Dr. Chris Villanueva is a dental practitioner. He has practiced both the public and medical dental field. He came up with MB2 Dental to bring together both worlds. Here is how he assesses the company.
The need to form Mb2
Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 as a dental practitioner with the need to improve the field. His experience working in the field gave him an edge on knowing what to improve. He was after creating a place for dental practitioners to learn and grow. He wanted to improve the quality of the medical care without reducing integrity. He knew that quality in medical care would translate to happier patients. He cares more about the patients than any other thing. The facility would offer specialized help to the doctors.

The company has experienced massive growth. They have over 70 affiliated branches in six states. They have over 533 people in different fields.

How MB2 Dental has changed the Dental Industry
MB2 has improved the dental field. It has a principle of doctors learning from each other. This has provided an avenue for doctors to provide the best dental care for patients. Patients are able to find the medical attention from the best doctors like never before.

The company also uses the best own developed software in running the business. This helps in saving time. The time that wasted other things like data entry is better utilized in medical practice. They have HR, legal, compliance, and marketing experts. This ensures that everyone concentrates only on what they do best. This has made it possible to produce the best quality output.

The reason for the growth
Many factors have led to the fast growth experienced by MB2 Dental to many factors. Dr. Chris Villanueva says that the company revolves around people. Having the right people in the right place has made the community-based practice grow. Having experts from both the private and public sector has also been good for the company. They are able to merge the positives from both sides to create the best medical practice unit.
The high-end technology use as well practitioners motivation will make the company grow even more.