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How Dr. David Samadi Became America’s Favorite Celebrity Doctor

There are alot of celebrity doctors on TV. There is even a TV show called “The Doctors.” However, there is one doctor who has become one of the top go-to medical experts in the media. That doctor, Dr. David Samadi, has become one of the most popular doctors in print, on the web and on TV.So who exactly is Dr. Davd Samdi and why is he so popular? Dr. Samadi is best known as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Samadi keeps a high profile in the media. In fact, Dr. Samadi has his own educational site online at

On this website, one can find everything from a frequently updated video area to a medical symptom checker.Dr. Samadi is also well known for his presence on various TV shows including Fox News. When there is a medical issue in the celebrity world, the media always seems to ask for Dr. Samadi’s expert opinion first. In fact, Dr. Samadi was one of the only doctors to comment on Senatorial candidate Mitt Romney’s successful prostate surgery. In an article, Dr. Samadi commented that Mr. Romney made the right choice to seek surgery over chemotherapy. In another profile, Dr. Samadi talked about a new approach he is undertaking to remove cancerous prostates.

The procedure is known as the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique or the(SMART) procedure. Using robotic surgery allows Dr. Samadi to be more precise with his procedure and reduce the risk of side effects. Today, Dr. Samadi is only a handful of surgeons who are qualified to perform robotic surgery in the United States.When asked about his typical day, Dr. Samadi mentions that he usually gets up at around 4:30 AM and that he is in his office by 6 in the morning. From there, Dr. Samadi is on his feet all day, usually performing 2 to 3 surgeries each week. It is this dedicated approach to his work that has made Dr. David Samadi so popular with patients, not to mention those who follow his advice and wisdom in the media.

TMS Health Solutions — Pioneering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression

For those in the world who are seeking a better solution for their mental health needs their is a company who is dedicated to helping the population achieve their sanity. This goal is generously provided by the TMS Health Solutions medical group. The clinic specializes in comprehensive mental health services like psychiatry, psychology, medication management, clinical depression, anxiety, and innovative therapy and non-invasive solutions. Their new age solutions include some groundbreaking therapy that involves technology. They are located in Northern California.

TMS Health Solutions is the pioneer in new therapy technology including Transcrannial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This form of therapy involves taking a magnetic image of a patient’s brain and pinpointing the areas which are triggering the depression. They reserve this form of therapy for patients who are resistant to traditional means of assistance and therapy. It has been found to be highly effective and is showing great PROMISE according to the FDA. This therapy has been found to be more effective at treating depression than some forms of medication and there are patients who prefer the method.

TMS Health Solutions is covered by most major insurance providers and can be found by searching local listings. They are certified by carriers like Blue Shield California, Anthem, and Cigna. The team of dedicated clinicians and staff at TMS Health Solutions will be present for all research, education, and treatment of potential patients. They are adamant about treating individuals who are ailed with treatment resistant depression. They specialize in alleviating this ailment with their revolutionary transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. This treatment will target the places in your brain where the depression is taking place and correct it by utilizing magnetic waves. The magnetism will stimulate neurons in your brain to fire and strengthen synapses in the area.

The care provided by TMS Health Solutions is patient centric, meaning, it is specifically tailored to each individual patient. The care is entirely dependent on the characteristics of each patient that comes through the door. Because they are professionally practicing psychiatry in an age of technological advancement they have access to the new forms of treatment that have greater potential for curing depression.

Former United Technologies Chairman and CEO Louis Chênevert Reveals His Keys to Success That Have Made Him An Icon in the Business World:

Canadian entrepreneur Louis R. Chênevert is well known in the business world for his time as CEO and Chairman of the Board at United Technologies Corporation. It is hard to even mention the multi-faceted company’s name without thinking of Louis and his incredible legacy of success coming to mind. UTC is known for building the worlds most advanced jet engines for both the private and military sector. They also have world-leading elevator manufacturer, Otis Elevator, under their corporate umbrella. Regarding Louis Chênevert’s tenure as the leader at United Technologies, one thing that is certain is that he left the company in better shape than he found it. After earning a degree in business administration from HEC Montreal, Louis embarked on a long and storied career in business that saw him in stints with General Motors and Pratt & Whitney Canada before coming on board with United Technologies. He was named CEO in 2008 and Chairman of the Board in 2010.

Louis’s career at United Technologies along with his advice for success in the business world was the subject of a recent interview. The company saw massive success during Louis’s time as CEO and Chairman, all the while existing in an ultra-competitive business world full of foreign competitors and heavy regulation. Despite this, UTC became the industry leader due to his keen business insight that focussed on meeting and exceeding customer needs and a passionate love of creating innovative, world-changing products. From innovations in jet and helicopter engine design to major acquisitions including Goodrich Aerospace and the winning of the contract for the next generation of the Gulfstream G500 and G600, United Technologies found its self in the best financial position in its entire history. Louis credits his people with these successes as much as himself. His advice to any entrepreneur is to surround yourself with the best people available and recognize them for all that they do to make your business thrive. Look to innovate and delight your customers and you have a recipe for success in the business world.

