I Was Hacked, But This Application Saved Me

There are few cyber security applications that are as powerful as Rubica, which is the the world’s newest innovation in the marketplace. In today’s world, many of us understand that cyber security is extremely important to protecting hacks against personal/financial data, intellectual property, and money. Yet most of us do not take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves from embezzlement, fraud, and loss of productivity. After I was hacked yesterday, I decided to educate myself on cyber security.


The moment after I was hacked I didn’t know the steps to take to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future. I was fortunate to find Rubica after searching the web for solutions. An article released by Investing News encourages people to consider cyber security options since the amount of hacks has increased since 2013 (YahooNews). The more recent WannaCry attacks in May 2017 have placed most consumers on edge. Rubica pledges to keep your personal information safe by operating discretely in the background of an operating system. When Rubica detects a problem, the application will quickly alert you to take action. I can’t wait to use this application. I was hacked but that doesn’t mean I can’t protect myself from future cyber attacks.

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  1. Winter Roland Post author

    After considering the kind of information one is possessing, it is right for one to protect itself and device like putting on a sheild. As explained by Essaymama discount Rubica which protects your financial data and other personal informations. Its ok if you remain vulnerable but looking behind somethings ago where i lost my site to hackers i believe you will have a rethink.

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