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Highland Capital: Why You Need Investment Advisory Service

Are you thinking about investing your money in a lucrative opportunity? Need a reliable firm or professional for investment or money management advice and guidance? Perhaps you’ve read about Highland Capital and want to find out more about the firm.

Successful long-term investing or wealth building isn’t just simple guesswork. It is essential for you to know what works and what doesn’t, and apply strategies that yield huge returns on investment. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

There are many potential benefits to enlisting the services of an investment advisory firm. Investment firms often have a better understanding of money management than the average person. This is especially the case when it comes to difficult or complicated financial matters like taxes and investments.

Highland Capital has been around for years and has a good understanding of what it takes to invest wisely. Highland Capital has catered to numerous businesses, institutions, entrepreneurs and individuals and is highly regarded.

Reputation and experience of an investment firm or advisor are some of the important factors to take into consideration as you go about searching for the right investment advisory firm for your situation.

Find out about the credentials or background of your potential advisor financial planner, and learn how the professional provides services. Also, find out how the professional you are considering stays up to date. Well-established advisory firms take appropriate steps to ensure that their investment and financial advisors take continuing education courses in order to expand their knowledge.

Making long-term decisions about finances or your investment is not easy. Many people turn to investment advisors or financial planners for help with their investment or financial issues. Many advisors offer reliable guidance, but deciding which one to choose can be difficult if you do not know what to look for.

Before you hire an investment firm or financial planner, whether for advice on retirement planning, paying off debt or investing in your children’s education, do your research and find a company that has an established history of providing outstanding advisory services to clients.

Highland Capital is a renowned investment firm and has a team of knowledgeable professionals. Each of the financial planners and investment advisory experts at Highland Capital has many years of experience in the field and is fully committed to rendering excellent service to their clients. Highland Capital is a clear choice for anyone who wants to get top notch investment advisory service. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Talkspace Affordable Way to Get Professional Therapy Online

It is not easy to deal with stress and anxiety without help and support. With time, these mental health symptoms can develop into something else like depression, dementia, or something else. People mostly focus on their physical health, while completely neglecting their mental health, which is equally important. Without balanced psychological health, it is not possible to live a content and happy life. If you feel that you have issues that you need to talk about and share and need professional counseling to be able to do so, joining Talkspace is a good idea. It is a mobile app that would help you connect with the licensed and professionally trained therapist, who can help you guide in the right direction towards a positive and balanced mental health.

Talkspace has been growing in size and membership since its launch in 2012, but the growth has been phenomenal since Trump won by a majority in the Presidential election. It is unclear yet as to how the increase in people joining Talkspace and the Trump’s win is connected, if at all, but it is good news for Talkspace. It is also good that people are not as hesitant as before to come forward and discuss their mental health issues. Most of the new members joining Talkspace are young adults from the age of 33 to 35 and seventy percent of the new members are women.

Talkspace ensures that people can connect with the therapist who can help them. There are tons of professional and highly experienced therapists registered with Talkspace, and they help the people confront their fears and emotional issues so that they can get through it and move on with life. Talkspace emphasizes affordability and ensures that the plans available for members are priced low so that people do not have to put money before health.


An Interview with Jed McCaleb, Humanitarian and Financial Entrepreneur

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the online financial network, believes in using technology to increase efficiency and improve people’s lives. The Stellar network and contribute to this, as they are designed to provide resources to increase financial literacy while also supporting open-source softwares. Recently, Mr. McCaleb sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch to discuss Stellar, his work habits and evolving trends in the technological sector.

When asked where the idea for Stellar originated, Jed McCaleb explained that his growing interest in Bitcoin led to the idea for Stellar. Bitcoin, he argues, can be described as a currency that moves value from one person to another, but about 2.5 billion adults (or around half of the world’s adult population) don’t have bank accounts. This is largely because banks can’t or won’t afford the necessary maintenance costs to serve people in low-income areas, and this is where Stellar comes in. McCaleb’s goal with Stellar is to connect disparate people and financial institutions and provide a seamless and affordable way to move money online, and thus far, the Stellar initiative has been successful. Already, nonprofits are starting to use Stellar to provide financial infrastructure in many parts of the developing world.

Jed was also asked about his work habits and how he remains productive throughout the day. He explained that having small teams is key, and that he also works in two different productive modes, ‘focused’ and ‘reactive’ which he harnesses to perform coding and building tasks or respond to emails and requests, respectively. When asked about technological trends that particularly excite him, Mr. McCaleb discussed artificial intelligence, which he believes will help us solve a variety of problems over the next twenty years or so. McCaleb has donated money to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, or MIRI, a nonprofit that researches ways to safely operate future A.I., and has recently become an advisor to the Institute.