Jordan Lindsey On Investing And Making It Big

Jordan Lindsey is an entrepreneur at heart and has been since growing up in New York where he was into sports like ice hockey and tennis. A natural competitive guy, even at a young age he has always wanted to make things better and change the world while doing just that. A graduate of Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College Lindsey is also a self-taught programmer and systems architecture designer. In addition to his education, he is a world taught guy having lived in San Fransico, Argentina, Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina where we met his wife during a stint as a volunteer.

In 1999, he became Vice President at Maxiumum Capital Management Inc. Lindsey later founded JCL Capital in 2005 and is currently an Advisor at Energia Global and CEO of Prive Information Services Inc. As a result, not only is he an experienced founder, but he has a foot in both the financial and technology industries making him a force to be reckoned with on many fronts.

In 2017, Lindsey took it upon himself to complete an algorithm with the MQL4 Language and MetaTrader 4 Platform which resulted in the creation of the first third-party cryptocurrency in the market.

On his YouTube Channel, Jordan Lindsey is working to educate the public on how they could potentially reap millions by investing in cryptocurrency. One of the critical things he pushes is the contrast between the mindset of a short-term and long-term investor. Many seek out short-term gains from day to day basis, but he argues that a long-term over-encasing view of investment is where many will find success.

An investment of $1,000 over ten-years could yield $1.024 via Forex without investing any more money. If you were to spend $100 a month, that could translate to a triple-gain of the original investment at the same time. At which point he states it is best to acquire the mindset of an investor and saver. Success like this is making your money work for you, that is the best way to find success. Execution is everything as is staying bold and purposeful.

Alex Pall “Dance Music Consumed My Life”

DJing around New York City was something that Alex Pall loved to do. Not only did he do it well, he did it often. Though it wasn’t his main source of work, his passion for electronic dance music is what drove him to give it a well-deserved shot. The duo Chainsmokers are true artists with an evolving identity comprised around their thoughts and feelings.

Alex Pall was a DJ growing up, and he knew exactly what he would bring to the table upon joining up with his bandmate Andrew Taggart. Taggart and Pall are both ambitious and driven artists. Being observant of major artists doing well in the music industry pointed the duo into the direction of knowing what was working and what wasn’t working at that time. Many electronic dance music artists live behind big beat drops and the wave of the music. The ability for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to live outside of this box propels their music to international heights while transcending ages young and old. Pall and Taggart were introduced to each other by their current manager and have been working together ever since.

“It was love at first sight,” says Taggart. These two determined entertainers work together everyday to produce incredible music while shaping their identity as artists. Discovering the depth of impact their music has on people, motivates them more and more to do just that.

Taggart’s feature on the well-received track “Closer” shattered those walls and introduced the identity of the artists behind the explosive beat drops and penetrating music. Pall thanks Instagram for demographical insights on who their audience is, reaching kids under the age of 15 and reaching adults over the age of 30. This outstanding audience reach includes Pall’s very own mother who is enamored by their song “Roses”.

The DJ duo, Chainsmokers, takes pride in blurring the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip hop. They proclaim to be huge music fans who dabble their ear in everything. Expressing themselves plays a big part in the creation of their music. The songs are about them, and the DJ duo enjoys working with unique artists that are not afraid to be unapologetically themselves.

The Many Endeavors

Professional banking seems to get a bad representation at times and every financial institution has come under some type of scrutiny at least once. Meeting the demands of the public can be draining as well as demanding. Everyone has different goals in what they are trying to achieve and some banking centers just don’t have the necessary capabilities to handle the workload. Fortunately, NexBank Capital doesn’t fall under those dyer situations as it has been a game-changer for many years. This affluent Dallas-based bank has been providing high-quality services for up to 100 years. Yes, this is correct. NexBank Capital has laid a blueprint for success that all other banks should follow and this is why.

Experience, expertise, dedication and perseverance goes a long way. The highly trained staff members of this institution are well-equipped to get you and your business where it needs to be. The staff members here are financial experts, and they have the ability to provide superior banking services. President and CEO John Holt understands this notion perfectly, and he has helped to breakdown barriers from within this exclusive industry. Every year in November, NexBank represents itself by attending the Texas Bankers Association Strategic Opportunities and M & A Conference. This prestigious conference is all about bettering community banking, and it was a hit. Bank leaders, advisers, consultants and insiders spoke on a wide range of topics. John Holt, CEO of NexBank, was a guest speaker, and he served on one of the conference’s panels.

NexBank Capital was founded by James Dondero back in the 1920s. This up-and-coming institution started out very small, but as of today, it has become a regional powerhouse. Success comes from understanding the needs of your customers and clients. In the end, this financial institution is setting new trends, and it’s changing the status quo in community banking.

Jeremy Goldstein Advocates For Close Monitoring Of Performance-based Pay Programs

As of late, there is a great debate over the performance-based pay programs between the long-term and short-term financial investment supporters. As the battle rages on between them, Goldstein decided to shed some light on the use of programs like Earnings per share (EPS) in incentive compensation program.


