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Organo Gold for All Body Needs

Organo Gold was founded in Canada in 2008 with the vision of supplying the world’s lover, coffee through the global network. This network sells the premium coffee processed under Organo. It is even projecting to sell its coffee in at least one percent of the world’s market.

Besides distribution of coffee, Organo Gold deals in the assortment of nutraceuticals, body care products, and teas. These products are loved by their customers for the immune boosting Ganoderma a mushroom powder initially used by the Chinese doctors and antioxidants ingredients. The company is dedicated to being part of their customers’ healthier and energetic lifestyle.

The sale of Organo Gold products

This company supports the groups of people, organizations or individual business people who sell the Organo Gold products directly to individual consumers. The different business people sell the products to their clients directly rather than through coffee storehouses.

The business model of this company offers personal purchase experience via their trained distributors. These trained distributors can go ahead and sponsor others to start their independent Organo distributorship. Therefore people promote and market ORGANO products on a continual basis.

Body management

Since Organo Gold is focused on helping their clients live a healthier lifestyle, it has body management products for its customers. Ganoderma Mycelium and Fenix XT is a body management supplement. It is a mango peach flavored refreshing and powdered energy juice that aid in the regulation of stamina, performance, and energy. It is a combination of powerful energy boost and hydration that will see you do all your activities swiftly.

Personal items

Organo Gold makes Ganoderma Lucidum a significant component in the personal care items like toothpaste and soap. Their toothpaste is honey colored that will leave your teeth to shine, and a fresh breathe. The solvent is very efficient in the dirt removal with a pleasant scent.

Choose Organic Gold, choose all round effects from personal items, coffee and tea and body management supplement that are highly effective. The company also allow the distribution of its products on independence basis.


Flavio Maluf Announces His Recent Business Deal

Flavio Maluf is the CEO and president of EucatexS.A.He is a visionary leader, willing to take the risk in pursuit of lucrative rewards in Brazil’s business world. He is therefore so proud to announce the partnership of Eucatex and Duratex. Duratex will resume production of raw materials through Itapetinga plant.

Eucatex and Duratex Partnership

Some years back, Duratex shut down Itapetinga plant which was a rival manufacturing company to Eucatex. The two companies agreed to work together. The agreement was Eucatex will give a land located in Capao Bonito. On the other hand, it will obtain access to the factory in Botucatu which they needed. The firm will manage the property to help in the production of raw material that the firm needs. The plant employs more than 200 employees, and the company can produce approximately 200,000m3 annually. Learn more at about FlavioMaluf

The Big Announcement

On 31st January 2018, Flavio Maluf circulated a press release saying, “Eucatex will be able to plan our sales, maintenance better, and reduce our process losses.” It was released to the public, Duratex and its staff. He indicated that their fiberboard production would increase by about 70% from current size, their capability of paint manufacturing would grow approximately 30% and different paper products would increase by approximately 40%.

He announced this would happen April 2018. This move was for the good of both employees and the communities around.


Duratex plant is now fully functional and generating materials at full speed. While Eucatex increased its installation of building panels by 80% after picking up Duratex. The transaction between the two firms has been fully settled; Flavio Maluf played a major role. However, it still awaits approval by CADE from Brazil. It is not clear if Duratex will be absorbed fully or it will continue to be Eucatex subsidiary.


Virgin Group and Brightline Form a Partnerships Thanks to a Deal Between Wes Edens and Richard Branson

When Wes Edens, who also happens to co-own a famous NBA team, first launched his Brightline rail company in Florida, it is unlikely that he could have predicted just how big it would become. However, a well-respected entrepreneur by the name of Sir Richard Branson took notice of Brightline recently and signed an agreement with Mr. Edens. Virgin Group will seek to grow the passenger rail service via a significant minority investment, although the primary owner will still be Fortress Investment Group, which is the investment company that put Wes Edens in a position to become the success story he is today.