Jed McCaleb was the creative mind behind eDonkey, an early file-sharing platform, and Mt. Gox, the first-ever Bitcoin exchange. His interests and enterprises are varied; he also founded Code Collective, where he programmed and designed a turn-based strategy video game called the Far Wilds. Currently, Mr. McCaleb works to improve the Stellar Network while also advising the MIRI research team.

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AvaTrade Review: Perfect for Beginners and Established Traders

In 2006, A Dublin, Ireland based company designed an online program to help beginner investors as well as expert traders learn and navigate through the Forex marketplace. Forex is a very complex market. It is different than NASDAQ or DOW. A few of the main challenges that many people struggle with are constantly keeping track of all the time zones around the world, and staying knowledgeable of many foreign currencies. If you are a talented trader and have done financially well for yourself in US markets, it does not mean you will be a Rockstar in Forex. A good amount of the time the opposite happens. This is where the online program, AvaTrade, comes into play.

What is AvaTrade?

Originally known as AvaFX, AvaTrade is an online platform that acts like a broker for Forex and CFDs. The platform focuses on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), equities, bonds, as well as Bitcoin. Since initial startup in 2006, AvaTrade has exploded. They currently oversee over 200,000 accounts globally and perform more than 2 million transactions monthly. It is designed to give its consumers’ confidence while trading with other markets and currencies.

This company is overseen by the Central Bank of Ireland, due to it being an Irish broker. The Spanish CNMV also oversees it. This ensures that you are always working with a very safe and secure broker.

Avatrade is not a bot. Meaning, it will not make trades for you. It is only designed to offer you guidance to make the best-informed decision possible. It will show you the history of any investment and show a live feed of any possible or current investments.

Can Anyone use AvaTrade?

Of course, anyone can use AvaTrade review. If you are brand new to Forex, don’t expect to master this very detailed platform in a few hours. It is a great educational tool for newbies and a great reference tool for experts.

Investment Strategies to Follow

For those that are looking to invest money, one of the most important decisions that they will have to make is to pick and investment strategy. When you are looking to create an investment strategy, you must pick one that works for you and matches up with your life circumstances as well as your risk tolerance. There are several factors that you should take into consideration when making investments.

The first factor to consider when looking to invest is how diversified your investments are. Investing in the stock market can be very complicated. If you choose to invest in individual stocks, you are taking on a higher level of risk than you would with investments in mutual funds and other risk-averse funds. While you should be willing to take some risk and have some money in growth stocks, you need to make sure this type of investment is limited to an amount that you can afford to lose entirely.

When investing in the market, you also need to carefully consider the costs that you will incur. The stock market is full of investment funds that can provide you with a good return over time. However, this return will be greatly diluted if you are paying too much in commissions and fees. Because of this, you need to make sure you properly understand all of your investments costs and the fees associated with it.

Finally, when you are looking to invest in the market, it would also be a good idea to take advantage of financial advice from the experts. One company that has continued to provide investment advice to consumers is The Oxford Club. The Oxford Club is an investment club that continues to provide great financial and investment advice to consumers and investors located all over the world. Today, there are more than 100,000 members in total.

When you are a member of The Oxford Club you will receive access to a lot of great investment advice and information. This can include receiving a regular newsletter that details a lot of current information about what is going on in the marketplace.

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Siteline Cabinetry, Built Just For You and Worth It

Pat Corsi, a dedicated entrepreneur started his Corsi Group in Indianapolis in 1973. Now operating from three locations, this cabinet manufacturer not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of it’s customers.

Siteline Cabinetry builds it cabinets and components to order. Customers of Siteline Cabinetry meet with authorized dealers and designers to design their ideal kitchen based on their needs. Siteline Cabinetry chooses dealers with the experience and expertise in kitchen layout and logistics. Authorized Dealers are located from the East Coast through the Midwest. The authorized dealers can arrange complimentary consultations with the clients, design and offer free three dimensional perspectives of their design.

Siteline Cabinetry offers nearly 300 finishes and materials to choose from. Customers can choose from an array of wood species or even aluminum finishes. Choosing from an assortment of finishes like paint, stain or thermofoil the customers can get exactly what they desire most for their cabinetry needs.