Earnings per share or EPS is largely considered as the vital factor in deciding the demand of a particular company’s shares in the market. Since EPS is a common metric irrespective of the companies’ magnitude of business, investors pay a great deal of attention to it while buying or selling of shares in the market. Those companies which include EPS in their larger pay structure found themselves among the best performers in the corporate sector. However, Jeremy Goldstein believes that EPS result being concentrated in the hands of management, they can manipulate it to the advantage of the company, who mostly concentrates on meeting short-term financial goals. Thereby, hurting both the pay structure of employees and the investors who fall into the trap of higher EPS.


EPS stands in the way of the sustainable flow of capital since it profoundly concentrates on meeting the short-term goals only. Goldstein says that investment groups like CtW Investment group are skeptic of EPS as they feel that its results can be skewed by management in order to raise more money from the public. In addition to that, they also believe that the Fed’s zero interest rate policy acts as a stimulus towards such behavior. Therefore they want the corporate leaders to revisit the use of EPS as a credible yardstick.


In such an environment where there is a persistent bone of contention between EPS supporters and opposers. Jeremy Goldstein advises that the performance-based pay programs like EPS must be closely monitored and the people who manipulate it should be held accountable. The goal of such programs should be in direction with long-term interests of the company and for the larger interest of the people, who hold major stakes in such matters.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy L. Goldstein is an experienced lawyer based in New York City. Having worked for a number of big names like United Technologies, The Dow Chemical Company, Verizon Wireless, Bank of America Corporation, SBC Communications Inc. and many more, he created a name for himself in the legal arena. He is specialized in legal subject matters like corporate governance matters, executive compensation and offers his valuable advice to CEOs and Management teams.


Jeremy had done his Masters in Art history at the University of Chicago and holds Juris Doctor, Law from the New York University School of Law. Initially, he worked at a reputed law firm named Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Later along with some associates he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, where is currently working. He holds a vast amount of wisdom on corporate governance and executive compensation issues and writes, speaks on the same extensively. He secured a place in The Legal 500, Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business as a prominent executive compensation lawyer. He is actively working in Fountain House charity to combat the problem of mental illness among men and women. Learn more:


José Auriemo Neto — Chairman of Real Estate Empire

José Auriemo Neto is one of the most successful businessman in Brazil. He is chairman of the board for JHSF for a few years. He is likewise the CEO of JHSF. The man has been a blessing for many years because of his difficult work and dedication to his career. Jose Neto is a remarkable chief executive officer thanks to his intuition and capacity to spot a terrific opportunity. His first funding was in automobile parking. He constructed a parking garage. Later, he constructed a whole parking company around the parking garage. There had been detractors at first, but he sought to prove them incorrect. He succeeded. Through investing inside the plot of land early he was capable of raising the cost and acquiring the benefits of elevated value.

JHSF is a property maintaining business enterprise. José Auriemo Neto inherited the corporation from his father and cut up it along with his brother. It has been a hit in its years of operation. The enterprise has landed various offers with huge names within the style industry. The deals that have been crafted with designers constitute a brand new generation for Brazilian luxury. José Auriemo Neto has constructed luxury retail shops to deal with the brand new agencies and cater to a crowd of folks that revel in a luxury way of life. The posh hotels and comfort retail shops create a brand new experience of higher dwelling in Brazil. That is José Auriemo Neto’s aim. He desires to increase the value of his home and bring in new assets of wealth. It has been operating very smoothly.

Currently, José Auriemo Neto signed a contract with Valentino to open a Valentino shop in Brazil. This could be the primary Valentino retail location within the country. It has created a large wave of exhilaration amongst citizens. The purchasing experience is something that has delivered renewed wealth and beauty to Sao Paulo. JHSF will keep trying for greater success and more popular retail outlets.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Fighting Cancer with New Technologies

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the history of humanity. For ages, it has claimed the lives of billions of people. The disease is very tricky, as it conditions the body that having cancer is a normal function inside the body until it gives out its final blow killing of victim. Scientists around the world have been working together to fight off the disease, and one man named Eric Lefkofsky has even founded a tech company only dedicated to putting an end to cancer. Tempus Labs was established to improve the way on how patients who are suffering from cancer can be diagnosed and eventually treated. Eric Lefkofsky stands as the company’s chief executive officer, and he managed to propel the company to become one of the top tech companies in Chicago.

Tempus Labs gather data from different cancer patients around the world. With the technology that Eric Lefkofsky developed, the company can organize all of the data sent to them and formulating various ways on how to diagnose future patients who will develop the disease. Through the gathering and organizing of data, it is possible that Tempus Labs will be able to develop the best treatment for a particular patient. It is also lauded by scientists because Tempus Labs allow the storage of sensitive data that can end up being lost or destroyed.

The traditional medical record of patients with cancer has been used repeatedly for ages because doctors can just look at the symptoms and judge whether the patient is having the same kind of disease. With the technology developed by Tempus, it is possible for the patient data to be analyzed by the computer, and new patterns and algorithms will be developed to personalize the treatment method for a patient. It is an amazing technology, and Eric Lefkofsky thanked everyone who helped him realize the project.

Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the technology he created would save lives in the future. He is also putting his trust to future scientists in improving the project that he created. Tempus Labs continues to gather data, and it now has a gargantuan data storage facility that has millions of data stored.

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