Once 2019 reaches us, Virgin Trains USA will be the new moniker that Brightline will service its passengers under. There will not be any change in the current organizational structure or management, though, which means that the same team will still oversee expansion, engineering and everyday operations. It is quite impressive that this has happened less than a year after the launching of Brightline. Clearly, however, its excellent Florida route services have received high recognition, and a Las Vegas to California route is also in the works. Read more about Wes Edens at Wikipedia

Wes Edens has put quite a bit or work into creating an innovative transportation solution for Americans, and specifically Floridians. He is obviously thrilled to be able to leverage the power of Virgin Group to further Brightline’s future, as having a trusted travel brand on board will provide a strong foundation for him to build on top of. Virgin Group is not a new brand in the rail sector, and Virgin Trains have been servicing satisfied British passengers for nearly two dozen years as of today.

If Branson’s results overseas, as well as his results with his Virgin America airline, are to be taken as an indication, then we can brace ourselves for the rise of a new transportation giant in the States very soon. Wes Edens and his market-changing Brightline are just the type of innovation that a man like Branson needs to grow his empire even further and better serve his customers.

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Jeunesse Global and Their Line of Anti-Aging Products

Aging gracefully can be easy when you make use of the Jeunesse Global brand and company. The company was launched back in 2009 by duo Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray who believed there was a severe gap in market for anti-aging products that actually work. For this reason, they put the time and dedication behind every single product that has been produced. Some of their products can help with aging while others are specific to helping with overall health and wellness. Considering the large number of products available, it is easy to find what you need and get exactly the results that you need and want for yourself.

The most popular product in the Jeunesse Global line is known as NEVO, which is a delicious energy drink that contains just 50 calories. This beverage has a wide range of flavors to help you quench your thirst and get natural energy at all times. You can also make use of some of the other products in the line like their Instantly Ageless, NV, Reserve and Infiniti. The brand is well known for all of their anti-aging ingredients so that you can feel good knowing you are using items that truly work and are going to deliver the results that you need and want for yourself.

With the wide range of people making use of Jeunesse Global, it is no wonder that the company allows people to become independent distributors so that they are also able to get rid of signs of visible aging. If you are interested in using Jeunesse Global for yourself, it is just a matter of visiting their site or speaking with a local distributor of your own. They can help you to give some of their most beloved products a try for yourself so that you can feel good knowing you have chosen something positive for yourself. You will love this for your own needs and will find that the Jeunesse Global brand is one of the best out there in terms of getting exactly what it is that you need to feel good at all times.

Jeunesse Global Is Helping Women Recapture Their Youth

Looking young is one of the biggest beauty goals of most women. And now one company is using its advanced research to bring the ultimate age reversing topical creams to give women the youthful look they desire. That company, Jeunesse Global, is bringing their Instantly Ageless product to the masses.

An Advanced Anti-Aging Solution

Unlike other anti-aging creams and applications, Instantly Ageless is the result of advanced research from Jeunesse Global. This application can work on multiple areas of the face and the results can be realized in minutes rather than days or hours. Below are some of the areas of the face that can benefit from Instantly Ageless.

Forehead Wrinkles

As women age, forehead wrinkles can become more pronounced. Instantly Ageless provides a quick solution to help reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of these wrinkles.


The area right under the eyebrows can be susceptible to wrinkles. With Instantly Ageless, this area can be treated within minutes. This area can regain its smooth appearance and make the area around the eyes look years younger.

Hooded Eyes

Women can get what is known as “hooded eyes” as they age. And this condition can become worse with a lack of sleep. Instantly age can help reduce the hooded appearance and reverse the appearance of aging around the eyes.

Under-Eye Bags and Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet is one of the first signs of aging around the eyes. Instantly Ageless can help quickly reduce these wrinkles. For under-eye bags, Instantly Ageless can help deduce that tired appearance in minutes.

Facial Pores

Facial pores can affect women of any age. And with Instantly Ageless, women can fill those pores and enjoy a smooth and youthful face.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has produced a line of health and wellness products that range from daily supplements to anti-aging creams to energy drinks. The company sells its products through a global team of independent distributors. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to find new ways to enhance the life of their customers.