Operating facilities utilizing advanced tools like CNC routers, high tech edge banders, and highly accurate panel saws used to create some of the most beautiful cabinetry made in the USA. Finishing up with high tech sanding equipment, softening the sharp wood edges to allow a safe surface and long lasting finish, and finally finished to perfection and assembled. Passionately crafted cabinetry delivered right to your kitchen.

The staff at Siteline Cabinetry constantly undergo training to stay at the top of the industry to deliver their high quality products time and again. Choosing Siteline offers a competitive edge over the competition, they build your products using high quality materials, assemble and deliver with turn around times from 28 to 35 days. The staff at Siteline know the importance of keeping a schedule.

Siteline not only offers excellent, long lasting products, but guarantees quality by offering a limited lifetime guarantee. Siteline replaces or fixes any defects in their products. Claims are handled by the authorized dealers, but in some cases if a dealer is no longer in business then Siteline handles the issue directly.

Choosing Siteline for you cabinetry needs is a decision that will keep you smiling for years to come.

TMS Health Solutions for Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression is also known as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a serious mood disorder that can have severe symptoms where a patient may always feel worthless, experience anxiety, and believe they may be better off dead. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive but effective option for treating depression that has also been cleared by the FDA. TMS Health Solutions offers this treatment for patients whose depression symptoms do not abate with the administration of two or more anti-depressants. Treatment-Resistant Depression can occur in up to forty percent of adult patients diagnosed with clinical depression.
TMS therapy Burlingame uses a powerful electromagnet which is placed over the area of the brain associated with mood regulation. An electromagnetic coil is placed against the patient’s scalp near the forehead. The electromagnet delivers a painless magnetic pulse to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain that control mood and depression. The magnet may also stimulate parts of the brain that have decreased activity in depression sufferers. There is no surgery or sedation and patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Some patients may have a mild headache or tingling of facial muscles right after treatment, but those side effects usually fade over time and with repeated treatments. Before treatment patients usually need a physical exam and psychiatric evaluation. Mental health professionals need to know if patients are pregnant, on medication, have a history of seizures or other mental health disorders. Patients should also inform staff of any metal or implanted medical devices in their body or if they have brain damage from a previous illness or injury.

The clinicians and staff at TMS are dedicated to research, education and helping patients with mental health conditions especially those with clinical depression. We try to provide the most cutting-edge therapies available for patients who have depression resistant to medication. We pride ourselves on providing patients with customized treatment plans including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). We want to help patients find relief from the symptoms brought on by clinical depression.
Our treatments include psychiatric services for our patients as well as prescribing medication. Once the medication is prescribed we monitor it for effectiveness. We also provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression. Occasionally patients respond well to a combination of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and other treatments. Our staff strives to work with each patient with a customized plan tailored to suit their specific needs.

Bradesco’s Board Names New CEO, According To Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the reigning CEO of Bradesco is finally moving on. But he’s not leaving the bank, he is taking over as Chairman of the Board of the bank. Trabuco is the man who put the bank on the international map over the last nine years.

Before he was CEO, Trabuco was the president of Seguros, the insurance division of the bank. While Luiz was in that position he gave members of the board and investors a good reason to like him. Seguros became a major profit center even though Brazil was drowning in recessionary issues. Businesses were closing and people were losing their jobs, but thanks to Trabuco, and other bank executives, Bradesco is a moneymaker.

Being president of the bank’s insurance division is a difficult job, and that’s why the board got the notion to replace Trabuco with a man that could take over without creating any unnecessary conflicts. The board decided to give Octavio Lazari the job, and he didn’t disappoint them. Seguros is responsible for producing at least 30 percent of the bank’s yearly profit since he got the job. Just like Trabuco, who has forty-nine years with the bank, Lazari is a dedicated Bradesco employee with forty years of service. Both men remember working with founder Amador Aguiar, and they both admire what retiring Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão did when Aguiar passed in 1991. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is only the second chairman in the bank’s long history and he was a good one. But Trabuco is now stepping up to be the third chairman of the second largest private bank in Brazil. And Octavio Lazari is taking his spot as CEO.


Seven Bradesco employees were candidates for the CEO position. All the executives were the right age which means they all were in their fifties. The age cap on a Bradesco CEO is now 65. It was 67 when Trabuco took over nine years and he is 67 now. Fifty-four-year-old Lazari has time to put his creative stamp on the bank, while Trabuco backs him on the board. Both men display similar characteristics even though Trabuco did not study to be a banker when he was a philosophy major at the University of Sao Paulo. Thanks to Aguiar and Brandão direction, Trabuco was an excellent 1969 trainee, and he went on to be an effective vice-president. In 2003, he got the nod to be the president of Seguros.

