based on the information they will receive.

Norman Pattiz Has Featured In The Forbes Magazine

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. Presently he is serving as the Executive Chairman there. The May 2016 issue of Forbes magazine was about the Global Change Makers. He has over 40 years of experience in the field of radio syndication.

He is the founder of Westwood too. This is the largest provider in America of news, and sports besides entertainment, and talk programs to the Broadcast Industry.

Norman Pattiz had founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. It produces as well as distributes quality programming.

This was when Norman Pattiz recognized the untapped potential in the sector of audio-on-demand. Hence in 2012, he launched PodcastOne. It is a leader in the field of audio-on-demand programming today under the leadership of Norman Pattiz.

It was in 2000 that Norman Pattiz got appointed by President Clinton. Again, in 2002, he was re-appointed by President Bush to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. It looks after all the nonmilitary broadcasting services of America.

Norman Pattiz launched the Arabic language radio as well as television services in America. Today it is broadcasting to all the countries of the Middle East. He also launched the Farsi language broadcast to Iran that has a weekly audience of over 40 million listeners.

He got inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. This was when he received the Giants of Broadcasting Award. This was given by the Library of American Broadcasting.

Norman Pattiz is the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. In addition, he is also a Regent of the University of California. He is serving as a member of the Council of Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Norman Pattiz lives in Beverly Hills. He has been married for 30 years, and his wife’s name is Dr.Mary Turner Pattiz.

After leaving Westwood One, Norman Pattiz met Kit Gray who used to work out of his apartment and represent other people’s podcasts. He lived in Marina Del Rey. This was when Norman Pattiz decided to get into the digital world. This was nearly four years back.

He is involved in almost everything in his company. This includes talent acquisition, operations, ad sales, besides technology, and everything else. He likes to bring ideas to life through implementation. He hears great ideas daily and then assesses his capacity for implementing them.

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Netpicks Adapts Trading Strategy for Summer Months

With the summer months fully underway, Netpicks has taken a look at the market’s current behavior and what it might mean for the future. Earlier in the year, the stock market was noted for its general bullishness, but that seems to have dissipated for the most part. Now, with investors acting increasingly nervous, Netpicks has adapted its model and developed a new strategy to take full advantage of current investor sentiment. By targeting specific markets, and then adapting to changing support and resistance levels, investors can actually make the summer markets work for them.

Of course, Netpicks is no stranger to developing new investing strategies as circumstances change. For further details, check on  As one of the first online trading firms to develop along with the online day trading boom, Netpicks has been at the forefront of trading education. By working closely with investors and trading professionals, Netpicks has developed a methodology that is difficult for others to beat. While their success speaks for itself, Netpicks real value comes from the services they provide to prospective day traders.  For the latest updates, click on this

In addition to building a firm, and the various investing strategies required to sustain it, Netpicks has also brought in regular people to help take advantage of their system and apply it in a variety of markets. By working with Netpicks, average people are able to establish a part-time income for their families, or even move into a full-time career as a day trader. By following their finely tuned formulas and strategies, people can start investing without any previous knowledge of the stock market. Related article on this helpful link

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Even if someone finds investing strategies too complex, Netpicks can help guide them through the initial intricacies until they feel they’re comfortable to start investing by themselves. With the market currently in a lull, it’s the perfect time for anyone who is even mildly interested in investing to sign up and start doing it for real. Since Netpicks works with each of its students, they’re practically no risk, and the potential for considerable rewards.  Hit for more tips.