Fortress Investment Group and Richard Branson

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 with the aim of becoming the leading and highly diversified global investment manager. As of September 30 this year, Fortress had managed to get assets of over $42.1 billion through its management.

Their cornerstone is to strive and generate strong risk-adjusted returns for the investors over time. They have 209 investment professional throughout the affiliate offices and the headquarters in New York.

View the group’s profile on Linkedin.

Fortress Investment Group and Richard Branson

Fortress received investment from the British billionaire Richard Branson. Fortress Investment is a privately – funded intercity passenger train that was built in the U.S for over 100 years. Brightline chairman and the Fortress co-founder Wes Edens met with Branson at the company’s new station in Miami last year. They discussed Edens’ vision for a nationwide expansion. The Fortress Investment Group project marked a significant bet that can profitably revive the train travel in the U.S.

The current state

Currently, Brightine plots to operate in Orlando plus Tampa. It will start constructions next on a line that links Las Vegas through Southern California immediately it acquires XpressWest and gets the needed federal approval. The company eyes St. Louis, Dallas, Atlanta and Houston as potential markets that can welcome the railroad services.

Fortress Investment Group future projections

Virgin Group will invest in Brightline. Brightline will be managed and operated by Fortress virgin group’s affiliate or executive team. Virgin Group will, therefore, own some part of the Fortress which will be familiar to other deals it has had with other deals it has struck in the U.S. since the majority of the Americans travel by train daily, their company wants to transform it as it did to the air travel.

The rename to virgin trains

This private –equity company owned by Brightline operates between Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach at very high speed. It is planning to rename itself virgin trains. The rename will occur this month according to the statement given through Bloomberg news. It might be its name from then onwards thought there are speculations that the name might change due to rebranding. See more:

Robert Deignan Urges People to Embrace Technology Rather than to Fear It

Man created technology to make his life easier. First came tools made from stone and then wood. Now many years later, man has built artificial intelligence. Machine automation has caused fear for what the future hold for both humanity and machines. However, experts like Robert Deignan believe there is no need to worry about technology. Being an expert in the field, Robert Deignan understands that one can gain a lot by accepting new technologies and working alongside it.

Experts in technology and scientist in the field have done research which shows it will take about 120 years before machines can replace workers in all industries. Robert Deignan who has developed a successful career with the help of technology has good new to workers around the globe. Instead of fearing automation, workers should focus more on making themselves indispensable amid advancement in technology.

Robert Deignan says that most of the fears related to automation among workers may be misplaced. It will be hard for technology to replace human workers in their respective jobs now and in the next hundred years from now.

While we may create new devices that can fold clothes, wash cars and automatic cars, the world still has a long way before full automation can be accomplished. Robert Deignan advocates that people should stop focusing on the unknown and concentrate on the present.

There is a variety of tasks that we can offer which machines cannot be programmed to do. The nature of automated machines only allows them to perform simple work. Robert Deignan advice workers to take the opportunity that they can perform more functions than machines. Workers should learn how to perfect their skills rather than worrying about what they do not have control.

Despite the advancement in technology, people still prefer working with human beings than machines. There are so many jobs that require skills only humans can provide. Jobs like being a therapist, teacher, Orthotics and Prosthetics, social workers and so many more require an interpersonal connection which machines cannot offer.

Robert Deignan has more than enough experience with technology. He is the CEO and Co-founder of ATS Digital Services, LLC. He has worked with many companies including being the executive vice president at iS3 Inc and Co-founder at Fanlink Inc.

Exploring the Real Estate Industry with Christopher Linkas.

The entrepreneur has an experience of more than 25 years in the finance industry. He has worked for many international companies. He is considered as a resource person in the finance sector. He has been invited to various international forums to discuss investment issues. He attributes his success to the passion he has for the finance industry. After his higher education, he got his first job as an asset manager at RER Financial Group. He rose to become a respected financial analyst after he was promoted to serve as the vice president of the firm. In less than two years of his leadership, the assets base increased to over $4 billion. When he left the firm, he started working for Goldman Sachs. At the new firm, he was appointed as the vice president of the commercial mortgage division.