Lazari has big shoes to fill, but the other executives on the team will help him through the rough patches once the shareholders confirm his nomination on March 12th at the annual shareholders meeting. Lazari made it clear that the bank isn’t in acquisition mode, and the bank will continue to develop new IT programs that make banking easier for mobile and Internet users. He also wants to address bank branch issues like underperforming branches, and branches that are too close together because of the HSBC acquisition in 2015.

Bradesco’s stock is a Wall Street favorite. Trabuco and Lazari want to make sure the bank’s stock continues to give investors the returns they want. Wall Street already knows Brazilian banks know how to make money, but when there is a change at the top, some investors get nervous and sell. But the long relationship between Lazari and Trabuco, plus the overwhelming support of the executives and all bank employees make this executive transition a sensible one to accept for investors. Trabuco and Lazari are moving ahead. Bradesco’s profits should hit or exceed 2018 projections, according to retiring 91-year-old Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão. But he is going to stick around part of the time to help make that happen.

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TMS Health Solutions: Offering An Alternative Treatment For Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions is a company that offers all around healthcare to patients who have been diagnosed with a range of mental health disorders. The company strives to achieve excellence in the field of healthcare through the numerous programs and services that they offer their patients. TMS Health Solutions tries to provide an all-around comprehensive program that is carried out by their trusted team of healthcare practitioners and trained professionals who work to offer nothing short of the very best to the patients who are under their care.

One of the things that TMS Health Solutions focuses on is upgrading the kind of services that they provide. The company believes in always offering services that are top tier and in keeping with the times. The clinic constantly implements new technology and methodology into the kind of work that they do, so that they can always stay ahead are care for their patients in the best manner. TMS Health Solutions offers services for a variety of different mental disorders.

More information on this location can be found at TMS Therapy Parnassus.

One of the main disorders that TMS Health Solutions offers help with is clinical depression. A lot of times, people who have been diagnosed with clinical depression don’t get relief with the medication that they have been prescribed. The therapy that is used by the clinic is safe and effective for the treatment of depression. The treatment is non-invasive and is a brilliant alternative for those whose symptoms did not decrease with the use of antidepressants and other kinds of medications.

Several patients have come forward to give their review of TMS Health Solutions, and to showcase the results that the treatment had on them. Many of the patients had tried out different treatments in the past but did not gain relief from any of them.

The treatment that is used here uses individual magnetic pulses that are targeted at the brain. Since this does not require the patient to take in any medications, there are no side effects that emerge as a result of the treatment, which is usually prevalent in traditional treatment options. The therapy themselves don’t require any pre planning and typically take around thirty to sixty minutes depending on individual needs. There is no kind of anesthesia involved, so the patients can resume their normal function as soon as the treatment has ended for the day. The entire program last roughly around six weeks, but can go on for longer, once again, depending on the patient.

Why Talk Fusion Uses WebRTC Technology

WebRTC is a technology that is changing email into something that’s not so boring. There’s a direct marketing company called Talk Fusion that uses this technology to present videos inside of emails. Companies around the world are using this business’ Video Email product, which is based on WebRTC, so show marketing videos to their customers. It’s being looked at as the next generation of email.

Video Email is just one of Talk Fusion’s apps based on WebRTC, though. They sell five separate apps that are sold in a paid suite. These other apps are for group video meetings, video calling, forms, and video newsletters. These products are sold through independent contractors who earn a commission on each sale.

The reason why Talk Fusion uses WebRTC is pretty clear. The people who receive the video emails, for instance, don’t have to have the Talk Fusion app themselves in order to view the emails because of WebRTC. They also don’t have to use any particular browser or have any extensions installed. Because of WebRTC they just open their email and they can instantly view the video.

WebRTC came about because the different web browser creators got together and made an agreement between them. To make everyone’s browsing experience better they are now sharing common codes so that things are compatible no matter which browser is being used. Talk Fusion uses both the video and audio codes of WebRTC in order to play videos with sound in the email message that is being created.

WebRTC is open source so anyone can use it for free. It’s simple enough to use that just knowing how to do a bit of Javascript coding will enable someone to get it to work for them. There are also apps that people can use who don’t know how to code at all, such as Talky.

Bob Reina is the owner and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He has many years of experience in the direct selling industry. Before he started his own company he was a top salesperson for a number of different brands. Talk Fusion was created by him so that people and companies could send video to others via email. The other four applications that Talk Fusion has since created have been added to Video Email in the intervening years since the company was founded in 2007. Learn more: