How Richard Smith Is Changing the Face of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been hitting milestone after milestone under CEO Rick Smith. Among its significant achievements over the recent past is to expand its portfolio and to diversify its range of products to more than 800 tech products. Over the course of three years that Rick Smith has served as CEO, the company has also restructured its staff to include a high-tech sales team that handles the software part of the products. All these efforts are geared towards hastening Securus’ services provisions within the civil and criminal justice systems in the United States. As of today, Securus is the industry leader and has been entrusted with the majority of America’s correctional and law enforcement institutions trusting it to provide them with monitoring, investigative, and public safety tools.As a way of strengthening its sales team, Securus Technology hired John Bell in December 2015 and made him its senior vice president of sales. John has a glittering record of exceptional performance. He has been a sales leader and trainer for close to four decades now and has proved to be results-oriented and efficiency conscious. His previous experience working for IBM has helped Securus Technology to advance its business processes as well as to grow technologically.

Making the Sales Department More Efficient

Announcing the internal reorganization, Rick Smith said that Securus Technologies main goal is to permanently maintain its position as the industry leader as well as revolutionize the industry. He reported that Josh Conklin, Sales Vice President at Securus, had been placed directly below Mr. John Bell. He, however, clarified that none of Josh’s previous executive roles had been relinquished from him as a result of the reorganization. According to Rick, the two sales maestros were to collaborate and improve on what Josh had managed to do single-handedly. Some of the immediate tasks that they were assigned were to revamp the Securus Technology Center and to engage the sales staff with a more robust training program.

In diversifying and expanding its portfolio, Securus has invested over 600 million dollars under Rick Smith. The CEO explained that besides adding more products, the company has also made major acquisitions as a way of ensuring that its products were of good quality and that it satisfactorily served its ever-growing market. According to him, the biggest responsibility the company has as of now is to make it known to its clients how important and improved its products are. He argued that with a good sales team that his company has now, there is no way it will lose clients to its competitors.

Rick’s Early Life

Richard Smith did his engineering degree at the New York State University and his MBA at the University of Rochester. He previously worked as COO and later as President at Eschelion Telcom Inc.