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Affordable online therapy on Talkspace

Finding psychological relief in times of mental strain can be an uphill task, especially when finances are limiting. Talkspace is a platform that enables clients to access specialized and trustworthy therapy services at pocket-friendly prices, averting the necessity of booking an appointment. Oren Frank and Roni Frank launched the startup in 2012, with the goal of spreading happiness throughout the world. The services provided on Talkspace include healthcare, consultation, psychology, and therapeutics. The mobile and website company is based in New York City, United States. The organization has about 50 employees, including psychotherapists and web-developers. See more about of Talkspace at

Recent developments

The app is designed to offer guidance to people with a variety of mental issues, how to recover from their conditions, as well as how to live in a pink life. Talkspace provides the much needed psychological help at way cheaper costs compared to face to face therapy. It offers the convenience of an online platform, easily accessible with services available round the clock. No transport and booking costs incurred hence less tiresome and ready saving therapy. The text app also averts the stigma associated with being spotted seeking mental help. The confidentiality that comes with comfort allows patients to open up with utmost confidence thus facilitating precise diagnosis and therapeutics.

The power of therapy

Talkspace partnered with Michael Phelps, an anxiety and depression victor, to run an awareness campaign on the need for mental therapy. The excellent swimmer had bagged several medals during his budding days in an Olympic career. His life was seemingly the best you could ever long for. However, the lad battled depression and anxiety throughout his career. He opened up about contemplating suicide in 2012 and being unable to access psychotherapy. His encounter on Talkspace opened a whole new dimension of life. He gained access to a network of licensed therapists on the app, that was all he needed to save his life.



The RealReal Spends Time Focusing on Helping People with Consigned Outfits

Because The RealReal spent a lot of time helping people understand the importance of giving them what they’re looking for, they knew there were options that might make it easier for them to try things on their own. The RealReal is a consignment shop that works exclusively in the online industry and that’s something they were among the first to do. It’s also something the company continues doing well because of their experience and collaborations with designers. When people purchase Stella McCartney clothes from The RealReal, they get a chance to save money on new clothes from the Stella McCartney retail store. It helps them focus on how they can make things easier for their customers while also doing more to give people what they’re looking for. It’s also a way for the company to continue improving so they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to help others.

Based on what The RealReal does, they know they can do even more things to help their customers and their consignors. It’s important for the company to know what they need to do and how they can make things better for both the customers and the consignors. Between working with people who need inexpensive designer goods and helping others make money through the consignor sector, they feel they have a chance to try things that are different from what people want. It’s also a way for more people to focus on how they can do things on their own.

Between their hard work with customers and the way they can do things with the people they collaborate with, they are more likely to do more business than what most other people know. The RealReal also spends a lot of time trying to do things the right way so they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to help their clients. Focusing on a green shopping experience is one of the ways they cater to people who might not be interested in designer items but who might be looking for a way to do their part to work on saving the environment.

New CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to Papa John’s customers

Steve Ritchie has taken over as the new CEO of the prestigious pizza chain Papa John’s and is looking to make some big changes. According to an article by, he has apologized to customers and it analyzes why this is a great step in the right direction for the company as Steve Ritchie sent a letter to all Papa John’s customers addressing them. He regarded Papa John’s like a collective team where each single team member matters and how they are an embodiment of the pizza chains culture and a representation of the community around them. The new CEO outlines some big changes that they will be making from the top to the bottom with the first being in bringing in specialists to monitor their team’s culture and who will look out to improve on whatever they can, the second is experienced team members visiting other stores and speaking with fellow employees on what they can do better, and lastly is the commitment to be in control of their own actions and let all customers know what is going on each step of the way going forward. Steve Ritchie will be leading Papa John’s and knows that they must win back their customers with excellent service and trust going forward. The brand recognizes that they are nothing without their valued customers and Steve Ritchie also posted a letter on the company’s website. The article points out that the CEO made a good decision to post two letters and address their customers to win back their trust and show a vulnerable side to him. Steve Ritchie also was able to use an intelligent response by stating that not one person is bigger than the other at the company and that not just one individual makes the company thrive, but all team members. He recognized that all team members are hard working and do good for the community. Along the letter were actions that Papa John’s would take to fix their image and that the CEO would be overlooking everything. Papa John’s has taken a good step forward in rebuilding their company.

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To Whom Is OSI Group Success Credited: Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has always had a deep desire to make a positive difference in the economy. he felt that his education background equipped him enough to disrupt the market and when he got into the job market he knew far too well that he needed to be creative and innovative enough to ensure the entities he worked for gained a competitive advantage over the rest. Although he did not exactly know where his expertise was needed he joined Ottos & Sons where he has experienced his big break.

First forward, Sheldon Lavin is the OSI Group, Chief Executive Officer, which means by default he oversees many operations of the company in about 17 countries where it has penetrated. Well, it is not an easy job managing such a franchise business that has over a century existence, very stable and performing. Sheldon Lavin during an interview revealed that his success can well be drawn from a team of professionals he works with. He has delegated duties which enable them to supervise operations on his behalf. He also engages his business experts when making a decision which helps him get greater ideas on how to manage a situation. For instance, he gets to know when the market is good, supply is limited and future prospects.

