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Matt Badiali : Calculated Risks

To be successful in life taking risks is necessary. Hard work isn’t the only thing we need but sacrifice is as well. A Lot of people understand this and invest into things to get financial stability and many other advantages. But taking these risks can be dangerous to the stability of someone’s finances so it is important to make calculated investments. Fortunately, there are companies and people who will help investors do this. Companies like Banyan Hill Publishing and its collaborator Matt Badiali are who I am making reference to. Follow Matt on

Banyan Hill publishing is a company that is dedicated to service. They serve by trying to give investors independent information on what to invest in. They are national and so know what the breakdown of information is in several markets. The company has been around since 1998, so they have the experience necessary to do this as well. They give information in many different fields like international business corporations, private foundations, foreign residency, and offshore accounts. No matter what it is Banyan Hill publishing has it covered. The company has the ability to do this because of its network of experts from around the world who give their experience and knowledge to customers. The experts at Banyan Hill publishing have a vast knowledge of multiple situations like hedge funds and business management. The stock market and economy like any other man-made entity will break eventually and Banyan hill can help avoid so much damage. The experts at Banyan hill can alleviate some of this damage.


Experts like Matt Badiali to be exact. His experience from his geology degree is what got him into the industry via a friend. He has helped get returns for investors that are in the triple digits at some points and is still actively contributing to the company and clients. Matt Badiali started a newsletter within Banyan Hill which has an amount of reader over 100,000. This Penn state, University of North Carolina, and Florida Atlantic University graduate has so much knowledge and it really shines through as he supplies knowledge and investment tips through Real Wealth Strategist the newsletter. Overall Banyan Hill and Matt Badiali help people to gai financial freedom and to make smart and calculated risks. Follow Matt Badiali on

ClassDojo Meeting the Needs of Growing Demand for Educational Technology

Teachers today want to innovate, but they do not want to spend too much money on technology. Most teachers out there are used to their teaching methods, and it would take much more than basic features to get them to use the modern edtech. Integration of technology and classrooms has become essential since children today has much to learn in limited time. Teachers too can use tools that would allow them to improve their existing teaching without having to compromise on their time. It is the reasons why most teachers would run away from complicated tools. Even though schools are mainly using laptops, computers, and tablets, they need a definitive app that would make the process of teaching and assessment much easier.

Parents today are more involved in the lives of their kids ever before. They want to keep a constant check on the progress of their students, and it is the reason why there is more demand for parent-teacher meetings. But, it can lead to problems for teachers as it becomes difficult to track the progress of each student. But, certain edtech such as ClassDojo offers excellent solutions to teachers. They can create individual profiles of students and grade them when needed. These reports can be sent to the parents so that they too can know what is happening in school. Teachers can add an avatar to the students and reward points which are announced via music that is played in the classroom. Over a period of time, the students aim to gain these points, and it leads to higher interaction in the classroom.

ClassDojo allows teachers to share photos and videos of activities or field trips with the parents. Such a communication platform allow for better success when it comes to the student education. It also makes the school, teacher and the parents accountable for the performance of the student. ClassDojo is available in many different languages and operates in over 180 countries around the world. Its founders are hopeful that its user base will double in the coming months since they are adding many more useful features after thorough research.

Dow Jones Crumbling: How Can You Make Money with this AvaTrade Review?

Do you know how to make money when the markets are falling? At AvaTrade, you can make money whether the Dow Jones is rising or falling. Learn how to make money from a crumbling Dow Jones from AvaTrade Review.


London Bridge is Falling Down

The Dow Jones has become very volatile, this has spooked some investors. On the AvaTrade Binary Options Platform, you can trade indices, along with stocks, commodities, ETFs, currencies and even cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2006.


You only need a minimum deposit of USD$250 at AvaTrade. Demo, mini, managed and Islamic accounts are available.


You can use Meta Trader 4 on AvaTrade. MetaTrader 4 is a very popular binary options platform. It is intuitive with smart phone apps, allowing to trade 24/7/365.


Dow Jones Crumbles

When the Dow Jones is volatile, you can use range trading to make money on AvaTrade. You can determine whether the Dow will trade within or outside of the range. If you are right, you win.


AvaTrade offered Bitcoin before other brokers did. It also had Ripple and Dash digital coins.


