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Paul Mampilly and Profits Unlimited Find Choice Market Opportunities

Paul Mampilly has enjoyed a fine career on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager who demonstrated a rare level of ability with his various postings at financial firms. He’s worked at several places that are household names in the world of finance such as ING and Deutsche Bank to name a couple. He’s been featured on financial television on outlets like Fox Business News after his victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing contest. With all of this success in hand, he’s figured out a way to cut back from the frantic pace of Wall Street and help others on their own road to financial achievement. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

The retirement of Paul Mampilly at age 42 must have raised a few eyebrows but he still competes in the financial world on a different playing field. His extraordinary acumen for analyzing market trends and stock picking is now conducted on behalf of ordinary investors. It’s his way of paying it forward and sharing his successful methods with anyone who desires a nice retirement or just greater financial stability.

Unlimited Profits is his newsletter where he highlights the stocks with the greatest potential to rise quickly. It has shown steady growth since its inception and the subscribers are approaching 100,000 in number. Two trends stick out in the mind of Paul Mampilly and he believes that they will be the main drivers of markets going forward.


The Internet of Things and the Millenials will have an enormous impact on the economy and opportunities for investors will abound in these categories. Profits Unlimited has a strong emphasis on these two factors and for a nominal price, investors can get into trends early with minimal risk. This is how Paul Mampilly invests and what he teaches with his publications.

The ability to accurately assess innovative companies has characterized the career of Paul Mampilly and one example of this is his investment in Sarepta Therapeutics. He got on board early and had an extraordinary success as an investor in this stock. His analysis that their new drug for muscular dystrophy would be a success proved to be correct and he rode the stock higher with a more than 2000% gain. It is just these types of situations that he seeks to uncover and has demonstrated an uncanny ability to do so. Taking a calculated risk has been one of Mampilly’s chief attributes that have brought him success and he teaches his readers how to do the same. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Declares A New President For Banco Bradesco

Without a doubt, the banking industry is the epicenter of most business sectors. Just like the heart supplies blood to the body, banking services facilitate money circulation in the business sector. With that said, change, whether positive or negative will impact on different businesses. Therefore, there is a need for quick response with the purpose of continuing productivity. For Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s economy is one of its primary responsibilities. Even after going through magnanimous challenges with Brandao’s resignation, the bank still maintains a robust operating platform coupled with tremendous success.

Background Data

When Brandao resigned, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the lead executive and predecessor. He also apparently pointed out to the fact that the banking institution must maintain internal recruitment. As such, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been serving as the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of the organization until recently when the board of directors decided to hold the annual general meeting. In the meeting, leadership roles and responsibilities were discussed followed by the introduction of the new president of Bradesco; Octavio de Lazari.

Who is Octavio de Lazari?

Lazari is 54, and he became a member of Bradesco in 1978. As he replaces Luiz Carlos Trabuco who will maintain the chairmanship of the firm, there are questions regarding his leadership capabilities especially with the fact that Bradesco is a huge shareholder of Brazil’s economy. Even so, from the look of how the interview was conducted, it is factual that Lazari is the perfect candidate for the job. Besides, he joined the firm at a tender age when all his peers were enjoying their youth. At that moment, he worked as an office boy, always running errands for his seniors.


Luiz Carlos

As Lazari takes over the realms of leadership at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to guide the bank. He shall still be consulted on critical issues. Carlos joined Bradesco when he was a teenager. He first worked as a clerk then later gained broad managerial skills that supported his promotion in multiple departments including credit and equity. Later in the years, he was elected to serve as the chief executive officer and then the chairman of the board.


Luiz Carlos grew up in Brazil. He was a somewhat focused child who dedicated most of his playing time to education. After school, he joined Bradesco and has since been a significant contributor to the banking industry. Between 1992 and 1998, he worked as the executive director of the firm. In his tenure, he retained an excellent track record and broke the record deal of $5.2 billion when he facilitated the acquisition of HSBC. Of course, this was under the guidance of Lazaro de Mello.


Over and above that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has exuded excellent leadership skills. Alongside the determination to excel in business, he pushed Bradesco to the top of the list of Brazil’s major economic contributors. Also a team player, he is dedicated to involving employees in the development of the organization.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Robert Ivy: A Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President was given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters on April 11, 2018, at Washington DC.

