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Dr. Chris Villanueva is a dental practitioner. He has practiced both the public and medical dental field. He came up with MB2 Dental to bring together both worlds. Here is how he assesses the company.
The need to form Mb2
Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 as a dental practitioner with the need to improve the field. His experience working in the field gave him an edge on knowing what to improve. He was after creating a place for dental practitioners to learn and grow. He wanted to improve the quality of the medical care without reducing integrity. He knew that quality in medical care would translate to happier patients. He cares more about the patients than any other thing. The facility would offer specialized help to the doctors.

The company has experienced massive growth. They have over 70 affiliated branches in six states. They have over 533 people in different fields.

How MB2 Dental has changed the Dental Industry
MB2 has improved the dental field. It has a principle of doctors learning from each other. This has provided an avenue for doctors to provide the best dental care for patients. Patients are able to find the medical attention from the best doctors like never before.

The company also uses the best own developed software in running the business. This helps in saving time. The time that wasted other things like data entry is better utilized in medical practice. They have HR, legal, compliance, and marketing experts. This ensures that everyone concentrates only on what they do best. This has made it possible to produce the best quality output.

The reason for the growth
Many factors have led to the fast growth experienced by MB2 Dental to many factors. Dr. Chris Villanueva says that the company revolves around people. Having the right people in the right place has made the community-based practice grow. Having experts from both the private and public sector has also been good for the company. They are able to merge the positives from both sides to create the best medical practice unit.
The high-end technology use as well practitioners motivation will make the company grow even more.

OSI Group: A Serving Of Success

The OSI Group is one of the major food product suppliers in the U.S. The business provides customers with various retail food brands and food service. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and remains one of the largest privately-owned company in America.

The OSI Group also provides customers with what they call global “food supply chain management.” The company handles every step of the process including (but not limited to) sourcing, processing, and distribution. They also provide what is referred to in the industry as customized food product development.

What’s more, the food supplying business is also regularly involved in other related areas of the industry. They are involved in such fields as food development and research. This also reportedly includes safety assurance, quality control, and even food process engineering.

The OSI Group maintains specific regulations and policies to guarantee a noteworthy quality of food safety and service. The business adheres to a number of different safety procedures. OSI uses Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point systems and obtaining Global Food Safety Initiative certification.

Honors And Recognitions

The OSI Group has been honored for the high quality of its food services. The company was also recognized for its commitment to environmental management. Recently OSI Food Solutions, based in the United Kingdom, received the famous Globe of Honor Award.

This honor was presented to the company by the BSI (British Safety Council). The BSI acknowledges various business ventures for their exceptional environmental risk management. The OSI Group was additionally slotted in as one of the “top 100” suppliers of food and beverages. This honor was due to the business’ noteworthy leadership and growth in the industry.

OSI’s Facilities And Staff

At present, the company currently has nearly 70 facilities in 17 different nations. Approximately 20,000 employees are presently working for the OSI Group around the world. OSI is hoping to continue to grow its customer base by investing their profits in new facilities and warehouses. One recent example of this would be the acquisition of the former Tyson plant in Chicago, Illinois.

Another relatively recent example of the company’s efforts at continued growth would include the acquisition of a company known as Baho. Baho was formerly owned by the Dutch. The Baho company makes convenience food, deli meats, and assorted snack products. More recently, OSI purchased the Brit food service supplier named Flagship Europe.

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George Soros doesn’t want to Control the World

Many right wing conservative theorists and leaders honestly believe that George Soros is out to control the world. They wrongly believe that he is behind every move to stop their agenda and to keep the liberal agenda alive and well in the world. However, he is not. Soros is just a man who understands how important it is for people to have freedom and rights within a society. He knows that if a society is controlled by the government or by the wealthy elite, then millions will suffer and learn more about George Soros.

Soros grew up under the Nazi regime when he was a young teenager living in Hungary. Once the Nazi Party was in control of his nation, he personally witnessed the tyranny and terror that the Nazi Party caused to his fellow countrymen. Soros is a Jewish person and he never wants people to experience that kind of chaos again and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

One of the ways that he fights back against this type of injustice is through the concept of an open society. An open society is a country that allows its people certain rights and it gives them the ability to control their own lives. In an open society, people can speak out against their government, they can compete in free markets and they can worship as they please. However, there are many nations today, that does not allow this type of thing and more information click here.

