Julia Jackson, Jackson Family Wines & The Future of Winemaking

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines of the Pacific Northwest has made a name for itself, especially after starting out as a small family company. Founder Jess Jackson actually turned his dream into a reality thanks to the beneficial help of his wife Barbara Banke. Since 1982, this small company has grown into a global powerhouse. The couple’s children even helped out when they were young and as adults. Julia, the youngest daughter, wasn’t really into vinification in the early days. She was involved in doing what every other little girl did around that time. As she got older, Julia worked for several modeling agencies in Los Angeles. She also attended Stanford University and Scripps College.Julia’s passion for wine came after working in the family’s many wineries abroad.

Julia JacksonWhile in France, Julia studied the business side of things, learned how to set up a proper presentation for serving wine, and she learned all about the vinification process. As of today, Julia has her own vineyard while working for the company. She is a salesman, a proprietor and a representative of Jackson Family Wines. Seeds of Empowerment, her very own nonprofit foundation, is all about female empowerment. This organization gives back to the community with cash grants on a yearly basis. Julia also uses her bachelor’s degree in studio art by designing the company’s official website as well as designing the wine bottles art.Jackson Family Wines have grown dramatically over the years. It produces a wide range of Chardonnay, Merlot, Champagne and Pinot Noir wines. One of its best sellers is the Bench Break Chardonnay, and it is loaded with spices and citrus flavors. The future of Jackson Family Wines is looking bright and Julia Jackson is one of the reasons for its high level of success.