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Securus Technologies and the reactions from happy clients

Launched in 1986, Securus is one of the most reputable prison technology agencies headquartered in Dallas Texas. The company enjoys dominance in over 45 states with regional offices in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Texas, Allen. The company employs over 1000 residents and is alleged to have contracts with approximately 2600 correctional agencies in the United States with a following of about 1,200,000 inmates.

Some of the critical services provided by Securus include: Parolee tracking, detainee communication and an information system for the government. They have, as well, expanded their wings to Canada, Mexico, and a few districts of Columbia. Their quick customer response, innovative and comprehensive solutions make them the region`s security technology leaders.

In a recent publishing, the civil and criminal justice Solution Company highlighted a collection of comments from their customers on their experience of using technology to prevent crimes. The comments hailed from officials who have a responsibility to prevent and solve injustices and jail officials across the United States. According to Richard Smith, the company`s Chairman, a new product that assists law enforcement officials is developed every day, and it is just healthy to highlight some of their feedbacks.

Notably, most of the clients were happy with the services provided by Securus Company. From one end, a customer appreciated the company for assisting him to get hands-on information from phone calls that helped a lot in obtaining a search warrant over a corrupt staff member. Some other inmate`s branch appreciated the support they got from Securus in obtaining calls that revealed alcohol and drug abuse in the jails.

The company`s vision was also of significance to a happy client since it highlights the commitment to improve security posture and boost investigation. According to him, when a case of harassment in the correctional centers emerges, the investigation tools come in handy to assist. Through the LBS software, a brainchild of Securus, Sheriff’s department in conjunction with law enforcers is also able to recover over a million in drugs and illegal assets.

End Citizens United: Restoring Transparency In United States Elections

The 2016 United States Presidential Elections is one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. People think that the election is hacked, thanks to the efforts of the Russian Government. Many groups believe that the election is rigged, and one of these groups is the End Citizens United. According to the End Citizens United, the latest election held in the United States is rigged, and everyone involved had already selected Donald Trump to win long before the election happened. They are claiming that enormous sums of money were released for the elite businesspeople to control the result of the election in their favor. They are also claiming that foreign supporters of Donald Trump who has agendas in the United States influenced the result of the election.

End Citizens United wanted the Supreme Court to reverse its ruling that enabled businesspeople and wealthy individuals to influence the result of the national elections. According to the group, when the Supreme Court decided in 2010 that businesses and corporations are private entities which can support a candidate anonymously with an unlimited amount of money, they smelled trouble and corruption. Now, they are claiming that they see the electoral process slowly degenerating, and wanted to clean up the system.


End Citizens United is trying to voice out their concern to the government by protests and activism, and so far, the group is making little success. However, members of the group are optimistic that they will be heard by the government one day, and the changes that they demand will be implemented. For now, the group is focusing on the United States Supreme Court, requesting them to reverse their disastrous ruling in 2010. They are also seeking the assistance of several congresspeople and senators to cleanse the electoral process in the country. The group is a vocal supporter of politicians who share the same ideas with them, and they promised to help them out in the upcoming 2018 elections.

In the present, End Citizens United is asking for the assistance of their members worldwide. The group calls on their members to donate whatever they can, for them to prepare for the 2018 elections. The group stated that they would have to raise millions of dollars for them to deliver the change that the majority needed when they started their fundraising campaign early in 2017, the group has already collected $4 million. According to some experts, with the rate of donation that the End Citizens United makes per day, they can earn up to $32 million in 2018, just in time for them to try changing the course of the United States history. They claimed that they would be doing everything that they can so that the electoral system can be restored to its previous state.

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The Largest and Most Influential Global Activism Organization, Avaaz

Avaaz is a civic organization headquartered in the U.S. The organization was launched in 2007 with the main objective being promoting worldwide activism on different matters such as corruption, conflict, climate change, poverty, animal and human rights. According to The Guardian, the organization is the most powerful and most extensive activist network online. Res Publica and co-founded the organization. Res Publica comprises of public professionals drawn from different sectors. These professionals are committed to promoting deliberative democracy, civic virtue, and good governance. On the other hand, MoveOn.Org is a public policy progressive advocacy group. Individual co-founders of the organization include Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser, Andrea Woodhouse, Jeremy Heimans, and David Madden.

The Leadership of Avaaz

The CEO and founding President of the civic organization is Ricken Patel. Mr. Patel holds a degree in economics, philosophy, and politics from Oxford University. Additionally, the CEO holds a Masters degree in Public Policy. Before Avaaz, Ricken worked with the International Crisis Group where he had an opportunity to travel to different countries including Liberia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. His many travels taught him a lot including how to oversee elections and how to make the public trust their once corrupt government.

A team of activists working from 30+ countries, including Brazil, Lebanon, India, and the UK manages the company’s global campaigns. The mode of communication is majorly through email. Additionally, activists employ various campaign tactics to communicate. Some of these tactics include videos and online public petitions. Members come up with campaign suggestions assisted by teams of specialists. The organization claims to bring together practical idealists from all over the world. From time to time, Avaaz supports progressive causes such as challenging Monsanto and improving global support for refugees. The organization organized the evacuation of Paul Conroy, a wounded British photographer from Homs. During the evacuation operation, about 13 Syrian activists lost their lives.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Get Help To Raise Awareness

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) are teaming up with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumni Association to help spread awareness for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men and with proper screening methods and preventative measures; they hope to be able to help increase awareness of the disease for many people. By education and access to more screenings, they are helping more people remain cancer free and more aware of their options. Beginning September 1st through October 15th, they will be providing screenings for men over 40. Many of those patients will meet certain requirements and become eligible for free screenings. LabCorp will be responsible for providing the screenings at any of their locations. They currently have over 1700 locations located within the United States. All other screenings will be $25 through the sign-up period and must be performed within six months after the sign-up date.

There are an alarming number of increased diagnosed patients who have prostate cancer and it continues to increase each year. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 161,000 new cases developed in 2017 and recommend that all men who are over 40 to get screened right away. There are certain risk factors that come into play, and they will need to be evaluated sooner rather than later.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. They have many facilities located throughout the United States and provide exceptional services to those diagnosed with cancer. Their network of hospitals serves people of all ages who are fighting cancer. They offer an integrative approach with advancement in technology to help treat the cancer. They also provide surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy. They focus on helping patients by increasing their quality of life while helping them manage the side effects of treatment.