Upon the receipt of his award, a lot of people have noted that it was the first instance that an architect was able to receive the Noel Polk Award. To qualify for the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, one must be living in Mississippi and be able to showcase a plethora of work that embodies a lifetime of creation, performance, or supporting art. The award is only given to only a handful of distinguished people over the years, including Leontyne Prince in 2000, Morgan Freeman in 2007, Eudora Welty in 2001, Shelby Foote in 2004 and late artist Walter Anderson.

Nancy LaForge, MIAL’s President only had great things to say about Robert Ivy. She believes that his work has made it possible for architecture to be easily accessed by the public. LaForge concluded that Robert Ivy stands among the rest, especially in the city of Mississippi, for his dedication in the architectural field. Being a writer, author and influence, Robert Ivy has achieved the paramount of success and earned his place as one of the achieves of the Noel Polk Award.

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AIA President Carl Elefante also commented on this achievement. He believes that Robert Ivy has positively impacted the direction of the organization since being CEO of AIA in 2011. He knows that Robert Ivy is a great ambassador for the architecture field, and he is happy Mr. Ivy’s lifetime achievement. Mr. Elefante is looking forward to more years working hand in hand with Mr. Ivy as they bring awareness to better architectural practices in the industry.

More About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is a business and architecture graduate. One of his early careers in the architectural field is being the Editor-in-Chief of McGraw Hill. He was assigned to pool and edit articles for the company’s Architectural Record. During his tenure, Architectural Record became one of the most well-known journals internationally. Their publications received several awards, including National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

After his work with McGraw Hill, he went on to be with AIA in 2011. Under his leadership, AIA grew to have one of the record-breaking numbers of active members since its existence 160 years ago. Until today, Robert Ivy continues to spread awareness the organization’s cause, promote best practices and expand international influence. AIA has more than 90,000 memberships. It was founded in 1857 with 13 architects.

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MB2 Dental Offers Online Dentistry Services

MB2 Dental is a unique dental company. Over the past few years, the company has expanded the number of products and services offered to customers. Some people do not go to the dentist because it is not convenient for them. In rural areas of the country, some people do not have access to necessary dental options.MB2 Dental offers online dentistry services for some customers. There are multiple ways that customers can take advantage of these services. There are even ways for customers to get retainers that mold the shape of teeth through the online process.When customers sign up with MB2 Dental, the company requests some necessary information about them. Depending on the services needed, the company will send customers what they need to get started.


Another primary reason that people do not go to the dentist is the cost. Dental services are expensive, and few people can afford to purchase fancy treatments. Everyone wants to have a great smile, and there are different ways that MB2 Dental can help customers accomplish this goal.Lumineers and veneers are standard ways for people to improve their smile. Lumineers are applied to the front of teeth to make them whiter. In addition, veneers will form the shape of the teeth uniform. For each tooth, a typical treatment will cost hundreds of dollars. This is not the type of treatment that can be performed online. However, MB2 Dental offers excellent pricing on veneers and other cosmetic dentistry.

Payment Plans

Some people need extensive dental work completed. However, many people do not have insurance coverage to pay the cost of work needed. MB2 Dental offers a payment plan for people to utilize. This is an excellent way for people to save money on the value of dental services. A payment plan allows customers to get the work they need to be completed without having to pay for the work at one time.The leaders of MB2 Dental plan to offer additional products and services in the coming years. The company is excited about the future, and many customers enjoy what the company has to offer. Now is a great time to consider working with MB2 Dental.

The Chainsmokers are no jokers in the music industry!

The Chainsmokers are two American DJs, consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Their style of DJing consists of pop, dance, hip-hop and indy music. The Chainsmokers began with Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler as the original group members. Shortly after the group formed DJ Rhett Bixler decided to disband from the group leaving an open spot for someone to showcase their talents alongside DJ Pall.

In 2012, The Chainsmokers receive new management under Adam Alpert who introduced Andrew Taggart to DJ Pall in New York City, reforming the duo as an EMD-pop DJ group. Before the two met Alex Pall was attending college in New York for art and music and Andrew had been working as an internship at Interscope Records. The DJ duo’s first breakthrough record featured an Indian artist named, Priyanka Chopra that will be the first of many successful chart-topping records that consistently begin to change the trajectory of DJ Pall and Taggart’s lives.

