New CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to Papa John’s customers

Steve Ritchie has taken over as the new CEO of the prestigious pizza chain Papa John’s and is looking to make some big changes. According to an article by, he has apologized to customers and it analyzes why this is a great step in the right direction for the company as Steve Ritchie sent a letter to all Papa John’s customers addressing them. He regarded Papa John’s like a collective team where each single team member matters and how they are an embodiment of the pizza chains culture and a representation of the community around them. The new CEO outlines some big changes that they will be making from the top to the bottom with the first being in bringing in specialists to monitor their team’s culture and who will look out to improve on whatever they can, the second is experienced team members visiting other stores and speaking with fellow employees on what they can do better, and lastly is the commitment to be in control of their own actions and let all customers know what is going on each step of the way going forward. Steve Ritchie will be leading Papa John’s and knows that they must win back their customers with excellent service and trust going forward. The brand recognizes that they are nothing without their valued customers and Steve Ritchie also posted a letter on the company’s website. The article points out that the CEO made a good decision to post two letters and address their customers to win back their trust and show a vulnerable side to him. Steve Ritchie also was able to use an intelligent response by stating that not one person is bigger than the other at the company and that not just one individual makes the company thrive, but all team members. He recognized that all team members are hard working and do good for the community. Along the letter were actions that Papa John’s would take to fix their image and that the CEO would be overlooking everything. Papa John’s has taken a good step forward in rebuilding their company.

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