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Academy of Art University – San Francisco’s Premier Art & Design School

The Academy of Art University, founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens, is one of the largest private art and design schools in the United States and has been affiliated with New York Fashion Week bi-annual runway shows since 2005.

The annual Spring Show at the Academy of Art University was held May 17th to June 9th 2018 and was THE showcase for graduating students. The first night included a Runway Experience for top fashion design students to get a feel for what it will be like working in the industry and to see what their designs evoke from an audience of industry veterans and community members. The show and display of creativity continued until the 9th of June, where top designs of students graduating with degrees offered in over 40 disciplines from over 20 departments were available for viewing.

Set in an urban campus with 17 housing facilities throughout San Fransisco, Academy of Art University students are immersed in the local culture and encouraged to both inspire and be inspired by the local community. The Academy offers Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees that are fully accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, the National Architecture Accrediting Board, and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. In addition to academics, Academy of Art University offers 16 NCAA Division II teams, and one of the most spectacular features of the Academy of Art University is its Automobile Museum, which houses about 200 vintage cars. This massive collection includes some the rarest and most valuable cars ever made and truly rounds out a visit to this exceptional art and design school.

Offering degrees online or on-campus, there are countless reasons to look into attending the Academy of Art University. Whether you or your child’s passion is acting, architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design, web design, film and media, writing…or any other of a number of artistic pursuits, you will find the industry driven and thorough education required to find success at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


Jeunesse Takes Your Skin Back In Time

The youth enhancing Instant Ageless is one of the many products offered by Jeunesse. The company sells this and the rest of its products throughout the world. The two company founders are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and they created Jeunesse in 2009.


This growing and global company has been making a name for itself for its youth enhancing line of products. The number 9 in numerology stands for longevity, and it has a special meaning to Ray and Wendy for that reason. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the company’s founding year was 2009, on September 9th, and at 9 p.m. One of the very popular products from Jeunesse is the age defying Instant Ageless. When applied, it will instantly hide small lines and wrinkles on the face and eye area. This much sought after product gives the customer an immediately younger and more ageless look for hours. It will help to diminish the look of large pores on the face and give the appearance of tighter looking skin. It is said to last for as long as 6 to 9 hours.


For a daily moisturizer, customers choose Luminesce, another popular product offered at the company. It keeps the skin moist and radiant for a younger looking glow all day. This soothing daily moisturizer, followed by the Perfecting Mist Foundation, helps to radiate the face and brings out the replenished look of younger, smoother skin. There are many products available, and the customers can create their own daily skin regimen that works for them. The quality line of products from Jeunesse are sold throughout the world via the direct selling method.


The products are sold directly to the consumer. At Jeunesse, there are thousands of independent distributors that have helped to grow the company in name recognition and in sales volume. They are trained professionals that learn all there is to know about the benefits and features of every one of their products. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the entire Jeunesse experience for their customers, and to help them attain the great feeling of always looking their best.

Improve your Compensation with GoBuySide

GoBuySide is a search firm that intends to make it easier for entrepreneurs and business owner with their employees. Traditionally, people who are looking to employ would have difficulty in finding the right people for their job. There would be circumstances where they would feel like they might have found the right fit, but that was not always the case. There might be an individual who does not have the experience necessary to perform well. They lead a platform that connects top-tier professionals with a business that is looking for people of that stature. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

According to GoBuySide, performance is one of the key factors in improving private equity firm compensation. The private equity industry has been increasing because of the great economic returns that they are getting. Private equity firms have increased by 6-8% each year after 2014. A survey was given by GoBuySide, 65% of firms have reported an increase in their earnings. The private equity firm industry has grown because of the increase in search of employment.


Private equity firms are looking to use services like GoBuySide because it makes the search to employ professionals much easier. The private equity industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, in North America alone, the industry is trying to employ about 200,000 junior and senior level employees. The private equity firms that did not experience an increase in either their growth or return on capital, did not invest as much in their individual and fund performance. There are many private equities that focus on bonus payments because it seems that they would be earning more money like that. Private equities would experience an increase in their equities if they would invest in their performance. Focusing on bonus payments is a short-term benefit strategy that may benefit a private equity, but not as much as investing in their performance. Private equities that focused on bonus payment would experience a 1-9% decrease in their performance. Many of these equities would state that their performance was not satisfactory for them. Thus, once a private equity realizes the importance of this factory, they would use platforms like GoBuySide in order to find people to improve their business. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The Importance of Financial Fitness in the Modern Age

Australians tend to be more careful with their money than any other western nationals. For Australians, being financially fit is vital to reach a successful life, but others fail to do it because of several reasons. The good thing is that companies like the Infinity Group Australia offer services that would enable an individual to undergo several sessions that would give them a chance to become financially fit. Many Australians have seen the rise of such group as an opportunity for people to become more aware of their expenses and how they do their budget. Having a long-term financial coach could transform the lives of the people who are having difficulties managing their finances, and change could be observed in a few months. The company has a positive review because of their approach in assisting people with their finances. Currently, Infinity Group Australia offers three distinct services – debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions.



