Behind the Ramparts of the Mighty Fortress Church

Serving the communities surrounding the Minneapolis metropolitan area, Mighty Fortress International Ministries seeks to educate and propel its body of disciples toward lovingly evangelizing the world for Jesus Christ. MFIM strives to break the mold of the rigid, ritualistic stigma churches held for quite some time and provide an authentic pursuit of Jesus Christ through glorying worship services (musically guided) mended with practical, relevant instructional preaching through the word of God.

As both founder and senior pastor of MFIM, Bishop Thomas Williams places high value on the word of God, family, church, and community. Williams holds the strong belief that the treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in the Bible are the keys of overcoming the burdensome problems of the world. Visit to know more.

There is a constant reiteration of loving the world and its inhabitants in both a encouraging yet accountable manner. By providing a come as you are environment, the need for diverse ministries is critical. Ranging from all members of a family, outreach, and worships arts, the ministries at MFIM model servitude in all forms, while bringing Christ to the community around Minneapolis and beyond. This is the heartbeat of the MFIM legacy.

Mighty Fortress Church places strong emphasis on identifying and harnessing the spiritual gifts placed within every one of God’s creations. In addition to seeking specific ministries that already exists, the church wants to minister to the “issues of the city with the city in our hearts.” As needs of cities and its inhabitants change over time, the application of love and cultivation of leaders to gently nurture and impact with meaningful conviction does not.

Whether a regular attendee or someone is need of guidance through a troubled time, MFIM also offers a prayer request and praise report phone and email contact.


About Mighty Fortress International Ministries

Located northwest of Minneapolis inBrooklyn Park, MFIM is an evangelical Christian church with weekly church services on Sunday at 11:00 A.M. at the Excell Academy for Higher Learning.

MFIM stresses unveiling each person’s purpose in life, and how that is supported through God’s promise. Not only does the church serve the local needs of Minneapolis, but pursues causes outside the U.S.

The senior pastoral staff is comprised of Bishop Thomas Williams and wife Sabrina. Together, they have over 70 years of service in Christian ministry. In addition to service at MFIM, Sabrina acts as the executive director of the Excell Academy of Higher Learning Charter School, which resides at the same location. Watch this video on Youtube.