Currently, he works as a credit investor. Christopher Linkas is always eager to take advantage of new opportunities. According to him, every entrepreneur who does not embrace change cannot succeed irrespective of the industry that they operate in. He advises the businesspeople to make investments wisely depending on the private economic situations. He attributes his business success to his ability to interact with the other players in the market and exchanging ideas on the best strategies to adopt in doing business. The real estate guru urges the new entrepreneurs to take advantage of the problems in the society to develop solutions for them. Christopher Linkas acknowledges that he has had to stay alert to obtain the latest information on the factors that affect businesses. When equipped with up to date information, he is able to make informed investment decisions.

One of the most common real estate investments includes single-family rentals. According to experts, the business poses a lot of risks to the owners. Some of the challenges in the area include the lack of unsustainable income, lack of economies of scale and excessive risks. For commercial enterprises, they are in a position to make purchases at lower costs from the producers. However, some individuals do well by investing in single-family rentals. The success of the project depends on the management. The business is good for new real estate investors.


The Bigger Picture behind Jeff Aronin’s Company

The strides taken by Jeff Aronin in the pharmaceutical world has cut out a space for his company, setting it apart from other pharmaceutical companies. His company, Paragon Biosciences specializes in new medicines that offer treatment to patients suffering from incurable illnesses. He aims to reduce the suffering of the patients while increasing the lifespan they have despite the diseases that they suffer from. His heart to help patients suffering from incurable diseases earned him the Weizmann Institute award in 2017.


Paragon Biosciences is made up of experts who stretch from the research world, those with experience in the development and manufacturing of medicines and scientists who work relentlessly to come up with treatment for the most threatening diseases.


Before setting out the company, Jeff Aronin worked on the biotechnology industry for two decades where he made a mark in research and technology. His philanthropic personality has warmed hearts to him while making it easy for him to bring together a pool of scientists willing to come up with cures for diseases that have no cure. The company also ensures the patients have personal experience with the care givers and health officers, which fast-tracks the treatment process. This also enables the patients to have faith in the treatment process and the company at large.


The next venture for Jeff Aronin is to create a portfolio for companies interested in the development and manufacturing of medicines for incurable conditions. This will see the company expand its networks, reaching more patients across the world, who are in dire need of the medication. This plan will go hand in hand with the boost of research by bringing together dedicated researchers who will foster the agenda of the company. This will be facilitated by the funds available at the company. Apart from the growth of the company, Jeff Aronin has also set his eyes on the mentorship of young entrepreneurs across the country. Having started a couple of businesses himself, he has the knowhow and can state the dos and don’ts when starting a company and how to sustain it.


The Bottom Line After Almost Twenty Years: Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a company that opened for business in 1999. The original name of the company was called Stansberry and Associates. The main objective of the company is to help investors select from a wide variety of options for their portfolios. Now Stansberry Research has joined the online community and offers subscription-based packages for their online clients. Here is more on the analysts and what they do for the company. (positivethefact)

The founder and CEO of the company is a man by the name of Porter Stansberry. He is a man who has published many articles and books on financial markets and how to deal with the ups and downs. The one thing that he wants at this company is the best editors and researchers to give clients the best possible chance for success.

What Stansberry Research has been able to do in recent years is offer online users the chance to gain knowledge from the analysts at the company. They offer three different kinds of packages. The first package is the Total Portfolio. It offers clients the most services available on the website including publications and recommendations from the analysts. The second package is called the Income Portfolio. This package offers publications and recommendations based on income newsletters and the like. The third package is called the Capital Portfolio. This is the smallest package that is available on the site and allows users to gain advice and confidence when it comes to the stock market.

Stansberry Research also has many other things available for more seasoned clients who may not need the aforementioned packages. Stansberry Research has published many books on a variety of investment topics. For those who may be new to the game of investing and want to know the terms, there is an investment glossary on the site so people can use to familiarize themselves.

These are just a few of the things that Stansberry Research provides for their potential clients. Everyone from a beginner to a seasoned investment veteran can use the site to achieve their goals. That is the bottom line of Stansberry Research