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Talos Energy Moves Forward With Ambitious Gulf Drilling Plan

Houston-based Talos Energy made history last year when it became the first American oil exploration company to sink a well in Mexican territorial waters. Better yet, it made what is potentially an extremely significant find. Dubbed the ZAMA-1, the well in shallow waters off the coast of Tabasco may hold up to two billion barrels of crude oil.

Now Talos is moving ahead with further arrangements with the Mexican national oil giant Pemex to drill two more wells adjacent to ZAMA-1. If all goes well, more productive sites will be opened up. Then work can began in earnest on bringing oil from beneath the seabed of the Gulf and out into the market.

Plans call for production of potentially 100,000 to 150,000 barrels a day from the site by 2023. Mexican officials approved an appraisal plan for ZAMA in September. It is expected two new wells adjacent to the ZAMA block will cost $325 million. Talos CEO Timothy Duncan said his company is moving ahead to put together a comprehensive partnership plan with Pemex to move the project forward.

The ZAMA initiative also includes other partners. Joining Talos Energy are Premier Oil of the United Kingdom and Sierra Gas & Oil, a Latin American energy exploration firm. These three entities, along with Pemex, constitute a consortium that will work in cooperation to develop these significant finds in the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy was formed in 2012. Under the leadership of CEO Duncan, the wildcatter is concentrating its efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling beneath the waters of the Gulf is viewed as more risky than working on dry land, such as in the Permian Basin of Texas, but with a potential of much greater payoff over longer periods of production.

Talos Energy has adopted a policy wherein it is not only willing, but eager to explore for fossil fuels where other companies are not interested in operating.

Working with the Mexican government and Pemex is also seen as innovative and historic by industry observers. Mexico only recently opened its territory to foreign involvement since it nationalized its oil industry in 1938. Click here

The Life of Ryan Seacrest

When it comes to modern day entertainment figures, there are few as prolific as Ryan Seacrest. His legacy ranges from hosting America’s number one rated television show American Idol, to working on radio with On Air with Ryan and co-hosting the morning variety show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Outside of entertainment, he uses his influence to push the fashion brands Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish. Lastly, he helps less fortunate children with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. As an individual with an extensive track record, it might be surprising that he has personal struggles. Ryan Seacrest elaborates on his personal life in a recent New York Times article.

Ryan Seacrest begins the day at the crack of dawn with a cup of matcha and a read of the day’s headlines. He likes to ease his way into the day. The weather in New York keeps him on his toes in choosing a daily outfit. The importance of a personal trainer truly hit home for him in recent years. He schedules workout sessions like work tasks. This way he stays committed to his fitness, and it avoids unnecessary conflicts. He goes on to describe a work trip he took to the Bahamas where he brought along his personal trainer.

However outside of fitness, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) takes specific measures to keep his day going as smoothly as possible. He sets aside time for calls, meetings, and even no cell phone hours. It doesn’t do anyone good to be overwhelmed in the entertainment industry. His years of experience in the industry have showed him that saying “yes” is the easiest way to advance plans to the next stage.

The amount of fame someone has is irreverent to the man behind the camera. Ryan Seacrest is well respected by his peers for his positive attitude and ability to get work down. As a person influenced by Dick Clark, one of the most respected hosts of the last generation, he wants audiences to enjoy their programs to the fullest. While behind the scenes he does everything possible to remain in tip-top shape.

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Robert Ivy Contribution To AIA

Robert Ivy did his Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane university school of architecture and also did his Bachelor`s degree of arts from the University of the South in Sewanee.

Robert Ivy was a principal at Dean/Dale. Ivy was a critic for national publications for almost sixteen years since 1981. In 1996 he became the vice president and a director in the editing of McGraw Hill construction media that published, ‟The magazine of sustainable Design, SNAP, ENR and Sweets” of Green Source. During appointment of Frank Gehtry to design National Dwight D Memorial, Ivy was a part of the panel as a Jura. In 2011 Robert Ivy became the CEO and the vice president of ‟American Institute of Architects” after succeeding Christine McEntee who had just resigned in July. Ivy currently lives in Washington Dc.

Robert Ivy earned many honors in the publishing industry since he was enthusiastic and excellent in his work. His awards included best National Magazine award, premier journalism award, and 7 Ozzies Folio Design award for best website of the year. Ivy also received 26 Jesse H. Neal awards and the McGraw-Hill Award for excelling in management. In 2009, the American Business Media recognized Ivy as the highest individual and awarded him with the Crain Award.

American Institute of Architects
AIA was established in 1857 by 13 architects but has proliferated with time currently having over 91,000 members’ headquarters are in Washington, Dc and have over 260 chapters around the world. The institute has various benefits;
• It creates opportunities for networking and also enables members to build and boost their credibility.
• Helps members to develop a relationship with other networking associations which may result in work opportunities.
• It has a code of ethics that give peace of mind to clients and when hiring staffs and managers.
• The AIA fees charges are affordable, and members can pay for themselves or their employers pay for them.
• It has tools and resources that support members who are either experienced architects, emerging professional, recent graduate or sole practitioner,
• Members are connected globally with other professionals who share a passion for architecture, design, and the built environment.

