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ClassDojo Meeting the Needs of Growing Demand for Educational Technology

Teachers today want to innovate, but they do not want to spend too much money on technology. Most teachers out there are used to their teaching methods, and it would take much more than basic features to get them to use the modern edtech. Integration of technology and classrooms has become essential since children today has much to learn in limited time. Teachers too can use tools that would allow them to improve their existing teaching without having to compromise on their time. It is the reasons why most teachers would run away from complicated tools. Even though schools are mainly using laptops, computers, and tablets, they need a definitive app that would make the process of teaching and assessment much easier.

Parents today are more involved in the lives of their kids ever before. They want to keep a constant check on the progress of their students, and it is the reason why there is more demand for parent-teacher meetings. But, it can lead to problems for teachers as it becomes difficult to track the progress of each student. But, certain edtech such as ClassDojo offers excellent solutions to teachers. They can create individual profiles of students and grade them when needed. These reports can be sent to the parents so that they too can know what is happening in school. Teachers can add an avatar to the students and reward points which are announced via music that is played in the classroom. Over a period of time, the students aim to gain these points, and it leads to higher interaction in the classroom.

ClassDojo allows teachers to share photos and videos of activities or field trips with the parents. Such a communication platform allow for better success when it comes to the student education. It also makes the school, teacher and the parents accountable for the performance of the student. ClassDojo is available in many different languages and operates in over 180 countries around the world. Its founders are hopeful that its user base will double in the coming months since they are adding many more useful features after thorough research.