Dr. Clay Siegall Revolutionizes Cancer Research Using Technology

The current methodologies that are being employed in the process of treating cancer have come a long way, and for that, the society has Dr.Clay Siegall to thank for his tireless efforts in ensuring that new techniques are invented and used in the process of treating cancer. Life can motivate a person, and the experience that Clay Siegall had while he was young pushed him into the world of medicine.

His relentless nature led to the establishment of the greatest biotechnology company that has helped to pioneer cancer research in different ways, the firm has already availed approximately twenty treatment methodologies of cancer therapy that have been approved for used in the general society. Dr. Clay Siegall disliked the manner in which chemotherapy was being administered on his father who was suffering from cancer. In the course of his studies at Maryland University, he ended up developing a great desire to join the field of medicine, since he believed that enough was not being done to ensure the comfort of patients while accessing medication, and that the provision of a perfect cure was not being pursued.

Additionally, he realized that if the current technology is employed in the right manner, then great strides would be achieved in the field of medicine, and therefore, it would be easy to come up with a cure for cancer. His dream came true upon establishing Seattle Genetics, which has continually helped to promote cancer research. Initially, managing to penetrate the market was quite difficult, and Clay Siegall had to work incredibly hard to avail medication that would help the society in the right manner. Seattle Genetics was just a drug research company upon its inception in 1998.

The importance of funding to make the company thrive could not be down played, and this has helped sustain research processes in the enterprise. Additionally, there was a great need for ensuring that drugs produced by the company are approved by the FDA, as all medications that are availed in the market should have an approval from the institution. The firm’s penetration into the medical market was motivated by the fact that technology had been embraced fully at Seattle Genetics , since Dr. Clay Siegall had realized the use of technology was not fully employed in treating patients.