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Virgin Group and Brightline Form a Partnerships Thanks to a Deal Between Wes Edens and Richard Branson

When Wes Edens, who also happens to co-own a famous NBA team, first launched his Brightline rail company in Florida, it is unlikely that he could have predicted just how big it would become. However, a well-respected entrepreneur by the name of Sir Richard Branson took notice of Brightline recently and signed an agreement with Mr. Edens. Virgin Group will seek to grow the passenger rail service via a significant minority investment, although the primary owner will still be Fortress Investment Group, which is the investment company that put Wes Edens in a position to become the success story he is today.

Once 2019 reaches us, Virgin Trains USA will be the new moniker that Brightline will service its passengers under. There will not be any change in the current organizational structure or management, though, which means that the same team will still oversee expansion, engineering and everyday operations. It is quite impressive that this has happened less than a year after the launching of Brightline. Clearly, however, its excellent Florida route services have received high recognition, and a Las Vegas to California route is also in the works. Read more about Wes Edens at Wikipedia

Wes Edens has put quite a bit or work into creating an innovative transportation solution for Americans, and specifically Floridians. He is obviously thrilled to be able to leverage the power of Virgin Group to further Brightline’s future, as having a trusted travel brand on board will provide a strong foundation for him to build on top of. Virgin Group is not a new brand in the rail sector, and Virgin Trains have been servicing satisfied British passengers for nearly two dozen years as of today.

If Branson’s results overseas, as well as his results with his Virgin America airline, are to be taken as an indication, then we can brace ourselves for the rise of a new transportation giant in the States very soon. Wes Edens and his market-changing Brightline are just the type of innovation that a man like Branson needs to grow his empire even further and better serve his customers.

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Organic Natural Water- Waiakea Water

Medical experts advise us to take 8 glasses of water. Most of have not reached that point but when we take Waiakea Water taking 8 glasses of water will not be an issue. Most of us to not the knowledge of how PH affects what we eat. Taking water should not be a habit but one should have the knowledge of the amount of PH in the water we drink. The amount of pH helps to improve the tissues as well as the cells. Water Ph is measured between 0 to 14 and according to experts the lower the Ph the higher the acidic substances in the water, and the higher the amount of pH in the water the higher the alkaline in the water. 7 is neutral, 0 is acidic, while 14 is alkaline.

One should be careful when shopping for a bottle of water. A shopper should know that their bodies only need pH of around 7.4 to fight diseases and stay healthy. Most water brand in the market has an alkaline level of 4-7. However, there is a different brand in the market, Waiakea Water which has new theory and level of Ph in their brand.Waiakea source their water organically, and the organic waters have a natural level of alkaline which is rich in antioxidants. The natural antioxidant helps to detox the body and prevent diseases with the electrons. Waiakea Waters are not only sourced organically but they are also involved in different activities to sustain the community.

Waiakea Waters was founded by Ryan Emmons after discovering that his family has one of the most natural, sustainable, and healthy sources of water. Mr. Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea Waters. The was established in 2012., and its natural waters are sourced from the Island of Hawaii which is located in the Southwestern region of Hilo town. The waters are unique making them the first one to be certified by CarbornNeutral. The package of the water is also one of its kind because it is packed in a recycled polyethylene terephthalate which is 100%. Ryan through his organization has been helping African countries to get water. Waiakea has partnered with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of water to the less fortunate communities in Africa.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Declares A New President For Banco Bradesco

Without a doubt, the banking industry is the epicenter of most business sectors. Just like the heart supplies blood to the body, banking services facilitate money circulation in the business sector. With that said, change, whether positive or negative will impact on different businesses. Therefore, there is a need for quick response with the purpose of continuing productivity. For Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s economy is one of its primary responsibilities. Even after going through magnanimous challenges with Brandao’s resignation, the bank still maintains a robust operating platform coupled with tremendous success.

Background Data

When Brandao resigned, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the lead executive and predecessor. He also apparently pointed out to the fact that the banking institution must maintain internal recruitment. As such, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been serving as the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of the organization until recently when the board of directors decided to hold the annual general meeting. In the meeting, leadership roles and responsibilities were discussed followed by the introduction of the new president of Bradesco; Octavio de Lazari.

Who is Octavio de Lazari?

Lazari is 54, and he became a member of Bradesco in 1978. As he replaces Luiz Carlos Trabuco who will maintain the chairmanship of the firm, there are questions regarding his leadership capabilities especially with the fact that Bradesco is a huge shareholder of Brazil’s economy. Even so, from the look of how the interview was conducted, it is factual that Lazari is the perfect candidate for the job. Besides, he joined the firm at a tender age when all his peers were enjoying their youth. At that moment, he worked as an office boy, always running errands for his seniors.


