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Establishment of Kevin Seawright’s Businesses

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is one of the entrepreneurs who ensured that he has developed and achieved anything that he wanted and he doesn’t believe in failing in any business that he established.

In the field of administration and finance he is well experienced and skilled hence these enabled him to provide better services and also start some of the top organization in the world.

Furthermore, it enabled him to hold the top position in the various organization in the world. Through him always keeping keen on the market trend enabled him to know and create new strategies that made him stay ahead of his competitors. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Through the experience that he had made things easy for him also guide other top organization. The community is happy due to him always helping them through funding hence he is known all over the world as a philanthropist.

Furthermore as the Chief Financial Officer and also Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation he greatly accomplished a lot of things due to always instigating certain methods including the availability of the team, competence of solution and business intellect.

Kevin Seawright his exceptional business methods in good payables, receivables and collections and current payroll enabled him to make more profit. His clients are happy these are due to them being attended fairly and also they are treated the same wise hence they are motivated to always come back for more services.

His association with other organization has enabled the company to develop and known all over the world. Mostly the part of the country which has benefited from the organization through the help of Kevin is the Mid-Atlantic.

Managing revenue is another sector that he is another area that he is well skilled as a result he was able to increase revenue to 25% every year in terms of return. His management in the organization boosted the employers in working extra hard hence the daily target that the organization has is achieved.

Furthermore, his determination also led to him attaining various awards hence these also motivated him to accomplish more.

Furthermore the financial of the organization increased to $400 million due to the state’s assets, capital and federal bond these are due to Kevin Seawright hard work and determination.

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How Jim Larkin committed himself to bettering the Lives of Ireland Workers

James Larkin was a distinguished labor activist and organizer who devoted himself to ensuring that the rights of Ireland workers were respected. He is also recognized for founding the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU), which later became Ireland’s largest labor union.

Jim Larkin led the organization from its inception in 1907 to 1914 when he went to seek greener pastures in the United States. He was a famous Marxist who took any necessary action to ensure that all workers got fair treatment.

Larkin was born to disadvantaged parents, and therefore, he grew up in the shanty settlements of Liverpool, England. He did not have an opportunity to get a decent education since his family could not afford to pay for his school. Jim was forced to work as a casual laborer so that he could earn money to support his family.

He kicked off his career as a labor activist when working as a foreman in the Liverpool dock. As a devoted socialist, Larkin believed that the employers were mistreating workers, and therefore, decided to fight for their rights. He later became a member of the National Union of Dock Labors (NUDL) and was acknowledged as the most vocal trade unionists by 1905.

Larkin spent a couple of years serving as a NUDL member and used militant tactics in organizing industrial actions. The methods were not popular, and in 1907, he was transferred to work in Dublin. The trade unionist established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union when he was living in the city.

The goal of the organization was to ensure that there was unity between the unskilled employees who were working in Irish industries. A couple of years later, Jim started the Irish Labor Party, which is an organization that made history by organizing nationwide strikes.

The labor activist was in charge of a massive industrial action that was known as the 1913 Lockout. The strike involved more than 100,000 dock workers who failed to report to work for over eight months. This forced the employer to improve the working conditions.

Jim is also recognized for mobilizing people to take part in the major ant-war protests in Dublin during the inception of World War I. He believed that the country’s economy could be affected by the war. Larkin was also involved in sourcing funds for various Ireland unions.

He flew to the United States and became a Socialist Party of America member. The activist also served the Industrial Workers of the World and showed great support for the Soviet Union.

The U.S government found him guilty of criminal anarchy and jailed him in 1920. In 1923, he was pardoned and sent back to Ireland. After living in the country for a short while, the Jim formed the Workers Union of Ireland.

He was a determined to advocate for the workers’ rights, and the Communist International acknowledged his efforts in 1924.

The trade unionist moved to the Labor Party in 1941 after the Ireland government approved a law that led to the restructuring small trade unions. Jim Larkin fought for Ireland workers until his death in 1947.

