Securus Technologies and the reactions from happy clients

Launched in 1986, Securus is one of the most reputable prison technology agencies headquartered in Dallas Texas. The company enjoys dominance in over 45 states with regional offices in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Texas, Allen. The company employs over 1000 residents and is alleged to have contracts with approximately 2600 correctional agencies in the United States with a following of about 1,200,000 inmates.

Some of the critical services provided by Securus include: Parolee tracking, detainee communication and an information system for the government. They have, as well, expanded their wings to Canada, Mexico, and a few districts of Columbia. Their quick customer response, innovative and comprehensive solutions make them the region`s security technology leaders.

In a recent publishing, the civil and criminal justice Solution Company highlighted a collection of comments from their customers on their experience of using technology to prevent crimes. The comments hailed from officials who have a responsibility to prevent and solve injustices and jail officials across the United States. According to Richard Smith, the company`s Chairman, a new product that assists law enforcement officials is developed every day, and it is just healthy to highlight some of their feedbacks.

Notably, most of the clients were happy with the services provided by Securus Company. From one end, a customer appreciated the company for assisting him to get hands-on information from phone calls that helped a lot in obtaining a search warrant over a corrupt staff member. Some other inmate`s branch appreciated the support they got from Securus in obtaining calls that revealed alcohol and drug abuse in the jails.

The company`s vision was also of significance to a happy client since it highlights the commitment to improve security posture and boost investigation. According to him, when a case of harassment in the correctional centers emerges, the investigation tools come in handy to assist. Through the LBS software, a brainchild of Securus, Sheriff’s department in conjunction with law enforcers is also able to recover over a million in drugs and illegal assets.