Soros knows that it is easy for people in power to put a stranglehold on society. Even American society could fall under the hand of an oppressive party. While a person would seriously have a hard time becoming a tyrant within America; if enough key people within the American political system gains power – they could easily establish laws that would cause grief for many American citizens and what George Soros knows.

The point is that Sosos is fighting to keep the world (not just America) free from any government system trying to impose its will on the people. He could easily be a part of the ruling elite that would work to subvert billions on this planet to serve his end. However, Soros is not. He uses his organization the Open Society Foundations to financially (and ideologically) support thousands of liberal organizations.

In all honesty, Soros could literally support the cause of liberalism on the globe. However, Soros is not behind every liberal agenda, scheme or action. It probably flatters Soros that so many conservatives think that he has so much pull. The reality is that not even Soros cannot control every liberal action that takes place in the world. Simply put, George Soros is a very rich guy who is doing his part to protect freedom and people’s rights. You can read more about Soros and his position in the Business Insider.

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In the Food Distribution Business, Few Shine Brighter Than OSI Group

Out of the “City of Lights” comes a bright beacon in global food distribution; that aurora is the OSI Group, a premier global food provider with over 65 facilities in 17 countries worldwide.

With solutions that are concept-to-table innovations, OSI Group partners with top foodservice companies and retail food brands. OSI Group’s success is found in their customer’s success. Expansion for OSI is not only coming through in the form of more plants (seven new facilities built in 2016), but also though helping its clients improve on their ROI through a wider offering, ranging from affordable food offerings to natural and organic foods that seem to be in a growing demand. But through this growth, “healthy and tasty” is always an ingredient from which the OSI Group never deviates.

If not familiar with the Chicago area, the “City of Lights” is the city of Aurora about 30 minutes straight west of Chicago where OSI is headquartered. And the star that lights everything up is CEO Sheldon Lavin. OSI’s history dates back to 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky opened a family meat market in a near-west Chicago suburb. Eventually the sons would get involved and in the 1950’s a small hamburger place in nearby Des Plaines forged a relationship with Otto and his sons that would catapult its meat processing business; that hamburger place – McDonalds.

As a financial consultant, Lavin got to know Otto and his sons (the “O” and “S” of OSI). This relationship would eventually lead to his ownership of OSI Group. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a business mind, Lavin married these characteristics to the food distribution industry in the formation of the OSI group. And what started out as a family business has in a sense remained that way through an expansion that has added over 20,000 employees.

The key has been to lead from the top, encouraging the local facilities to run their business aligned to their markets. Thus each facility in a sense is ran like a local family business, albeit an extended family from Aurora. It is this type of innovation and foresight that has made OSI a premier company in the global marketplace and will allow it to do so in the years to come.

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Julia Jackson, Jackson Family Wines & The Future of Winemaking

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines of the Pacific Northwest has made a name for itself, especially after starting out as a small family company. Founder Jess Jackson actually turned his dream into a reality thanks to the beneficial help of his wife Barbara Banke. Since 1982, this small company has grown into a global powerhouse. The couple’s children even helped out when they were young and as adults. Julia, the youngest daughter, wasn’t really into vinification in the early days. She was involved in doing what every other little girl did around that time. As she got older, Julia worked for several modeling agencies in Los Angeles. She also attended Stanford University and Scripps College.Julia’s passion for wine came after working in the family’s many wineries abroad.

Julia JacksonWhile in France, Julia studied the business side of things, learned how to set up a proper presentation for serving wine, and she learned all about the vinification process. As of today, Julia has her own vineyard while working for the company. She is a salesman, a proprietor and a representative of Jackson Family Wines. Seeds of Empowerment, her very own nonprofit foundation, is all about female empowerment. This organization gives back to the community with cash grants on a yearly basis. Julia also uses her bachelor’s degree in studio art by designing the company’s official website as well as designing the wine bottles art.Jackson Family Wines have grown dramatically over the years. It produces a wide range of Chardonnay, Merlot, Champagne and Pinot Noir wines. One of its best sellers is the Bench Break Chardonnay, and it is loaded with spices and citrus flavors. The future of Jackson Family Wines is looking bright and Julia Jackson is one of the reasons for its high level of success.