The Chainsmokers have not only gained much success in the music industry from their start back in 2012 but also have had much International success. After their top charting single “Roses” in 2015, The Chainsmokers broke into the top 10 and never look back. Scoring additional large success with singles including, “Paris”, “Closer”, and “Don’t let me down”, that won a Grammy for the best dance song, it’s pretty safe to say that The Chainsmokers have been undeniably game-changers especially in the DJing community. Their latest single which they just recently launched has taken a more sinister approach which is titled “Sick Boy”, which has allowed Pall and Taggart to connect more with fans who take to this type of music and also relate it’s message to the different issues that are going on and society today. The Chainsmokers also would like their latest single to be seen as a type of reflection of today’s generation dealing with frustration and anger. The Chainsmokers confirmed having a lot of different content they would like to cover through their new music in the recent Forbes article. So it is safe to say that The Chainsmokers are definitely a force to be reckoned with, within the music industry and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Barbara Stokes and Stokes Development Company Open Operations Center In Cullman

Stokes Development Company recently announced that Cullman, Alabama will be the site of a new center to manufacture the ‘green homes’ made by the company. The first phase of operations for the center will entail hiring 80 employees and making an initial investment of $8 million.

Barbara Stokes, the company’s chief executive officer, expressed that she is appreciative for the way in which the city of Cullman has accommodated the company and that the vision is to expand over the next three years to the point of employing 300 full-time workers. Read more at Business Insider.

Stokes went on to explain that she and her husband did look at other locations in the state of Alabama to build the new facilities but in their heart that new that Cullman was the place years ago.

The city of Cullman sold Stokes Development a 99,000 square foot building located in the Cullman Industrial Complex to house the new manufacturing complex.

Stokes Development Company will use the building to construct steel homes similar to those used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina in the storm’s aftermath. Scott Stokes, the chief operating officer for the company says that the accommodation being built by the company are state of the art and are resistant to mold, mildew, and hurricanes. The company plans to construct as many as 600 of these homes per year. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes reports that the materials to be sued to build the homes will come mostly from the cities of Birmingham and Decatur and that the steel used in the process will be 60% recycled.

Scott, speaking on further benefits of the homes the company is building, says that the particular type of steel the company will use makes the homes impervious to many environmental dangers such as fire.

Scott also explains that the homes the company will sell in the immediate future are small cottage-style homes but there are plans to design much larger homes as large as four stories high.

Stokes Development worked with the Alabama Center for Foreign Investment to find foreign investment groups that were interested in providing funding for the project.

Robert Aderholt, representing the fourth congressional district of Alabama, welcomed Stokes Development Company to the area and called them a “great addition to the community.

Barbara Stokes says that work crews are already making preparations for the manufacturing center and that the hope is the center will be up and running by summer.


How Dr. David Samadi Became America’s Favorite Celebrity Doctor

There are alot of celebrity doctors on TV. There is even a TV show called “The Doctors.” However, there is one doctor who has become one of the top go-to medical experts in the media. That doctor, Dr. David Samadi, has become one of the most popular doctors in print, on the web and on TV.So who exactly is Dr. Davd Samdi and why is he so popular? Dr. Samadi is best known as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Samadi keeps a high profile in the media. In fact, Dr. Samadi has his own educational site online at

On this website, one can find everything from a frequently updated video area to a medical symptom checker.Dr. Samadi is also well known for his presence on various TV shows including Fox News. When there is a medical issue in the celebrity world, the media always seems to ask for Dr. Samadi’s expert opinion first. In fact, Dr. Samadi was one of the only doctors to comment on Senatorial candidate Mitt Romney’s successful prostate surgery. In an article, Dr. Samadi commented that Mr. Romney made the right choice to seek surgery over chemotherapy. In another profile, Dr. Samadi talked about a new approach he is undertaking to remove cancerous prostates.

The procedure is known as the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique or the(SMART) procedure. Using robotic surgery allows Dr. Samadi to be more precise with his procedure and reduce the risk of side effects. Today, Dr. Samadi is only a handful of surgeons who are qualified to perform robotic surgery in the United States.When asked about his typical day, Dr. Samadi mentions that he usually gets up at around 4:30 AM and that he is in his office by 6 in the morning. From there, Dr. Samadi is on his feet all day, usually performing 2 to 3 surgeries each week. It is this dedicated approach to his work that has made Dr. David Samadi so popular with patients, not to mention those who follow his advice and wisdom in the media.

TMS Health Solutions — Pioneering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression

For those in the world who are seeking a better solution for their mental health needs their is a company who is dedicated to helping the population achieve their sanity. This goal is generously provided by the TMS Health Solutions medical group. The clinic specializes in comprehensive mental health services like psychiatry, psychology, medication management, clinical depression, anxiety, and innovative therapy and non-invasive solutions. Their new age solutions include some groundbreaking therapy that involves technology. They are located in Northern California.