Corporate shares are from America, England, Germany and Japan. There are about 100 corporate shares at AvaTrade. There are 200,000 AvaTrade members around the globe. They like the fact that the AvaTrade API can be reconfigured to provide customized trade execution.


Fast AvaTrade Execution

You can deposit money using PayPal, bank deposit, Neteller or credit cards. Unfortunately, withdrawal might take up to 5 business days.


Customer service is in English, German and Italian. Broker Notes gave AvaTrade an AAA Customer Service rating. FX Empire has given AvaTrade several awards.


This AvaTrade Review found a binary options broker that allows you to make money in any season. It offers plenty of assets to trade. You can make money, even when the Dow is falling.

WASD, Intellectual Property Rights and The Reasons Why Prof. Kamil Idris Believes Them To Be Important

Over the years, the world has seen a lot of NGOs that try to solve the pressing problems of the world. Some of them fail, some of them need to make adjustments, but most of them turn the help that they offer into a form of intervention that ends up harming the people they’re helping, instead of making them better. However, there are also organizations today, such as WASD, that have seen a lot of support not just because it’s valuable, but it has already proven itself as an entity that can bring about change in ways that no other NGOs can. Also, with the leadership of Prof. Kamil Idris, the operations of WASD get the right traction and guidelines that it needs to thrive.


The Message of Prof. Kamil Idris

We can hear a lot of news lately about the immediate changes that the world needs, but none of them could probably discuss the involvement of intellectual property rights. This might be the reason why Prof. Kamil Idris involves himself in the movement organized by the World Intellectual Property Day advocates. It could also be the reason why he believes that while intellectual property rights is not seen by many as an immediate concern, it should be discussed in national policies if only for the fact that without the right copyrights, patents and other protection for such creative inventions, it could be hard for the world to get the solutions it needs to improve the people’s wellbeing.


Without Intellectual Rights Protection


It’s easy to take things for granted, especially if the things we take for granted don’t directly affect us, but for Prof. Idris, just by ignoring something doesn’t protect us from the silent damage that it would cause us later on. He believes that without intellectual property rights, new technologies that could potentially empower the world to perform better could not be broadcast and shared to people who need them the most.


About Prof. Kamil Idris

Prof. Idris is a lawyer who is also the President of an organization called International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM). He is also the Former Director General that ran the operations of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). His Phd LLB degree is an indication that his various leadership positions make him one of the best assets in any organization.

Sean Penn’s Publication “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn whose age clock ticks 57 years is making his appearance as a novelist for the first time. His new book is “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The book was launched in March this year, and it is being talked about all over. It details the life of Bob Honey, the protagonist, and his movements as a political activist. The man, Bob Honey has a strong belief and yearns for a change through the campaign for letter writing does not accomplish this for him. As a result, he becomes so angry to the point that he commits violence. Sean Penn states that the exploits of the man are motivated by the strong political beliefs that he contains that are somehow analyzing the Trump administration. Bob Honey is radical about his political activism, and that causes him to travel to different countries and places like Iraq, Cuba, and Iran in search for political leaders who would promote world peace and international democracy.

Apart from the adventures of Bob Honey, Sean spoke out on the matters of Trump administration. Penn uses a very satirical way to address the recent political achievements and Trump resistance. The references in the novel that speaks of anti-Trump are not very precise. It can somehow be noted that the president is named as “Mr. Landlord.” This very straightforward title reveals the Trump’s status as a hotel tycoon and billionaire. In addition, the novel comprises reflection of the movement called #me too. This movement has drawn close string criticism from all media channels, which include the New York Times and Rolling Stone. The critics did not expect that the actor and director would turn out to be a novel writer. Most important there was no expectation that Penn would write anything close to addressing women.

Following the paradigm shift in Penn’s work is something that many seeks to understand. The transition to writing from movies is such a milestone. He says that he feels that this is the direction that he knows it shall be most productive. Penn is ready to dive into writing world and ditch out acting. After the publication of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Penn is found to love writing and is clear about moving on in this.

Providing Top-Notch Care with Top-Notch Tech – Founded by Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus is a technology company with the largest operating system to database clinical data in a way that can be interpreted and accessible for analytical purposes. Physicians are able to analyze the data in order to provide a more personalized treatment plan for cancer patients. This central database structures big data such as clinical records, pathology images and radiology scans, with a capacity of 50,000 records per year. The goal at Tempus is to provide physicians a platform to make real-time decisions based on historical, past-patient data. The best technology in the hands of physicians leads to giving the best care options available. Keeping up with technology is critical for research in this day and age and Tempus is empowering that.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO at Tempus and has aided in bridging the gap between technology and physician care, making healthcare systems more effective in how physicians treat diseases.