Why Richard Mishaan Design Remains Hot Decades After its Beginning

Most things are only in style for a season. Some things might come back into style after a decade or more lapse. A Richard Mishaan Design is as hot today as it was thirty years ago. Richard Mishaan is a timeless interior designer who creates spaces that work today and will continue to work long years later. He began Richard Mishaan Design as a way to pursue his dream of creating original styles that play with vibrant hues, interesting pattern combinations and diverse design elements that will tell Richard Mishaan’s always compelling story.

Somehow, a stunning Richard Mishaan Design seems suited for any era and any geographical space. Richard Mishaan has a remarkable ability to see and use the various designer puzzle pieces that will eventually slide together like a harmonious melody. His customers continue to sing his accomplishments. Richard Mishaan Design has often been the featured article of many magazines over his impressive thirty year reign. When individuals stay at one of the luxury hotels in New York City, and other areas, they often get a taste of this revered interior designer’s opulent decor that is impressively regal, yet instantly feels like home.

Many former hotel guests have hired the ingenious Richard Mishaan Design to fashion a similar look and feel in their own personal homes.Richard Mishaan and his gorgeous wife both are fascinated with art coming from different locations and created by various artists. Their extensive collection includes varying time periods and artistic styles. Mr. Mishaan has designed his homes to set off his beloved artwork. These Richard Mishaan Design projects can be viewed by reading this interior designer’s popular books. Richard is a unique designer in that he does have an architect background to pull from. His work is exhibited in fine venues and personal abodes.

Mighty Fortress Church, A Church of Heart and Community

Minnesota is a state covered in beautiful architcture, ranging from historical to modern, all with their own stories. Churches are a perfect example of this, three famous ones being the Cathedral of St. Paul (St. Paul), the Church of the Sacred Heart (Freeport), and the Lakewood Memorial Chapel (Minneapolis). The Cathedral of St. Paul is gorgeously perched atop Summit Hill, looking over the downtown area. The Church of the Sacred Heart is a small church, a little ways off the interstate, that is full of delicate stained glass displays. And the Lakewood Memorial Chapel is modeled after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, being the central point of Lakewood Memorial Cemetery.

While the churches described above have beautiful architecture and are very well-known, there are many others around Minnesota that aren’t as famed, but have just as dedicated a community and are waiting with open arms to accept all who are searching for God’s influence in their lives. One of these is Mighty Fortress Church. Located in Minneapolis, it focuses on taking the word of God taught in the Bible and giving people modern applications for its teachings. They pride themselves on their informality, using their band, choir, and worship team to make church an enjoyable experience.

As countless others have already experienced, God’s word will change your life for the better, and this is the perfect community for you to find that. Mighty Fortress Church encourages everyone to come as they are. Their environment is nurturing, loving, and empowering for those who want to find or rekindle their faith.

As with all exceptional churches, there must be an inspired leader to preach the word of the Lord, and Mighty Fortress Church is no exception. Bishop T. R. Williams is the founder and leader of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. Believing the solutions to the world’s most incurable problems can be found within God’s teachings, he encourages us all to empower ourselves through helping the world and expanding our knowledge and understanding of God’s words.

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How Richard Smith Is Changing the Face of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been hitting milestone after milestone under CEO Rick Smith. Among its significant achievements over the recent past is to expand its portfolio and to diversify its range of products to more than 800 tech products. Over the course of three years that Rick Smith has served as CEO, the company has also restructured its staff to include a high-tech sales team that handles the software part of the products. All these efforts are geared towards hastening Securus’ services provisions within the civil and criminal justice systems in the United States. As of today, Securus is the industry leader and has been entrusted with the majority of America’s correctional and law enforcement institutions trusting it to provide them with monitoring, investigative, and public safety tools.As a way of strengthening its sales team, Securus Technology hired John Bell in December 2015 and made him its senior vice president of sales. John has a glittering record of exceptional performance. He has been a sales leader and trainer for close to four decades now and has proved to be results-oriented and efficiency conscious. His previous experience working for IBM has helped Securus Technology to advance its business processes as well as to grow technologically.

Making the Sales Department More Efficient

Announcing the internal reorganization, Rick Smith said that Securus Technologies main goal is to permanently maintain its position as the industry leader as well as revolutionize the industry. He reported that Josh Conklin, Sales Vice President at Securus, had been placed directly below Mr. John Bell. He, however, clarified that none of Josh’s previous executive roles had been relinquished from him as a result of the reorganization. According to Rick, the two sales maestros were to collaborate and improve on what Josh had managed to do single-handedly. Some of the immediate tasks that they were assigned were to revamp the Securus Technology Center and to engage the sales staff with a more robust training program.