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Mike Baur: Inspiration for All

Most inspiring entrepreneurial tales involve one’s succession to great wealth and economic renown. Everyone that dreams of owning their business usually dreams about being rich. For Mike Baur, money was never the objective; not to say he didn’t have the opportunity to make plenty of it.

Baur started his career as a finance expert for a Union Bank of Switzerland. Baur also got a full explanation of what’s expected of him and his efforts. Everyone predicted that he’d become one of the most successful employees at UBS. However, Baur didn’t feel the same way. He always knew he’d eventually move on to something else.

For the time, Baur stayed at UBS. He worked there through the 90s and almost lasted 20 years. Before his 30th birthday, he earned the highest advisory position. Wealthy individuals and investors came from all over Switzerland to hear some of his advice.

Despite all his success, he grew listless at UBS and moved to another bank, Clariden Leu. There, he hoped to reignite his initial flame for banking, which he nearly did. Yet, in 2014, during a banking recession, he grew tired of dealing with all the red tape and decided to leave.

His passion for banking gone, he decided to follow his passion to help young tech entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. Not really sure of what to do, he met up with a fellow Bern University graduate, Max Meister, and co-founded Swiss Startup Factory, the only independent incubator program company in Switzerland.

SSUF offers many services to tech entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Every startup that SSUF helps gets mentoring and training. For those select few who show promise, they get free office space and financial aid. Over the years, Mike Baur’s become the face of the company thanks to all his personal investment in numerous startups.

Thanks to brilliant financing expertise, SSUF is the only independent financed incubator in the country. Other firms operate under restrictions from the government or businesses that own them. SSUF is owned and funded by its creators and those paying for its services. It allows the firm to operate more freely.

That is what makes Mike Baur such an inspiration. Baur worked in banking for over 20 years and left behind all the money and success to follow his passion for entrepreneurship.


George Soros and His Role in Upholding Basic Human Rights

George Soros is one man who has been the subject of various political discussions across the globe. His name is familiar with most blog pages and local dailies in the political arena. George Soros liberal view towards the rights of human beings and electorates has placed him on the global map. George Soros is a billionaire born in Hungary; he later moved to the United States. While in the US, he has been facilitating activities of various non-governmental organizations across the world. He funds these movements through the Open Society Organization. In the year 2004, George Soros invested an entire $27 million in an attempt to prevent President Bush from being re-elected. The gesture earned him global fame. In the previous elections, he pumped $25 million towards Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

Mr. Soros decision to support Hillary Clinton is based on similar merits with the George W. Bush case in 2004. During the administration of President Bush, Soros was unhappy with the human rights violations done in Iraq. He feels that most innocent people died in the wrong fight. Even before Republicans nominated Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, Mr. Soros was not pleased with the way Republicans acted contrary to the rights he has fought so hard to maintain. These issues revolve around political tolerance, immigration, and criminal justice reforms. In his opinion, he feels that the United States government has not been sincere in their fight against drugs. Soros argues that the US uses the war on drugs as a scapegoat to criminalize a particular group of people based on their color. The decision to throw his support on Hillary Clinton was seen as a significant boost in her campaigns. Due to his influence in the finance circles, Mr. Soros can be able to solicit huge amount of funds within a limited period.

Apart from politics, Soros is also involved in other philanthropic activities. He works with various non-governmental organizations to achieve his mission across the globe. His main areas of interest being poverty, education and health. He believes that any successful society must be brought up on these tenets. In the last thirty years, the Open Society group has been able to give financial assistance worth more than $30 billion. Due to his contribution in critical sectors of the economy, Soros and his firm the Open Society, form the most influential organizations. The Open Society group has been credited for successfully organizing the Ferguson protests. In this event, Mr. Soros used over $33 million to mobilize grassroots support from various citizens. The protests were held after claims that Michael Brown a teenager had been shot dead with his hands up in the air. Soros was able to convert this single criminal act to a 24-hour-a-day cause event and demand justice for the victim.