Using the debt reduction services, the Infinity Group Australia would assist their clients in paying off their debts. They do it by managing the debts incurred by their clients, listing down the ones that have to be paid off immediately. They would also encourage their clients not to pay their debt using loans, because it would make the problem worse. Reducing the debt of their clients would make it easier for them to have a better retirement, and it would also decrease the stress produced by the problematic bills that their clients are receiving every month. People who have undergone debt reduction services stated that it changed their lives since they went out of debt, and had effective financial management skills ever since.



Another service provided by the Infinity Group Australia is the wealth creation services. For many people, creating additional wealth would only be possible if they have a job and if there are no bills to pay. However, the Infinity Group Australia has an alternative way on how to create wealth. They will help their clients get the highest yield in their assets, and they will also provide strategies on how to create more wealth by investing in industries like the real estate. The Infinity Group Australia stated that it all boils down to the plan and the determination to become wealthier.



Finally, there is the retirement solutions service which aims to help the senior population plan ahead of their retirement date. The Infinity Group Australia would help their clients who are nearing their retirement age to plan for their future. They are offering contracts that would allow their senior clients to enjoy the rest of their lives. The Infinity Group Australia is also offering their clients to view the contracts available by sending them a message through their official website. Learn more:



The Usefulness of Passive Income With Richard Dwayne Blair

People who go to Richard Dwayne Blair in order to get financial advice and help are going to find a lot of different suggestions from the financial expert. One thing that Richard might suggest is for people to look into alternatives for making money in order to supplement the amount of income they get from their regular jobs. For instance, one of the suggestions that people might get from Richard is to find some form of passive income. One of the reasons that a lot of financial experts recommend passive income is that this is one of the ways that people earn enough money to become wealthy.

There are different methods of gaining passive income. One of the most common methods is investing. As a matter of fact, this is one of the ways that many entrepreneurs become wealthy. They achieve financial independence with it. With passive income, people are better able to pay off their debt as well as save for retirement. The trick is for people to find a way to set up the passive income so that they will be able to eventually be able to financially support their retirement plans.

One issue that Richard Dwayne Blair is aware of is that not all people have the money to invest. Even if they did have money to invest, they might not be able to invest enough to make a significant amount of passive income. This is where some of the other methods could come in. For instance, people can work on doing some extra work for another stream of income so that they will be able to work towards their business goals. One of the ways that they can set up some alternative sources of income is through the internet. They can find some extra jobs to do that will earn them some extra money so that they can pay their debt.


Impressionable Facts about Malcolm Casselle

Game skins are considered among the fastest growing trading economies, and they have attracted millions of users since their establishment. Malcolm Casselle, the founder of Worldwide Asset eXchange Wax has helped a vast number of people adopt the use of the digital currency in their video games. The firm majorly focuses on the storage, buying and selling virtual items to any interested parties. Through the firm, the founders believe that the ax users will highly impact the cryptocurrency world by making it more fun and engaging, a step that that will also push the uptake of the cryptocurrencies.

Malcolm is the current ICO and president of the firm and through the knowledge, he has gained in the cryptocurrency world, he has seen the firm acquire its goals. Malcolm schooled at the University of MIT he acquired his degree before moving to Stanford University for his master`s degree in computer science. He has always been passionate about the major changes that the modern technology has brought and as a result, he has teamed up with a vast number of other entrepreneurs to establish some of the most prestigious firms in the world. He is among the active early investors of Facebook, Zynga and he is currently among the first investors of the current Bitcoin Related companies.

Due to the commitment that Malcolm has shown towards his ventures, he has successfully accomplished most of his financial goals. Malcolm believes that hard work is key to achieving success in business and he encourages entrepreneurs to ensure that they put effort towards achieving their set goals.

Besides, Malcolm is also a strong believer in the impact that research has towards business and he encourages entrepreneurs to keep themselves updated on the various emerging issues in the market as they could find lucrative opportunities through them. Malcolm has served in a vast number of other firms through which he has gained amendable skills to manage technological firms. Many people strive to emulate his steps and he has also emerged to among the most sought out investors in the world. Through his current venture, he seeks to bring major changes in the world of cryptocurrencies for people to adopt.