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Meet Krishen Iyer: An Accomplished Entrepreneur in the Consulting and Insurance Marketing World

Krishen Iyer is a renowned entrepreneur leading in the health insurance as well as dental insurance sectors. He is the founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, Previously known as Quick Link Marketing. In an interview, he shared more about his career and personal life.



Inspiration behind Managed Benefits Services



The company connects firms which needs specialized marketing with lead generation companies that can offer the solutions they are looking for. There was no such service before and being an entrepreneur, Iyer jumped in and filled the gap.



Making a day productive



He relies on early planning to make his day productive as much as possible. He starts his day by tackling client interfacing tasks as he thinks about how will spend the rest of the day. Out of his curiosity, Iyer poses a same question to several people and he is amazed on how people can have different views on the same thing.



Bringing Ideas to life



He believes in communication as a means of bringing ideas to life. Ideas that materialize results from distinct viewpoints around a particular concept.



Interesting trends



The emerging of marketing analytics interests Krishen Iyer because it enables them to find solutions for their clients easily.



A business idea up for grabs



According to the master of investment, the idea behind Managed Benefits Services can be applied to any industry and so far, many industries have untapped market for such companies.



About Krishen Iyer



He is the owner of Managed Benefits Services, a Fresno-based company that is committed to providing leads, consulting as well as marketing services within the dental and health insurance sectors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University.



Krishen Iyer founded IHS Insurance and Name My Premium, one after another. The MNP Insurance made it to the Inc 5000 list in 2015. With an advanced background in marketing, advertising, insurance, and generating leads, the renowned businessman has maintained a notable career in the industry.


Clayton Hutson builds a solid brand in the live music industry

Clayton Hutson is an entrepreneur who specializes in the music industry. He enrolled at college to study theatre design, and he later worked in multiple business entities that deal with the live music industry. After working as an employee for some time, Clay Hutson decided to found an entertainment production company.

About Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson’s company avails its tour production and live entertainment services to event organizers and performing artists. Because of his excellent track record, his business has attracted prominent clients such as Kid Rock, Pink, Guns’n’Roses, and Garbage. Lately, his company has been tasked with handling state management and running the floor from the beginning to the end of the show.

At the moment, Clayton Hutson is working with Kid Rock, and he ensures that he is at the venue by 6:30 AM. While at the venue, he goes through his working schedule and starts his day in an organized manner. By working with his team in a well-coordinated manner, he ensures that every show is a success.

As an entrepreneur in the music industry, Clayton Hutson acknowledges that you must have an in-depth understanding of how everything works. For instance, Clayton Hutson is well versed with knowledge about CAD design. He is also a practical person in nature, and he can visualize the dimensions of every piece of equipment that he handles while running a show. In business, you attract more clients by ensuring that your current client base is satisfied. Clayton Hutson’ clients have commended him for his great work over the years. They also recommend him to their fellow musicians since he is fully dedicated to ensuring that the live performances go as planned.

Clayton Hutson is a technology enthusiast too. He acknowledges that if you do not keep track of the various technological advancements, you will be left behind. For instance, moving lights have incurred lots of advancement over the years, and they are now lighter and more mobile. Hutson also commended the manner in which artists such as Pink and Lady Gaga perform. They amuse their audience by incorporating some unique routines during their live performances. By doing so, their performance mode seems unique, and the audience gets to enjoy the show even more.

As an entrepreneur, Clayton Hutson acknowledges that you must stay a step ahead of your competitors. You must also be well-organized too. For instance, when Clayton Hutson arrives at the venue before everyone, he visualizes the space around him, and when his team arrives, he can delegate the day’s duties accordingly.

Robert Deignan Urges People to Embrace Technology Rather than to Fear It

Man created technology to make his life easier. First came tools made from stone and then wood. Now many years later, man has built artificial intelligence. Machine automation has caused fear for what the future hold for both humanity and machines. However, experts like Robert Deignan believe there is no need to worry about technology. Being an expert in the field, Robert Deignan understands that one can gain a lot by accepting new technologies and working alongside it.

Experts in technology and scientist in the field have done research which shows it will take about 120 years before machines can replace workers in all industries. Robert Deignan who has developed a successful career with the help of technology has good new to workers around the globe. Instead of fearing automation, workers should focus more on making themselves indispensable amid advancement in technology.

Robert Deignan says that most of the fears related to automation among workers may be misplaced. It will be hard for technology to replace human workers in their respective jobs now and in the next hundred years from now.

While we may create new devices that can fold clothes, wash cars and automatic cars, the world still has a long way before full automation can be accomplished. Robert Deignan advocates that people should stop focusing on the unknown and concentrate on the present.

There is a variety of tasks that we can offer which machines cannot be programmed to do. The nature of automated machines only allows them to perform simple work. Robert Deignan advice workers to take the opportunity that they can perform more functions than machines. Workers should learn how to perfect their skills rather than worrying about what they do not have control.

Despite the advancement in technology, people still prefer working with human beings than machines. There are so many jobs that require skills only humans can provide. Jobs like being a therapist, teacher, Orthotics and Prosthetics, social workers and so many more require an interpersonal connection which machines cannot offer.

Robert Deignan has more than enough experience with technology. He is the CEO and Co-founder of ATS Digital Services, LLC. He has worked with many companies including being the executive vice president at iS3 Inc and Co-founder at Fanlink Inc.