Eric and Liz Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006, based in Chicago. Their endeavors touch across education, tech, health and the arts and culture fields. In support of education, they donate to multiple schools, after-school programs, and organizations that help to develop teachers. One of the endeavors they participate in is called Moneythink, which provides mentors to teach financial education in urban schools. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation also donates toward research into various health areas such as treatments for thyroid cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, and food allergies.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation gives to arts and culture including Chicago museums, dance, and theatre companies and public radio stations. In support of technology, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation partnered with Google and Motorola, creating FEMtech which hopes to encourage more female tech entrepreneurs into the field.

Eric Lefkofsky is active across social media platforms, blogging about curing diseases and has made it his mission to promote just that.

Eric Lefkofsk’s Facebook Page:

Kamil Idris; And a Need for New Regulation in a Globalized World

The rise of the digital age, and the growing influence of technology linked with globalism, has reshaped the paradigm of free trade, and liberalism. In Heidi Harris’ article “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with Kamil Idris on the pitfalls of Globalization“, she discusses how globalism is changing the rules, and while it has allowed for innovation, there is also a new controversy over protecting the ownership of ideas. Intellectual Property rights are very important to innovation and growth, but also they have created a world of haves and have-nots with wealthy and powerful countries controlling many of the patents.

The former director of the WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland, and he says that globalization has driven export markets, and the number of patents has also grown substantially. However, while there are pros to this, it has also opened the doors for piracy, intellectual theft, and counterfeiting. Also, some countries have benefitted, but others (mainly in Africa) have fallen behind. Idris believes this gap will only grow more as the digital age continues. The WTO has already recognized there needs to be more reform on the international scale, and is pushing to tailor policy involving the protection of intellectual property.

Idris has brought these issues to the world’s attention by being involved in the World Intellectual Property Day, which is on the 26th of April. Other than this, the WIPO Copyright Treaty has been a crucial foundation for global regulation to protect intellectual property. Created in 1887 at the Berne Convention, this agreement holds its member countries accountable to protecting scientific, artistic, and literary property. This however likely needs to be reformed for the digital age. Another treaty, that is considered to be the most comprehensive agreement so far created, is “The Agreement of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property.” This has created a framework for protecting intellectual property in the digital age, and will likely help to set a new paradigm for where regulation will go. In general, Idris believes globalism will reshape our thoughts of free markets, and reform is needed.

Is Sean Penn’s book, “Bob Honey just do things” a book written by a man who just writes things?

Sean Penn appears to be a modernized James Dean type for the baby boomers. He seems mysterious, strong-willed and aggressively idealist. He seems to stand out as a not overly-hyped celebrity who physically manifests the beliefs he supports. He married Madonna. He was divorced by Madonna. He interviewed El Chapo. He praised Hugo Chavez. He does things. Basically, Sean Penn just do stuff. Now he has written a book titled, “Rob Honey just do things.”

Mr. Penn wrote this book as narration in 2016 for a shorter audio piece under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah. He later admitted to writing it and enlarged it. The protagonist of Mr. Penn’s work is a middle-aged man named Bob Honey. He loves his couch and describes it as the place he feels most comfortable. That seems to be the only concept about Mr. Honey that can really be considered in a straight-forward manner. That is, it is real. It is not satire. He really does love his couch. But other questionable concepts like ‘is he an assassin of elderly people who his mysterious employer targets because they negatively affect globalization or is he a jet-setting entrepreneur or is just a character sitting on his beloved couch just imagining or wishing for strange, bizarre and even violent things?’ remain ambiguous.


There are other characters in this story. He has a hated ex-wife who has happily recoupled with her divorce attorney and now drives an ice-cream truck. He has a girlfriend, Annie, he adores. Or does he? Are these people part of a delusion? Do they exist or does he just think about them when he sits on his beloved coach?


A more distant character seems to be a reference to President Donald Trump. In Penn’s book, this character is called “the landlord,” and described as “the violently immature seventy-year-old boy-man with money and French vanilla cotton candy hair.” Then again, in this basically plot-less book, this landlord could be anyone because in this world Mr. Penn has created sometimes people who just do things are also written about by people who just write things.