Traveling Vineyard: Combining Wine and Work for Profit

Traveling Vineyard has been offering people the opportunity to work remotely as an Independent Sales Consultant since 2001. Wine guides will be able to have a career with flexible hours, training, and support while sipping different wines with clients. Imagine a lucrative career that allows you to work for yourself and spend time with friends and family. It’s easy to join and even easier to earn money with the right networking strategies.

How You Can Join

According to an article by Release Fact, all you have to do is invest in the Success Kit and your first two tastings. For only $99, the kit includes everything you will need to get started in your new career: brochures, marketing materials, order forms, two wine glasses and wine carrying bags. The only other thing left is to purchase two tasting sets for your first two parties. The sets are $75 each, bringing your initial investment to $249. The best part about this is that it truly is an investment. After you receive three orders at any party and earn $150, Traveling Vineyard will credit you $75 towards your next tasting set. Those who sell $1400 or more in the first 8 weeks will also receive an additional $50 rebate. This doesn’t even include the 15-35% commission you’ll earn or the 20% discount you receive for their products.

How Does It Work?

You can set your own hours, making this a popular career for moms. By building a strong network, you’ll be able to earn more money without having to work a 9 to 5. You can increase sales by joining clubs, organizations, and carrying business cards everywhere you go to pass out to potential clients. When it comes to booking the parties, you can host in the comfort of your own home, or at the homes of potential clients. It all really depends on you and what you’re willing to do to become successful.

Each consultant will receive their own personal website for clients to reorder wine. It also includes accounting software and training videos to ensure your success. The website is free for the first three months while you get set up. To continue with the site after the trial period will only cost $15.95/month – a small price for what’s included.

It’s easy to sell something you enjoy and even easier when you utilize the available training materials. Wine lovers who are interested in learning more about Traveling Vineyard can follow them on social media. Their popular Instagram account is filled with photos of wine, parties, and more for their followers to enjoy. To join the company as Wine Guide, visit:

Andrew Rolfe Organizes A Successful Gala Dinner For The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a charitable organization that has been supporting children from needy backgrounds in Africa. Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief are the brains behind the noble institution. Together, they have succeeded in supporting over 400,000 children. Notably, the Fund has been operating as a going concern since 1999.

When they were incorporating the institution, Banks and Lief focused on providing the children of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with quality education. It was not long before they realized that their noble program was not having the intended impact on the students. When they researched about the reasons thereof, they found that most HIV and hunger was affecting most families. This way, they started providing the children with healthcare services, home stability and nutrition.

In the recent past, Andrew Rolfe led the Ubuntu Education Fund in organizing a funds drive in London. During the colorful gala dinner, Andrew was charged with the duty of entertaining the guests. A Xhosa choir was brought in to provide the 300 guests with different tunes. Andrew and his team had planned to raise more than $900,000. At the end of the occasion, the management of the Ubuntu Fund was happy, as they managed to raise over $976,920. The management of the Fund said that they would use the money to increase the capacity of their learning institution. Part of the money would be expended in expanding the pediatric clinic’s capacity to handle many sick children. This way, the Fund will be in a position to increase the number of disadvantaged children learning at their institution.

During the invitation-only event, Jacob and Sinesipho Rabidyani took to the podium to share their inspiring stories with the audience. Jacob focused on the need to help children to grow. Sinesipho talked about her childhood and her father’s drinking habit. She also said that she would be graduating from the university with a degree in law courtesy of the Fund’s scholarship.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is one of the respected leaders of the Ubuntu Education Fund. As the chairman of the organization’s board, Rolfe is heavily committed to ensuring that the institution continues to support more needy children.

As an alumnus of Harvard University, Rolfe has worked for leading companies. He has rendered his services for Booker Foodservice as the chief executive officer. In addition, Andrew has been an executive officer of the Gap.