Luiz Carlos

As Lazari takes over the realms of leadership at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to guide the bank. He shall still be consulted on critical issues. Carlos joined Bradesco when he was a teenager. He first worked as a clerk then later gained broad managerial skills that supported his promotion in multiple departments including credit and equity. Later in the years, he was elected to serve as the chief executive officer and then the chairman of the board.


Luiz Carlos grew up in Brazil. He was a somewhat focused child who dedicated most of his playing time to education. After school, he joined Bradesco and has since been a significant contributor to the banking industry. Between 1992 and 1998, he worked as the executive director of the firm. In his tenure, he retained an excellent track record and broke the record deal of $5.2 billion when he facilitated the acquisition of HSBC. Of course, this was under the guidance of Lazaro de Mello.


Over and above that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has exuded excellent leadership skills. Alongside the determination to excel in business, he pushed Bradesco to the top of the list of Brazil’s major economic contributors. Also a team player, he is dedicated to involving employees in the development of the organization.

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Former United Technologies Chairman and CEO Louis Chênevert Reveals His Keys to Success That Have Made Him An Icon in the Business World:

Canadian entrepreneur Louis R. Chênevert is well known in the business world for his time as CEO and Chairman of the Board at United Technologies Corporation. It is hard to even mention the multi-faceted company’s name without thinking of Louis and his incredible legacy of success coming to mind. UTC is known for building the worlds most advanced jet engines for both the private and military sector. They also have world-leading elevator manufacturer, Otis Elevator, under their corporate umbrella. Regarding Louis Chênevert’s tenure as the leader at United Technologies, one thing that is certain is that he left the company in better shape than he found it. After earning a degree in business administration from HEC Montreal, Louis embarked on a long and storied career in business that saw him in stints with General Motors and Pratt & Whitney Canada before coming on board with United Technologies. He was named CEO in 2008 and Chairman of the Board in 2010.

Louis’s career at United Technologies along with his advice for success in the business world was the subject of a recent interview. The company saw massive success during Louis’s time as CEO and Chairman, all the while existing in an ultra-competitive business world full of foreign competitors and heavy regulation. Despite this, UTC became the industry leader due to his keen business insight that focussed on meeting and exceeding customer needs and a passionate love of creating innovative, world-changing products. From innovations in jet and helicopter engine design to major acquisitions including Goodrich Aerospace and the winning of the contract for the next generation of the Gulfstream G500 and G600, United Technologies found its self in the best financial position in its entire history. Louis credits his people with these successes as much as himself. His advice to any entrepreneur is to surround yourself with the best people available and recognize them for all that they do to make your business thrive. Look to innovate and delight your customers and you have a recipe for success in the business world.

José Auriemo Neto — Chairman of Real Estate Empire

José Auriemo Neto is one of the most successful businessman in Brazil. He is chairman of the board for JHSF for a few years. He is likewise the CEO of JHSF. The man has been a blessing for many years because of his difficult work and dedication to his career. Jose Neto is a remarkable chief executive officer thanks to his intuition and capacity to spot a terrific opportunity. His first funding was in automobile parking. He constructed a parking garage. Later, he constructed a whole parking company around the parking garage. There had been detractors at first, but he sought to prove them incorrect. He succeeded. Through investing inside the plot of land early he was capable of raising the cost and acquiring the benefits of elevated value.

JHSF is a property maintaining business enterprise. José Auriemo Neto inherited the corporation from his father and cut up it along with his brother. It has been a hit in its years of operation. The enterprise has landed various offers with huge names within the style industry. The deals that have been crafted with designers constitute a brand new generation for Brazilian luxury. José Auriemo Neto has constructed luxury retail shops to deal with the brand new agencies and cater to a crowd of folks that revel in a luxury way of life. The posh hotels and comfort retail shops create a brand new experience of higher dwelling in Brazil. That is José Auriemo Neto’s aim. He desires to increase the value of his home and bring in new assets of wealth. It has been operating very smoothly.

Currently, José Auriemo Neto signed a contract with Valentino to open a Valentino shop in Brazil. This could be the primary Valentino retail location within the country. It has created a large wave of exhilaration amongst citizens. The purchasing experience is something that has delivered renewed wealth and beauty to Sao Paulo. JHSF will keep trying for greater success and more popular retail outlets.

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