Sheldon Lavin has identified three elements that have a great impact on OSI Group’s operations and made them his strengths. The technological changes, resource shortages, and consumer preference are things that are a link to business success or failure. Sheldon has been able to ensure sustainability and continuity of OSI Group with focus on what consumers need, ensure resources are not limited or scarce and be flexible to adapt to technological advancement.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is the OSI Group’s Chief Executive Officer and has been working for this company for more than four decades. He is a role model to millennial entrepreneurs thanks to his incomparable managerial abilities, knowledge of the market he serves and ethics. Mr. Lavin has won numerous awards for his exemplary management of this business, environmental safety measures and performance. He is philanthropic and supports families through the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

About Sheldon Lavin:

Flavio Maluf Announces His Recent Business Deal

Flavio Maluf is the CEO and president of EucatexS.A.He is a visionary leader, willing to take the risk in pursuit of lucrative rewards in Brazil’s business world. He is therefore so proud to announce the partnership of Eucatex and Duratex. Duratex will resume production of raw materials through Itapetinga plant.

Eucatex and Duratex Partnership

Some years back, Duratex shut down Itapetinga plant which was a rival manufacturing company to Eucatex. The two companies agreed to work together. The agreement was Eucatex will give a land located in Capao Bonito. On the other hand, it will obtain access to the factory in Botucatu which they needed. The firm will manage the property to help in the production of raw material that the firm needs. The plant employs more than 200 employees, and the company can produce approximately 200,000m3 annually. Learn more at about FlavioMaluf

The Big Announcement

On 31st January 2018, Flavio Maluf circulated a press release saying, “Eucatex will be able to plan our sales, maintenance better, and reduce our process losses.” It was released to the public, Duratex and its staff. He indicated that their fiberboard production would increase by about 70% from current size, their capability of paint manufacturing would grow approximately 30% and different paper products would increase by approximately 40%.

He announced this would happen April 2018. This move was for the good of both employees and the communities around.


Duratex plant is now fully functional and generating materials at full speed. While Eucatex increased its installation of building panels by 80% after picking up Duratex. The transaction between the two firms has been fully settled; Flavio Maluf played a major role. However, it still awaits approval by CADE from Brazil. It is not clear if Duratex will be absorbed fully or it will continue to be Eucatex subsidiary.


Virgin Group and Brightline Form a Partnerships Thanks to a Deal Between Wes Edens and Richard Branson

When Wes Edens, who also happens to co-own a famous NBA team, first launched his Brightline rail company in Florida, it is unlikely that he could have predicted just how big it would become. However, a well-respected entrepreneur by the name of Sir Richard Branson took notice of Brightline recently and signed an agreement with Mr. Edens. Virgin Group will seek to grow the passenger rail service via a significant minority investment, although the primary owner will still be Fortress Investment Group, which is the investment company that put Wes Edens in a position to become the success story he is today.

Once 2019 reaches us, Virgin Trains USA will be the new moniker that Brightline will service its passengers under. There will not be any change in the current organizational structure or management, though, which means that the same team will still oversee expansion, engineering and everyday operations. It is quite impressive that this has happened less than a year after the launching of Brightline. Clearly, however, its excellent Florida route services have received high recognition, and a Las Vegas to California route is also in the works. Read more about Wes Edens at Wikipedia

Wes Edens has put quite a bit or work into creating an innovative transportation solution for Americans, and specifically Floridians. He is obviously thrilled to be able to leverage the power of Virgin Group to further Brightline’s future, as having a trusted travel brand on board will provide a strong foundation for him to build on top of. Virgin Group is not a new brand in the rail sector, and Virgin Trains have been servicing satisfied British passengers for nearly two dozen years as of today.

If Branson’s results overseas, as well as his results with his Virgin America airline, are to be taken as an indication, then we can brace ourselves for the rise of a new transportation giant in the States very soon. Wes Edens and his market-changing Brightline are just the type of innovation that a man like Branson needs to grow his empire even further and better serve his customers.

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Jeunesse Global and Their Line of Anti-Aging Products

Aging gracefully can be easy when you make use of the Jeunesse Global brand and company. The company was launched back in 2009 by duo Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray who believed there was a severe gap in market for anti-aging products that actually work. For this reason, they put the time and dedication behind every single product that has been produced. Some of their products can help with aging while others are specific to helping with overall health and wellness. Considering the large number of products available, it is easy to find what you need and get exactly the results that you need and want for yourself.

The most popular product in the Jeunesse Global line is known as NEVO, which is a delicious energy drink that contains just 50 calories. This beverage has a wide range of flavors to help you quench your thirst and get natural energy at all times. You can also make use of some of the other products in the line like their Instantly Ageless, NV, Reserve and Infiniti. The brand is well known for all of their anti-aging ingredients so that you can feel good knowing you are using items that truly work and are going to deliver the results that you need and want for yourself.