In diversifying and expanding its portfolio, Securus has invested over 600 million dollars under Rick Smith. The CEO explained that besides adding more products, the company has also made major acquisitions as a way of ensuring that its products were of good quality and that it satisfactorily served its ever-growing market. According to him, the biggest responsibility the company has as of now is to make it known to its clients how important and improved its products are. He argued that with a good sales team that his company has now, there is no way it will lose clients to its competitors.

Rick’s Early Life

Richard Smith did his engineering degree at the New York State University and his MBA at the University of Rochester. He previously worked as COO and later as President at Eschelion Telcom Inc.

How Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Are Effectively Combating Brain Ailments

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers were started with a firm belief that an active brain is capable of making anything possible. These centers are usually meant to treat all kinds of brain ailments through conditioning and medication and at the same time focusing on helping the patients to think positive. Positive thinking is always directly proportional to a positive outcome and vice versa.

So, what are the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers all about and what are the kind of services that they offer? Well, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are tasked with carrying out brain-based assessments on patients and providing data-driven diagnoses with the aim of treating different kinds of brain-related ailments including stress and phobias.

Other problems that can be taken care of thanks to the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers programs include depression, autism, anxiety, ADHD, migraines, sleep deprivation and so on. There are plenty of neurofeedback protocols that are followed and will most certainly give you accurate readings which will help the experts to come up with the perfect prognosis for you.

The Neurocore procedures employ qEEG technology that carries out accurate brain mapping and give real-time feedback that the experts will use to interpret your condition. Once they have studied your brainwaves, they will put you through a program that will help you train them. In the end, help you overcome these bottlenecks with minimum use of medication.

The experts focus on the fact that different people have different behaviors and hence their programs being customized to fit best every one of their patients. They do have Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in Florida and Michigan, meaning that you will be expected to visit a center that is most convenient for you.

You can always feel free to visit the official Neurocore Brain Performance Centers’ official website for more information. From there, you can quickly check out the upcoming events and book the one that you feel is most convenient for you.

It is a good idea just to drop by and have them take your brainwaves because you might be having some form of brain ailment without knowing.

George Soros Returns to Political Main Stage to Combat Donald Trump

The American political scene has been like something out of a bad movie over the past year. Ever since Donald Trump managed to squirm his way into the mainstream of the political dialogue, climbing atop the GOP ladder, things have been completely different. The actual inauguration of Donald Trump to President, a sentence which still doesn’t render out as completely sensible, has made things almost impossible to parse together. Fortunately for us there is a figure standing tall above all of the madness and his name is George Soros. Depending on who you talk to George Soros can either be considered a savior or one of the biggest boogeymen that the world has ever seen. Let’s find the truth of the matter by looking at the man himself a little bit closer.George Soros is ranked as one of the Top 30 richest men in the world and he is completely self made, a rarity for someone of his financial clout.

Soros comes from Hungary but he was forced to flee the country due to the Nazi occupation of 1944. Soros would emigrate to London, work his way through the London School of Economics, and then move to America by ship in order to chase the American dream. Since then Soros has emerged as a political icon as much as he has one of the most successful investors in the history of the United States. Politically speaking you aren’t going to find anyone more progressive and vocal about their beliefs than George Soros. Soros has spent the better part of his life trying to bring social justice, equality, and democracy to as many places as he could possibly touch through his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations.

Now, Soros is turning that energy inward as he becomes one of the most high profile opponents to the destructive and regressive Trump-era regime.When George Soros first became a vocal and active progressive it was something that America’s right wing could not manage to understand. Soros himself was a billionaire so how could he stand to actually fight for the causes of the common people? As a result Soros has become something of an incessant boogeyman to the right wing of America’s political scene as well as the center of many laughable conspiracy theories. That hasn’t dissuaded Soros from continuing to put his neck on the line. In fact, Soros knows that now more than ever he needs to remain active and vigilant.Soros’ own political adviser, Michael Vachon, told reporters that they understood just how important it was to stay involved as the politically incompetent and blunder-prone Donald Trump took office. Soros and Vachon admitted that the stakes were too high to merely sit idly by while Trump destroyed the country.