TMS Health Solutions is the pioneer in new therapy technology including Transcrannial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This form of therapy involves taking a magnetic image of a patient’s brain and pinpointing the areas which are triggering the depression. They reserve this form of therapy for patients who are resistant to traditional means of assistance and therapy. It has been found to be highly effective and is showing great PROMISE according to the FDA. This therapy has been found to be more effective at treating depression than some forms of medication and there are patients who prefer the method.

TMS Health Solutions is covered by most major insurance providers and can be found by searching local listings. They are certified by carriers like Blue Shield California, Anthem, and Cigna. The team of dedicated clinicians and staff at TMS Health Solutions will be present for all research, education, and treatment of potential patients. They are adamant about treating individuals who are ailed with treatment resistant depression. They specialize in alleviating this ailment with their revolutionary transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. This treatment will target the places in your brain where the depression is taking place and correct it by utilizing magnetic waves. The magnetism will stimulate neurons in your brain to fire and strengthen synapses in the area.

The care provided by TMS Health Solutions is patient centric, meaning, it is specifically tailored to each individual patient. The care is entirely dependent on the characteristics of each patient that comes through the door. Because they are professionally practicing psychiatry in an age of technological advancement they have access to the new forms of treatment that have greater potential for curing depression.

Former United Technologies Chairman and CEO Louis Chênevert Reveals His Keys to Success That Have Made Him An Icon in the Business World:

Canadian entrepreneur Louis R. Chênevert is well known in the business world for his time as CEO and Chairman of the Board at United Technologies Corporation. It is hard to even mention the multi-faceted company’s name without thinking of Louis and his incredible legacy of success coming to mind. UTC is known for building the worlds most advanced jet engines for both the private and military sector. They also have world-leading elevator manufacturer, Otis Elevator, under their corporate umbrella. Regarding Louis Chênevert’s tenure as the leader at United Technologies, one thing that is certain is that he left the company in better shape than he found it. After earning a degree in business administration from HEC Montreal, Louis embarked on a long and storied career in business that saw him in stints with General Motors and Pratt & Whitney Canada before coming on board with United Technologies. He was named CEO in 2008 and Chairman of the Board in 2010.

Louis’s career at United Technologies along with his advice for success in the business world was the subject of a recent interview. The company saw massive success during Louis’s time as CEO and Chairman, all the while existing in an ultra-competitive business world full of foreign competitors and heavy regulation. Despite this, UTC became the industry leader due to his keen business insight that focussed on meeting and exceeding customer needs and a passionate love of creating innovative, world-changing products. From innovations in jet and helicopter engine design to major acquisitions including Goodrich Aerospace and the winning of the contract for the next generation of the Gulfstream G500 and G600, United Technologies found its self in the best financial position in its entire history. Louis credits his people with these successes as much as himself. His advice to any entrepreneur is to surround yourself with the best people available and recognize them for all that they do to make your business thrive. Look to innovate and delight your customers and you have a recipe for success in the business world.

Jordan Lindsey On Investing And Making It Big

Jordan Lindsey is an entrepreneur at heart and has been since growing up in New York where he was into sports like ice hockey and tennis. A natural competitive guy, even at a young age he has always wanted to make things better and change the world while doing just that. A graduate of Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College Lindsey is also a self-taught programmer and systems architecture designer. In addition to his education, he is a world taught guy having lived in San Fransico, Argentina, Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina where we met his wife during a stint as a volunteer.

In 1999, he became Vice President at Maxiumum Capital Management Inc. Lindsey later founded JCL Capital in 2005 and is currently an Advisor at Energia Global and CEO of Prive Information Services Inc. As a result, not only is he an experienced founder, but he has a foot in both the financial and technology industries making him a force to be reckoned with on many fronts.

In 2017, Lindsey took it upon himself to complete an algorithm with the MQL4 Language and MetaTrader 4 Platform which resulted in the creation of the first third-party cryptocurrency in the market.

On his YouTube Channel, Jordan Lindsey is working to educate the public on how they could potentially reap millions by investing in cryptocurrency. One of the critical things he pushes is the contrast between the mindset of a short-term and long-term investor. Many seek out short-term gains from day to day basis, but he argues that a long-term over-encasing view of investment is where many will find success.

An investment of $1,000 over ten-years could yield $1.024 via Forex without investing any more money. If you were to spend $100 a month, that could translate to a triple-gain of the original investment at the same time. At which point he states it is best to acquire the mindset of an investor and saver. Success like this is making your money work for you, that is the best way to find success. Execution is everything as is staying bold and purposeful.