With the wide range of people making use of Jeunesse Global, it is no wonder that the company allows people to become independent distributors so that they are also able to get rid of signs of visible aging. If you are interested in using Jeunesse Global for yourself, it is just a matter of visiting their site or speaking with a local distributor of your own. They can help you to give some of their most beloved products a try for yourself so that you can feel good knowing you have chosen something positive for yourself. You will love this for your own needs and will find that the Jeunesse Global brand is one of the best out there in terms of getting exactly what it is that you need to feel good at all times.

A Very Brief Summary of Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman who comes from Angola, Africa. She is the eldest daughter of former Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos and happens to be the richest woman in Africa, with ar net worth estimated close to $3 billion dollars in US currency in 2013, according to Forbes, also making dos Santos the first billionaire African woman. BBC also put Isabel dos Santos on the list of the 100 most influential women in the world.

Isabel dos Santos began her education by attending Cobham Hall, a boarding school for women in Kent. She later studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London, where she would also later meet her future husband Sindika Dokolo. After finishing school, Isabel dos Santos would hold a few management positions for companies before going to work with her father as a project manager engineer for Urbana 2000, a subsidiary of Jembas group that had won a contract to disinfect and clean the city. (wikipedia)

Isabel do Santos is both a talented manager and engineer, but she only became a billionaire after showing she also had incredible instinct for trading shares. Isabel dos Santos owns many shares in many companies, but has shown keen interest in the industries of telecommunications, retail, finance, media as well as the energy industry. In terms of countries, dos Santos focuses on her own homeland of Angola, as well as focusing much of her assets in Portugal. One of her most significant single investments, however, is the Spanish media company know as ZON Multimedia,a subdivision of Telefonica, also located in Spain. Isabel dos Santos is the majority stock holder for the company, owning over a third of total shares by herself, thanks in large part to danish investment firm Unitel International Holdings BV, of whom dos Santos is the owner. This firm, along with Jadeium, also owned by dos Santos, hold a combined 34% of the company, giving dos Santos significant influence over the company.

This is just one example of how Isabel dos Santos has made her mark on the world and shows that she earned her position amongst the most influential women of our modern time.


An In-Depth Interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart (The Chainsmokers)

It comes a time in our lives where we have to go out of our way to chase our career dreams. Alex pall a vibrant and ambitious self-driven individual willing to do what it takes to make his dreams come true.

In an interview with Rosenzweig titled “The Chainsmokers,” Alex Pall together with his counterpart Andrew Taggart reveal that they were making music like a side hustle. Alex Pall reveals the love for music was intrinsically driven and he loved doing it just for fun and passion. He stated that his career started way back in New York City where he worked as a DJ.

He tells Rosenzweig that he was doing DJ work just like a side hustle and it came a time when he wanted to make music. He, therefore, talked to his manager who introduced him to Drew who is his producer.

On his way to the career ladder of success, Alex Pall meets this man, Andrew Taggart who was filled with the desire and love for music decided to give it a try. They made music partially according to Alex Pall, and they intended to ensure that the joy and passion for making music were kept intact.

The duo started their music career as a full-time hustle after they realized that they could do better than what they were doing prior. When Rosenzweig asked about there experience with Halsey, they commented that they loved working with her since she expressed a unique sense of maturity and originality an artist requires.

Rosenzweig also asked about how difficult it was for them to find identity in the Electronic music genre and Taggart responded saying that it had actually it had taken them almost 1½ years to be heard and this was mainly attributed to the popular song syndrome. This, therefore, made them devise their mechanism and started doing what they wanted to do best.

Taggart also said that their desire was now to write music that touches there own personality and this was going to act like there brand. He concludes by saying that ethics and hard work is what it takes to succeed.

Jeunesse Global Is Helping Women Recapture Their Youth

Looking young is one of the biggest beauty goals of most women. And now one company is using its advanced research to bring the ultimate age reversing topical creams to give women the youthful look they desire. That company, Jeunesse Global, is bringing their Instantly Ageless product to the masses.

An Advanced Anti-Aging Solution

Unlike other anti-aging creams and applications, Instantly Ageless is the result of advanced research from Jeunesse Global. This application can work on multiple areas of the face and the results can be realized in minutes rather than days or hours. Below are some of the areas of the face that can benefit from Instantly Ageless.

Forehead Wrinkles

As women age, forehead wrinkles can become more pronounced. Instantly Ageless provides a quick solution to help reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of these wrinkles.


The area right under the eyebrows can be susceptible to wrinkles. With Instantly Ageless, this area can be treated within minutes. This area can regain its smooth appearance and make the area around the eyes look years younger.

Hooded Eyes

Women can get what is known as “hooded eyes” as they age. And this condition can become worse with a lack of sleep. Instantly age can help reduce the hooded appearance and reverse the appearance of aging around the eyes.

Under-Eye Bags and Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet is one of the first signs of aging around the eyes. Instantly Ageless can help quickly reduce these wrinkles. For under-eye bags, Instantly Ageless can help deduce that tired appearance in minutes.

Facial Pores

Facial pores can affect women of any age. And with Instantly Ageless, women can fill those pores and enjoy a smooth and youthful face.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has produced a line of health and wellness products that range from daily supplements to anti-aging creams to energy drinks. The company sells its products through a global team of independent distributors. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to find new ways to enhance the life of their customers.