Organo Gold for All Body Needs

Organo Gold was founded in Canada in 2008 with the vision of supplying the world’s lover, coffee through the global network. This network sells the premium coffee processed under Organo. It is even projecting to sell its coffee in at least one percent of the world’s market.

Besides distribution of coffee, Organo Gold deals in the assortment of nutraceuticals, body care products, and teas. These products are loved by their customers for the immune boosting Ganoderma a mushroom powder initially used by the Chinese doctors and antioxidants ingredients. The company is dedicated to being part of their customers’ healthier and energetic lifestyle.

The sale of Organo Gold products

This company supports the groups of people, organizations or individual business people who sell the Organo Gold products directly to individual consumers. The different business people sell the products to their clients directly rather than through coffee storehouses.

The business model of this company offers personal purchase experience via their trained distributors. These trained distributors can go ahead and sponsor others to start their independent Organo distributorship. Therefore people promote and market ORGANO products on a continual basis.

Body management

Since Organo Gold is focused on helping their clients live a healthier lifestyle, it has body management products for its customers. Ganoderma Mycelium and Fenix XT is a body management supplement. It is a mango peach flavored refreshing and powdered energy juice that aid in the regulation of stamina, performance, and energy. It is a combination of powerful energy boost and hydration that will see you do all your activities swiftly.

Personal items

Organo Gold makes Ganoderma Lucidum a significant component in the personal care items like toothpaste and soap. Their toothpaste is honey colored that will leave your teeth to shine, and a fresh breathe. The solvent is very efficient in the dirt removal with a pleasant scent.

Choose Organic Gold, choose all round effects from personal items, coffee and tea and body management supplement that are highly effective. The company also allow the distribution of its products on independence basis.